Changing the Goal Posts in the Middle Of The Game.

Chart Courtesy of Transparent Christina

The Red and Blue Goals were set “way back when”. The Yellow and Green goals were Markell’s restart. The end goal is the same. The idea, was that the education governor was going to revamp education in the corporate model, so success was guaranteed. The end result would remain the same, we would just put in so much effort that we’d reach goal.

The big story at which a lot of selective language has been thrown, is that between the third to the last and the second to the last, 2012-2013, we slipped downward. We did not jump from 66 to 83. Actual results went down over last year. from 73 down to 70.

What no one is saying, and you can read the News Journal version here, is that now at a score of 70-73, the actual results are down from the Markell goals by 10 points. Yet they are down from the original goals by 20 points! So despite an aggressive campaign and a lot of money paid to corporate educational companies, (one third of our budget), the purveyors failed. We went backwards.

What the News Journal neglected to mention, is that we now have to have a 30 point jump next year to meet our targeted goals for 2014, upon which all our RTTT money was tied.

Don’t think we will do 30 points next year, if we went backwards this year and our continued plans are to do exactly the same. On the other hand… since no one at the News Journal seems to be looking very hard, if we cheat like Michelle Rhea….. Hmmmm…

(and since this is a whole ‘nother huge story, this is just a teaser here: Common Core was responsible for this year’s Delaware setback.) More later.