From Illinois…. Pinckneyville High School … First Illinois school on Common Core.

“It’s more rigorous math. I mean the math concepts together are simply just more difficult. To be able to combat that, we do have a math intensive study hall the last hour of the day for kids to get an extra 45 minutes of help. We have two free math tutoring rooms.”

So then, what got cut out to provide that extra 45 minutes?  Music?  Art?  Sports?  English?  History? Science?

Pinckneyville’s Integrated Math One teacher Adrienne Wilson says she no longer uses textbooks with page after page of problems. Core math is not taught in individual subjects like geometry and algebra. Teachers blend several concepts together throughout the year.

Other Illinois schools in that location are not moving as fast.

Carbondale High School is concerned about seeing a state-wide assessment before going ahead with the transition..

Harrisburg is concerned about funding. Officials don’t have the money for either new textbooks or computers..

Marion and Carterville have actually teamed up this week and are going through staff development training in the Core standard. Marion is slowly implementing it, but officials say it will take a few years to have it fully up and running.

From this one little microcosm we can see the writing on the wall. As funding decreases even though much ado was made about No Child Left Behind being an unfunded mandate, the same fate will fail Race To The Top beginning after this year….