While the biggest battle for the public school system shapes up for tomorrow, take a look at what Rodel has to say….

“We have committed to doing our part as an organization to help Delaware build one of the finest systems of public education in the world by 2020. Inspired by Delawareans who have helped support our public education system, each of our staff has made a pledge to volunteer his/her time and resources toward this goal. Join our 20 days of pledges to support public education in Delaware.

U.S. Senator Tom Carper encourages young people to be involved in public and community service. Among others, he has inspired our Communicators Director (and his former staffer), C.R. McLeod, to pledge to encourage Delaware’s youth to learn about civics and Delaware government.”

Is this a giant disconnect? Or what? When the future of Delaware’s public education is at stake tomorrow afternoon, and about to follow down the path blazed by Philadelphia and Chicago who are now closing massive numbers of public schools, the Rodel Foundation which on its own website takes credit for the state of education in Delaware…. has nothing, except a blurb by one of Tom Carper’s former staffers, eulogizing his former boss….

Just thought I’d point out that this is not a real force in Delaware. Rodel is just a show to give the News Journal someone to call when they need the official education line…. which means that those running education in Delaware, who benefited from their association with Rodel, are just as empty.

Am I the only one thinking this being the only thing new on Rodel is odd and out of place?