This is why we have experts… To prevent things like this….. Can you imagine any of these people on the Manhattan Project?

The Exceptional Infinite

Delaware, did you hear that loud noise earlier this evening?  That was the noise of parents, students, educators and school administrators having a collective groan about the passage of House Bill 334 passing the Delaware House of Representatives.  It still has a Senate vote and then Governor Markell has to sign it if it passes the senate, but it will probably happen.  This bill replaces the already existing DCAS standardized testing with the Smarter Balanced Assessment.  I have seen sample questions of this test, and it is the worst idea for schools ever.  The Smarter Balanced test was created by non-educator money, serving Wall Street corporate interests.  When did our schools become a matter of profit for a select few?  When did we allow money to be more important than education?  Probably when we allowed the following House reps to vote yes on this monstrosity by electing them.

Yes: Atkins…

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