Today Teachers Unions struck back...  At issue is one single case where deciding the constitutionality of  allotting Value Added to teachers in very arbitrary ways, begins it’s march towards upwards to the Supreme Court…

The defendant is the Knox County Board of Education, which assessed one teacher and then denied her a bonus based on certain alternate-school students on whom she was told she would not be assessed.  Someone higher up made the switch when he saw the bonus pool was pressing up against the budget.

TEA’s lawsuit also contests the arbitrariness of TVAAS (their DCAS)  estimates that use test results of only a small segment of a teacher’s students to estimate a teacher’s overall effectiveness.

This will also be the first lawsuit of many, as more high stakes testing lawsuits began to be filed…..

So teachers of Delaware.  If your union leadership won’t fight for you, and you get a low score off of students over which you have no control,  visit a lawyer…  Then sue Murphy’s DOE and Frederika Jenner’s DSEA.

Common Core and Component 5 only sound logical in a vacuum, ie. where one side gets to speak and there is no other side to provide rebuttal… For in every side up to this point in debates over Common Core where there have been two sides to the argument (those for and those against), those who are against always win…  And in court, there are always two sides; you will win unless there is a fix; and then appeal.

Because it is ridiculous to give someone a bad rating on something over which they have no control.  And if you are only testing in English and Math, that means there is a very large number of teachers currently being rated by scores over topics which they did not teach… Those other teacher’s grade is based on their school’s overall performance.  A great teacher in a bad school gets to apply for SNAP.  A bad teacher in a great school buys a Lincoln.

Time is on the side of teachers.  The administration can do wrong, but never do wrong indefinitely.  Sooner or later, doing right catches up and vanquishes the old, wrong practices….

Have hope. The first shot was fired today in Tennessee….