The DC School system’s chief of human capital, Jason Kamras, said in a Dec. 23 statement that the calculation error made by Mathematica Policy Research affected only 44 teachers out of a workforce of 4,000 teachers. UPDATE: However, those 44 teachers represent 10 percent of all DCPS teachers who are evaluated on a value-added model that uses student performance on test scores, according to Melissa Salmanowitz, a spokeswoman for DCPS. In addition, as a result of the miscalculations, one teacher was fired, although Salmanowitz also confirmed that DCPS is attempting to reinstate that teacher. (The Washington Post first reported on the details about the teacher who was dismissed, as well as the share of teachers judged using a value-added model, in a Dec. 24 story.)

The specific error dealt with how teachers’ “individual value-added” (IVA) scores were calculated for the 2012-13 year—a teacher’s IVA score constitutes 35 percent of his or her total evaluation score.  In total, 22 teachers received a lower rating than they should have, and 22 teachers received a higher rating than they should have, according to the school system….

“Teachers who should have received higher IMPACT scores will receive notification of their corrected (higher) scores and will receive all the benefits (such as bonuses) that go with those scores…

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