If you knew the Titanic woOr would you leave it alone? If you knew a carrier task force full of Japanese airplanes was launching into the wind 200 miles northwest of Oahu, would you radio someone?

Based on the enormous consequences, your choice if you were in those two situations would forever define who you were..

Today a bad bill goes before the House. It barely escaped out of committee, and leadership is trying to out-pace the opposition by having it sneaked in for a quick voice vote tomorrow.  “The ayes have it”..

The opposition to it,  is you and me and everyone else who has ever read or looked into the bill.  It is a race against time. One side wants to hide all information of what this bill entails; the other side wants everyone to know just how bad it is.

It is HB 165… In essence, the bill takes money from public schools which are doing well, and gives it to Charter Schools which are doing poorly. Based on test scores, per income level the charter schools teach worse than do public schools, when comparing apples to apples, and oranges to oranges.  Yet, this bill wants to take your money away from your districts feeder patterned public school, and put it into one of the Governor’s friends pockets as profit, who just happens to run a Charter.

It gets worse. Charter schools are profit cash cows. But investors think they aren’t getting rich fast enough. So this bill will use state funding to build their schools, run their schools, feed their children, while they get to skim not just part, but all the money off the top.

It is immoral and outrageous. There are only 9 more days in legislative session. This bill needs to die tomorrow afternoon, so the real business of running this state can be dealt with quickly.