John rejoiced last night… but Delaware’s Teacher of the Year is a French Teacher…. Alors.

This is a big thing… I’m listening to all the chatter and the excitement of other language teachers interviewed, and am getting carried away by it all and the stumble across Tom Lehman’s piece at WDEL…. ” she tries to get her students to think big in the classroom.”

“Wainwright also coaches lacrosse and helps with the school’s robotics team.”

The first thought that came to my mind… was “thinking big. Why that’s the exact opposite of Common Core.”

And it is. Common Core is about “rigor” and “grit”… bearing down on hard work like you are giving birth without anything for the pain.. Common Core is like running two marathons, back to back, with no rest in between. Common Core is like doing 100 push-ups, …. just after you completed the Tour de France….

How refreshing to celebrate a teacher who just… teaches.

And that’s the point I want to make. We all instinctively now know Common Core is wrong. Unfortunately some are overtly committed and are riding that nuclear bomb right down to its target… How we know it, is that when we finally have a teacher win who represents the exact opposite of everything Common Core is and does, everyone is ecstatic that she won….

In other words, everything that is the exact opposite of Common Core, does work after all. It even works well. Not only does Common Core’s exact opposite work well, but it works so well that it makes a foreign language teacher into the first foreign language teacher Delaware has ever put forth…

One would think, that if Common Core had struggled and fulfilled its promise. that one our math or English Common Core teachers would instead be put on the top rung. Make sense?

But no.

Chosen was someone Common Core evaluations can’t even rate, because it is so far out of the mainstream there is no a Common Core French curriculum even brainstormed yet….

Now after this piece, I’m sure someone from above will chastise the chooser of this teacher for “not sticking with the program… “you should have picked a Common Core teacher” he will be admonished…

And next time he might… But for this year, he chose the best… and it was the complete opposite of Common Core…

Which begs the question. If the exact opposite of Common Core is good enough for our state teacher of the year, why are we trying so hard to destroy our current model of public education and replace it with this new model everyone is complaining over?

Shouldn’t Common Core just go away?

Anyways. when the Delaware Department of Education doubles down on Common Core and stresses beyond belief that it really does help kids learn…. remember who they picked to be the teacher of the year….

Someone who tries to get their students to “think big in the classroom”…..

It’s a good sign that perhaps we have turned a corner in the state of Delaware’s education….

So celebrate.