Hello, is this Ms. ________?   Hi, I’m with the local school association and I need to talk to you about your daughter, currently a student at ___ _ ______ elementary school,  may I proceed?

Beep, click. tone:  Thank you for giving me this time, Ms _______.  I know with your blogging duties and dealings with the board of education, that you don’t have much time, so I’ll be brief…

Your daughter appears to fall into our requirements of being tested for Cerebral Palsy, according to our diagnosis, and we would like to just go over our information with you to verify whether that is or isn’t true?

We have you down as having an household income somewhere between $100 and $150 thousand, and we have you as having a former BlueCross health plan, which is now being maintained by Highmark.   Under this plan, 80% of the test cost will be covered by your insurance and we have plans that allow the balance to be paid across a 3 year time frame….

We have openings next Tues and Wednesday afternoon?  Which would be best for you?  Something like this should not tarry.

If that is too soon, perhaps a month from today would be good for you?  Cerebral Palsy is very dangerous for children you know?

Oh the cost to you?  Well as I mentioned the cost is 80% already covered by your insurance, since it IS a Highmark plan, and the tests will be done of course at a MedExpress clinic…. The remainder can be spread across the following 3 years… Can I sign her up for an appointment next Tuesday afternoon?

What?  I had trouble hearing you over the phone.  As you know Cerebral Palsy is a disease that must be caught early if it is to be treated…

What?  How many people diagnosed are tested positive?  Well, we are fortunate here that only a few of those we diagnose ever show signs of having the disease,  But one can never know unless one undergoes a preliminary test to determine the possibility.   Shall next Tuesday at our closest Med Express to your location, that would be the one off Kirkwood Highway, right? Or is our Concord Pike location closer to you?

What? Why was your daughter picked?  Well, your daughter’s school records DO show you have Highmark which pays 80% of this qualified treatment, and your family income is between $100 and $150 thousand dollars per year, so you would certainly be able to afford our monthly payments stretched across 3 whole years of your daughters life….  That make you eligible for this call.

No, on that you are wrong ma’am.  Thanks to legislation proposed by  Jack Markell, and pushed through your Delaware legislature by Dave Sokola, we have every right to contact you off of your daughter’s school records.. We paid good money for that information…

Please, just put that aside.  Your daughter could go undiagnosed for years if you don’t take advantage of this lifetime opportunity to get her evaluation done early while we are filling in these time slots, and while there would be time to take corrective action.  Was it Tuesday?  Or next Wednesday you wished to visit our Kirkwood Highway office?

No ma’am… As I said, you should not worry about the cost… 80% is covered by Highmark if performed in the MedExpress location we previously mentioned, AND, the remainder can be spread over the next 3 years… How could anyone not pass up an opportunity like that, especially if it could save one’s daughter from cerebral palsy?  Her records show you are eligible for this opportunity because you have an income between $100 to $150 thousand….

No, ma’am.  We are not concerned about money. We are concerned about your daughter’s health… Cerebral Palsy is an affliction that costs much less if caught early… Visiting us next Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon COULD save you tremendous amounts of money.  No ma’am, …  I wouldn’t worry about the cost…. Highmark pays 80% of the cost, and the balance can be paid off across 36 months or 3 years.  Can I put you down for Tuesday at 4:00pm?

The Cost, ma’am?  That is covered after the evaluation…

Ma’am don’t hang up..  The entire proceedure is only $25,000, of which Highmark pays $20,000 or 80% if the exam is performed at its MedExpress location closest to you, and that leaves the balance paid by you to only be $138 dollars a month when stretched across our 36 month plan..

I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you…. Was that Tuesday?  or Wednesday?


You think you have problems now?  Wait till the State of Delaware sells your information to inBloom which can then sell your children’s information to everyone who seeks it, even on the flimsiest of excuses….

This, ladies and gentlemen.  Is Common Core.