Bridgeville, (UPI)

Delaware’s Senate Pro Tempore has a new challenger. Long assailed by those throughout his state for his desk drawer veto power over bills he does not like, Senator Thurman Adams may have a horserace in this years primary.

A local hero, known to many as Don Kee Butt for his outlandish name, says he plans to file with the Department of Elections before the June deadline.

From the steps of Community Park’s pavilion, Don Kee Butt announced to all of Bridgeville, his intention to knock Adams out of the running…..

Don confided that he was persuaded to run, after seeing the results of a push poll that asked: “Who would you rather see represent your Senatorial district? Thurman Adams or a horses’ ass?” Upon seeing Adam’s 5% approval rating, he says he was finally convinced that Adams was indeed vulnerable.

“The first thing I am going to do after being sworn in,” said the lovable Don, ” is kick that infamous desk out the f…’ing window!”

The estimated crowd of 2000 erupted in cheers and spontanous partying. that lasted throughout the evening.