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So why even vote?

For one, the county is what controls most of our lives, if you live outside any of the smaller city limits…

Two, you pay them enough in taxes (included in your escrows if paying-off a mortgage). or a painful separate check if the asset is fully yours.

Three. They establish and run almost all the things that impact your daily lives… When it comes down to “gee, how well do we like this place in which we live”, the country has probably 60%, the state 30%, and the Federal government 10% of that decision…

If you don’t believe me simply try living without a sewer for one year… You get tired digging holes in your back yard.  But also add the perks that sprout up, those festivals in our county parks, that farm next door that never was developed into a section 8 housing unit, the police who not only protect us, but let our kids pet their Clydesdales, and you sort of get a general idea of how important our County actually is to us….

So what happens, when county government stops working?  You get everybody fighting for themselves… sort of like New Jersey.  You get no planning. You get results where anything goes. You get increased crime because either one can buy off cops who have no one watching over them, or because they were strictured through lack of funding. You get no perks, unless you want to pay a private citizen your out-of-pocket money to get them… And all the stuff you do have now, starts falling through the cracks out of neglect….

Bottom line: it is very important to have someone running the county who can do it well…

Which thrusts us sometimes into this bizarre choice.  Is it better to have a person more concerned with morals and appearances who always seems to be deep in a moral struggle just to do their basic job?… Or is it better to be stuck with someone always having the whiff of corruption seeming to surround them, but who makes your own personal life SO MUCH BETTER and easier by his abilities and skill to get things done before you even get to worry about them…..?

This bizarre choice is what New Castle County faces this primary season when choosing its Executive. ….. …. …. Your vote will simply depend on which of the above traits YOU think is more important, either it being sanctimonious, or being successful; which YOU prefer to see embedded in your leader….

Delaware Liberal just came out in support of Matt Meyer.  Interestingly that same writer penning that article was also a fervent supporter of Hillary,  even to the point of being quite vicious towards Bernie who was performing a service like Matt, challenging the current leader on their principles, especially when it came to the appearance of impropriety over their past choices between ones constituents and ones cronies and corporate friends.. If we remember correctly, the writer’s response to such criticism boiled down to:  she’s effective, she gets things done, her enemies naturally try to discredit her and having no substance, must use whisper campaigns and false accusations.

It is ironical that this one writer was all Hillary in the national, and is now all Matt in the local because in this race, Tom is the candidate being pilloried more like Hillary, the seasoned politician, whereas Matt as the new interloper gets a “buy” on using morality to launch a challenge…

Because like Hillary, Tom Gorden has had an amazing career.  Granted some is timing. But also granted is that he is feared by this state’s developers, ever since he shocked them with a moratorium on all new development..  He implemented that necessary action which had been a political albatross, so much so that none of his predecessors had been willing to touch it before he arrived.  Whereas you may not agree with the copious amounts of development you have seen being dug lately; the control over what has actually been approved for development, was far more consistent with the opinions of those living in those local neighborhoods during the split terms of Gordon, than what occurred during the interims of those holding the office during the split… Can you say: Barley Mills Plaza?

In what matters to our longterm happiness, Tom Gordon has done a better job.  In that way, he is our Hillary, the workhorse who simply because he chooses to support the majority will of the people over the peculating wills of the elite, has special interests spend inordinate time digging for dirt and constantly slandering him , even haul him in as a criminal.  Yet when actually investigated (Hillary 13 times, Tom 1) , though there may be some impropriety brought to light (on both Hillary and Tom) it is innocent shadiness; nothing near what the accusers tried to paint… In fact, if you notice the shaming in the Delaware Liberal article, the problem they try to paint on Tom is that he was “accused”; little mention that a judge who “actually” saw the “evidence offered”, said it was political bullshit and dropped the case.  There really is no difference here between those “accusing” Hillary, indicting her in public because she was called in to account 13 times… (for no one gets called up 13 times unless they are an actual criminal, right) and those indicting Tom Gordon because of “similar” accusations.  Yet in each of those times, the evidence overwhelmingly showed not only was there no actual wrongdoing, but we glimpsed how great she was at running things.  The real evidence that comes out of each of her “hauling in’s”, is that she is an awesome human being… probably the best we’ll see in our lifetimes… And the same can be said about Tom.

At some point, one has to shut down the accusers… “You have no evidence”.

Matt has a nice resume full of “progressiveness” but is seems short on the executive skills needed to run a metropolitan county.  There is no endorsement by others in his “creds” showing he has experience in leading huge numbers of people, often including among that number, those who are trying to see you fail. In his resume I didn’t see any past acclamations which told us how good he was with dealing over conflict.  How strong will he stand up to the selfish interests of County Council? Whereas his resume tells us what kind of a person he is, it doesn’t tell us what kind of an Executive he will be. So instead of starting a stock exchange, will he insist on using that money to send Payless shoes to Africa?  Point made.

And since Delaware Liberal made a big deal on ethics, one should wisely point out that Matt Meyer’s hit piece last sent out in the mail, uses the same kind of ethics both he and Delaware Liberal try to pretend he is above…

His photo has a bright picture with school kids; Tom’s is grainy yellow darkened to show all the weathered lines on his face… Is that on the up and up?  Playing with what you are given, putting out something that is Foxnewsworthy?

Highlighting “Pleading guilty to two criminal charges” without mentioning they were minor misdemeanors, the felonious charges were dropped because they were politically crafted. Is that completely honest?  Most of us plead guilty to criminal charges every time we mail in a check for a speeding ticket.

“He was elected in 1996. Since then, many of our largest corporations have downsized or left the state: GM, Chrysler, MBNA, Avon, Astra Zeneca and Dupont?” Oh, you went there? Lets refresh the record on those companies.  Both GM and Chrysler were bailed out by the Feds.  Did Gordon have anything to do with that?  MBNA was bought out by Bank or America… Did Gordon have anything to do with that?  Avon consolidated elsewhere due to a huge national sales drop, could Gordon have bought all its makeup and applied it to his grainy yellow weathered face (see above) just to keep them in business? Astra Zeneca, again bought out. Dupont split for liability reasons…  None of these are Gordon’s Fault. So what is Matt trying to accomplish by making it look so? Make himself look immature and amateurish?  In fact, it was Chris Coons and Paul Clark who were in the office when most of those took place…right?

So is Matt Meyer being fair here?  In all truth, this was written probably by his hired consultant, who tells everyone “I’m his consultant; I’m running his campaign” but in reality just creates and mails those things you get in your mailbox, and Matt Meyer’s consultant’s literature is no different from Tony Deluca’s, Tom Sharp’s, or those creeps’ who attack John Kowalko every two years.

Bottom line, Tom had nothing to do with those business switches and losses.  and starting in 1996 covers a lot of time, 20 years. Twenty years that between being up or down, things have been pretty good in New Castle County compared to anywhere else near or far.

Matt’s flyer says we gave him a second chance and got more crime and decreased job opportunities.   Has crime increased?  There is less in my neighborhood than was during Paul Clarks’s span, so naturally I had to look it up to see….

New Castle Co Crime DropsNew Castle Co Crime Drops

(Just in case some of Matt’s supporters can’t see too well)………..

Perhaps they mistakenly add Wilmington to the mix but really, is that fair to add Wilmington to New Castle County when the current executive has no police-fire-or ambulance jurisdiction within Wilmington’s city limits?

Within the county, crime has dropped 16.4% since we gave Gordon a second term.. I’ve seen its results with my own eyes….

There also was much ballyhoo made in Delaware Liberal’s comments about the drop in reserves… In your own personal life, if a tree falls in your back yard and you have money in savings to cover its removal, … do you keep that money in savings, and leave the tree to rot?

That is what those who bring up this ridiculous charge are advocating…  we had needs, we had reserves, we used them…

They say” OH NO!  YOU USED THE RESERVES! YOU ARE AN INCOMPETENT IDIOT “. Collectively the entire populace of New Castle County should respond in kind by giving the only person we have ever had who has actually increase our reserves, another opportunity to do it again… In that quiet way, we will all have the last laugh and say….”no, it looks like you are the idiot….”


Dear Diary:

What if we raised income taxes on the top 1% several percent with a sunset clause not tied to a year, but based on achieving a certain state unemployment rate.? Perhaps 4.9%?

Work that through sometime soon, please?   



Delaware Liberal has a silly controversy over John Kowalko’s performance.  The reason it is silly is because they are arguing over John’s alleged ability without determining the position that he plays.  For example, in football, a defensive player is rated differently than an offensive player.  In basketball, a center is rated different than a point guard.  A catcher is rated differently than pitcher in baseball.  To the casual reader it is pretty obvious that the argument is over which standards ought to be used, and not over whether John is an outstanding person or not.  (He is btw;  I’ve even heard Rick Jensen say so.)

In the current legislature, there are many moving parts.  The only true criteria one can hold legislators accountable towards…, is did they vote.   Everything else is superfluous. The only part of their job outlined  in legalese… is to vote.  Everything else they choose to do is extra; its over and beyond the call…

But politics is a personal business.  If challenges are made towards John’s effectiveness, even if baseless, they need a well honed defense.  Simply because if not, future readers may see only one side and base their votes upon what they read,   Therefore there is a lot of give and take, and bashing and smashing of egos, but it is all basically over whether John should play defensive, or go offensive.

We cannot have all of one and none of the other.  A team with only an offensive line, does pretty badly when the other team has the ball.  To the casual observer reading comments over there, it is obvious that we need both kinds of players.  Both are necessary. and since one person can’t be opposite of himself, it is necessary to have another person take up that position …

John is John.  Just like El Som is El Som.  Just like Deldem is Deldem.  Each has a unique set of genes, each has a unique set of life experiences.  Obviously none of those match, and therefore, their viewpoints will differ.  What happened is that it got personal, and the line; “others say it is so” got trundled out.

Of course others will say different things.  They are different too.  Instead of arguing over what this person said, and what that person didn’t say, we should be recognizing just how diversified our party is. Yay!  We should accept that we have John in the offensive line. Yay!  We should be grateful we have defensive players working behind the scenes. Yay!  Commentator Geezer actually pointed all that out before I do here.

The point I’m making is we have a team of people. They are individuals. They are not all carbon copies of each other.  Thank Goodness.  Just like any corporate development team, just like any legal defense team, just like any sports team, just like any managerial project team, all have a goal; all should work towards that goal.

Calling people out in public does not help all reach that goal.  It hinders it; is s-l-o-w-s the march toward that goal, considerably.  Talking to those people directly, one on one, what we like to call having a “frank” conversation, IS conducive.  It provides communication, and even if you disagree in the end, you trust the opponent’s judgment because you know exactly why he is adamant in his beliefs.  You know why.

I think everyone here has a part to play.  Just as in a car, if one part goes bad, the rest of the car doesn’t function at its full potential.  Everyone here, (or over there commenting I mean) has an important role to play in how our state will be functioning one, four, eight, or ten years into the future….

We have a job to do. Work is not done.  If we don’t finish it, others who oppose us will come behind us and tear it down.  This is serious stuff.  If we don’t work together as a team,  we leave no lasting legacy.  And what’s the whole point of even living, if your life here doesn’t make a difference?

So recognize our differences then use them.  Those in planning can say, John we need some public outrage on this at this time.  Let’s get it done.  Vice versa, now coming from John, he can say “hey we in the public eye are getting pinged badly on this item;  we need to develop a fix right now”.  Those are just two examples how each can use the other to achieve aims, instead of create friction….

‘Nuff said.

Courtesy of Wikipedia.

After all the bluster dies down, Historians will revisit this era and come to this conclusion.

In order not to tax the top 1% an additional $85 billion dollars, the 99% was made to suffer for it….

Cost = $85 billion.

Let us compare that to wealth, not income, to see how that $85 billion stacks up….

The current household wealth of the United States is listed between $64 and $65 trillion dollars….   We are going to draw the line at at the top 20% and bottom 80% of the population.

The top 20% owns 89.9% of the nation’s wealth.  The bottom 80% owns 11.1%….  In dollars that stacks up as follows:

  • Top 20% owns $58 Trillion in net worth.
  • Bottom 80% has $ 7 Trillion of net worth. 

Ok. now we have the dollar figures.  Let us break down the population.   Since we are dealing with government services we must assume that affects everyone, so we are going to use the 315 million population figure for our calculations.

  • Top 20% of population equals 63 million people.
  • Bottom 80% of population equals 252 million people.

So now let us see how that works out per person.  For both income levels we are going to divide the total wealth by the total persons and get the total wealth per person…

  • 58 Trillion divided by 63 million people gives a per person average of…$841,269 per citizen.
  • 7 Trillion divided by 252 million people gives a per person average of … $27,777 dollars per citizen.

Ok so here is what historians will find.    If we tax the existing revenue for the $85 billion difference it will only hit the top group of 20%…  If we sequester or cut out of our national budget, it will only hit those in the bottom 80%…

To see what the average hit will cost, we will take the $85 billion and divide it among the number of people in that income range. Then later we will apply that to their wealth and see who has the greater and who has the less percentage…

  • $85 Billion sequestered  spread over 63 million 20%’ers comes to $1349 each.
  • $85 Billion sequestered out of the 252 million 80%ers comes to a tiny…. $337 each… 

So here is the fun part.

  • That $1349  is this percent of $841,269…  0.16% of one percent.
  • That $337 is this percent of $27,777…. 1.2 percent…

Each person in the bottom 80% is paying roughly 8 times more of a burden to their wealth than paid by those in the top 20%…….   When our economy fails and historians look back and say, didn’t anyone crunch the numbers?  Well, yes?  Someone did..

And if fairness is truly an America virtue, then once we know that a 8 to 1 ratio exists, it become easy to figure out how to divide the costs equally…  (8x +1x = $85B)  then we should have a tax hike of  $75 billion and sequester or cut of $10 billion to give every America an equal percentage bite out of their wealth….

Tom Gordan has a chance to show what he is made of.  If he comes down against Abbot’s developer, Frank Acierno, we will know he is the real thing back in action supporting the wills of residents over the wills of  Pam Scott’s friends   Briefly here is the deal. On one hand you have:

  • Developed floodplains.
  • Horrendous traffic intersections.
  • Change in the actual character of the Community
  • Shopping Center across from church and school

On the other hand:

  • More money for Frank Aceirno and Rich Abbot.

You know who is for it; here is a list of those who are against it….

  • City of Newark; City Government
  • Holy Angels  School and Church
  • McDonalds Main Street Newark
  • State Rep. Mike Ramone
  • State Rep. Paul Baumbach
  • State Rep. John Kowalko
  • State Rep. Edward S. Osienski
  • State Rep. Joe Miro
  • State Sen. David Sokola
  • Windy Hills Community Association
  • Every single human being whose commute takes them through Possum Park intersection.

This is a healthy reminder as to why we have democratic government.   The tract  includes some nice forests – a 60 acred piece that is
almost totally wooded and has WCC frontage and 2 blue line streams with
forested buffers. All in all some great habitat.

The perpetrators are attempting to sneak through a rezoning of  a piece of property considered green, consisting of  protected resources – eg. Critical Natural Area, Creek, Stream, Floodplain, Wetlands, Steep Slopes, and Mature Forest and have it rezoned into Regional Commercial. Once that rezoning is complete, anything can be done to that property at any point into the future, no matter what the current assurances by the developers are.  With this month’s rezoning if it takes place, in 10 years, with a more favorable administration,  a hot, drippy sex club could be built on that property. Who knows!

However, a wall of bipartisanship  has swelled up against this project. Every one, Democrat,  Republican, Independent thinks it is a bad idea….. This again is the classic tale of people versus  big money.

We know who should win; but we don’t yet know who will win….

Call Tom Gordan and let him know.  We had an election.  Developers don’t run New Castle County any more.

There are two choices before us:

One, we tax the top 1% and live the quality of life we deserve…..

Two, we continue the tax cuts, allowing the top 1% to not pay their fair share in taxes, and continue the quality of life we’ve suffered since 2001..

Simple microcosmic view: find a pothole in today’s state road system… You can’t, it’s covered up with stimulus funded new pavement… Nice, crisp, sharply painted blacktop, as far as the eye can see….

Compare that to the Bush Era… Potholes galore and getting them fixed was like pulling teeth…

Now pull back and look at your entire lifestyle with all it’s moving parts…. first see one where everything outside your control is operating smoothly like clockwork ( a Visa commercial comes to mind), and the other where it is all cacophonous and catastrophic…..

So, in which type of lifestyle do you prefer to live?

Decide and vote.

Just a year after its founding, PDA ( Progressive Democrats of America) claimed thousands of members and chapters in thirty-six states. In fact, PDA (Progressive Democrats of America) was just one tree in a forest of new progressive Democrat-type formations that sprung up after the 2004 debacle. Democracy for America became prominent in this period, especially with the accession of Howard Dean to chair of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) in 2005. The Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC) reorganized itself, hiring a full-time staffer for the first time and producing a programmatic document, the “Progressive Promise.” The activities of the progressive Democrats were (and still are) heavily promoted in the left-liberal press, such as the Nation. These were heady times for Progressives. They had Dick Cheney to focus against, they had Dean for leadership.

Then came success:

“The elections of 2006 and 2008 gave the Democratic Party dominion over the most important sectors of the federal government: an enormous House majority, a Senate super-majority, and the all-important White House. What’s more, after 2008 the Democrats had a clear mandate for major reforms: Obama’s presidency was pre-emptively declared “transformational,” and the president was even awarded the Nobel Peace Price, in the same way you might give a child a too-big jacket, hoping he’ll grow into it. … “

“In 2005, there were a little over 50 members of the CPC (Congressional Progressive Caucus). After the 2006 election, it was 63. This past summer (211th Congress), there were 83 members; it is actually the largest single caucus in the Democratic Party. The Blue Dogs, by way of contrast, have 54 members. Of the 20 standing committees of the House in the 111th Congress, 10 were chaired by members of the CPC(Congressional Progressive Caucus). It’s a similar story with the Congressional Out of Iraq Caucus: in 2005 there were 41 members; today there are 73. The back-to-back electoral success also vindicated Howard Dean’s “50-state strategy” as DNC chief; Obama’s primary and then general election triumph was cheered by progressive Dems, who vastly favored Obama over Hillary Clinton”

However, the gains of the Democrats after November 2006 failed to translate into actual reforms–which was supposed to be, you know, the point.

In 2007, 140 House Democrats voted against the war supplemental. In 2008–remember, Bush was still in office–151 House Democrats voted against. The situation was completely changed after Obama became president. In June 2009, only 32 House Democrats voted against the war funding!

The 2010 war supplemental was passed with only 25 House Democrats voting no–about a third of the size of the alleged Out of Iraq Caucus! Thus in the second year of the Obama administration, the House Democratic vote against war funding has declined by a factor of six.

In a kind of half-assed substitute for the collapse of the vote against war funding, the progressive Dems voted for Afghanistan “exit strategy” legislation devised by Rep. Jim McGovern. Instead of forcing the administration’s hand by turning off the money spigot, as they would a Republican president, the McGovern bill makes a rather retarded request for Obama Mission Control to come up with an “exit strategy”.

Finally, as a kind of tragicomic coda, we should note that Gen. David Petraeus, the literal author of the Iraq surge strategy that the Democrats mostly opposed in 2007, was confirmed by the Senate 99-0 to lead the war on Afghanistan–after the McChrystal affair exposed that the Afghanistan “surge” was in total crisis….

How can we explain this seeming inconsistency?

In the first period, the main task of the progressive Democrats was to direct all progressives toward the Democratic Party so that the Democrats could take power.

In the second (current) period, on the other hand, the main task of the progressive Democrats is to keep the Democratic Party in power; they are now the left wing of the party in charge of American imperialist capitalism.

Because the progressive Democrats’ whole theory of social change revolves around “working through the system”, they need to stay “in the system”; but for them to stay “in the system”, the Democratic Party has to “stay in power”; but for the Democrats to “stay in power”, they have to “stay within the bounds” set by the capitalist elite that really runs the country.

And hence the Tea Party steps in… America is frustrated with this elite. The Democrats, once the harbingers of change, have now been seen to have acquiesced; they capitulated to the corporations, leaving millions of frustrated Americans to turn to the Tea Party as their next best hope… Now, they are again starting the process of slowly understanding that the Tea Party, founded on principals of libertarianism, has now got sucked in as well….

The people are really removed from their government. The goal now seems to be which party of corporate elitism can best fool the people into casting their votes. It has become a sham game, which the fourth estate, the media, seems complacently to be a part.

A line needs to be drawn in the sand. Who is our government really working for: the top 1%? or the other 99% ?

Democrats, Republicans, Tea Partiers, Progressives, Greens, Reformers, Libertarians, and all other labels…. don’t mean anything anymore… And that is the frustration with which America is seething. Who does mean something? The top 1%?…Are they’re the only ones who mean anything to those in charge of our government….?

This frustration could be easily abated…. by simply removing the Bush Tax cuts if only for only the top 1%….

Based on the numbers of our population, 99-1, that should sail through Congress as easily as Petreaus’s nomination….

Delaware Liberal just ranked her as number 1. As they state, her impact on the 2nd smallest state is probably the largest political impact of one person (excluding those running nationally for president) I’ll see in my lifetime….. Her accomplishments…

…”(1) Got rid of top R vote getter Mike Castle. (2) Significantly diminished R turnout upstate (3) Helped ensure continued D control of the US Senate by making herself unelectable. (4) Left the Rethug Party an absolute shambles, which is where it remains today. (5) Helped elect Chip Flowers State Treasurer. (6) Helped D’s pad their margin in the State House of Reps. (7) By so doing, she helped vulnerable progressives like Dennis E. Williams, Mike Barbieri, and Darryl Scott get reelected, and almost singlehandedly enabled Deb Heffernan to defeat Ms. Man-Pants’ fellow teabagger, Tom Kovach. Best of all? She’s not going anywhere! ?

Kaufman, Markell, D. Scott, and D. Sokola, rounded out the other top five.

Video and Transcript

Coons: Yes I think climate change is real, I think human activity has contributed significantly to it, and I think that the short and long term consequences of failing to act both by United States and many of the other industrial nations of the world could be tragic. I would act to make sure we make appropriate progress in reducing our emissions and in moving our economy to one that has less of a long term negative environmental impact. But I also believe we have to balance that, that obligation to act in the long term interest of our community, our country and our children, with not, in the short term shackling American businesses and American industry, because if our major competitors around the world do not make comparable steps, we could simply deepen the recession and put American companies at a greater disadvantage, So I would move to end what I think is the impasse on cap and trade or on climate change and vote for us to move forward. but I’d be sensitive and move to try to amend the legislation that’s up in the Senate in a way that doesn’t disadvantage American businesses..

Carney: Climate change is real I think the science on that is pretty clear and well accepted, so the challenge for us is what are we going to do about it. Obviously the first step is to come up with global agreements, it’s one of those very difficult problems that is many years out in the future but we have to start doing things today:. with global agreements , national policy, and individual action. I agree with our senate candidate with respect to the framework for that. particularly keeping our eye on the ball with respect to businesses here and their impact on employment and that’s why I strongly support investments in tax credits and incentives for green energy technology, particularly for establishing manufacturing facilities here in the United states and in the state of Delaware. We have tremendous opportunity, but we are falling behind. We are falling behind the Chinese, we’re falling behind the Europeans, because we are not making that commitment that we need.

Urquhart: Climate has been changing; it has been changing for eons, getting colder, getting warmer. Right now, we’re in a period where science says we are getting colder. I don’t think there is any settled science according to David Legates, the Delaware State climatologist, there is no relationship that is documented between human activity and climate change, as is say right now it is getting colder. But the essential issue is what, what can we do something about. I mean, I support the reduction of pollutants like mercury and things like that, but carbon dioxide it not a pollutant…We have a Cap ant Trade bill that will cost Delawareans each about $2000 a year if it passes. It has massive penalties in it and it doesn’t affect the rest of the world. It simply is another bailout of billionaires; its a bailout for Goldman Sachs, for Al Gore, and for lots of people who are exploiting it. But those businesses will move to China; the jet stream brings carbon dioxide this direction just as well, and until we address this globally, there isn’t a solution, and we shouldn’t penalize American jobs…

Compare and Contrast:

Is their a current Global warming crises that is the result of human activity?

Coons: Yes…. Carney: Yes…. Urquhart: No….

Will you act to reduce Carbon Dioxide?

Coons: Yes…. Carney: Yes…. Urquhart: No….

Will you support incentives to move America to cleaner, greener energy?

Coons: Yes…. Carney: Yes…. Urquhart: No….

Will you support Cap and Trade as it is in the Senate?

Coons: No…. Carney: No…. Urquhart: No….

Do you support Global Agreements to control global pollution?

Coons: Yes…. Carney: Yes…. Urquhart: Yes….

Is carbon dioxide a pollutant?

Coons: Yes…. Carney: Yes…. Urquhart: No….

Fact Check…

Your choice on this issue will depend on whether believe what you see: that Global warming is real, or believe what someone wants you to believe so they can still keep receiving their paycheck… Here is reality…

Urquhart's Downfall:  basing policy on false premises
Courtesy of NASA

If you believe in thermometers, global warming is real. If you don’t, only you can subscribe to the notion that Al Gore made it up and it has nothing, nothing to do with the constant removal of carbon from inside the earth and belching it back out into the atmosphere…

Urquhart emphatically says the world is getting colder…. And this was just day’s after the news that we have just experience the 2nd hottest summer ever!

Here is real data with accomplishing grafts.

Data from 1891 till now
Courtesy of NOAA

Imagine pulling up to your private home and seeing thick black smoke pouring out of the roof of your house… Chris Coons is standing outside, and tells you “your house is on fire and you should call 911.” John Carney rushes over and tells you “your house is on fire, and hands you his phone.” Urquhart strolls up and tells you to “wait, there is no conclusive proof yet that your house is on fire. In fact, what you are seeing is condensation… because your house is actually getting cooler… He tells you David Legates said so.” You then get a call from your old Realtor that says someone with a hard to pronounce name, just put a super low bid roughly 10% of its worth, on your property…

Would you trust a broker who didn’t pay attention to the stock market? No?
Would you trust your child’s education to a teacher who couldn’t read? No?
Would you trust your life to a doctor who practiced witchcraft? No?
Would you trust a scientist who made up results out of nothing? No?

Then how can we trust someone to do what is right, when they won’t look at facts?
How can we trust to be represented by our leadership when they lie to our face?
How can we put someone into office who refuses to accept the truth?

Bottom line: you can’t.

Tonight, a small progressive enclave dissolved when their charismatic leader stepped down… Well… not exactly did it completely dissolve like a Fizzie in a glass of ice water… but there were several explosions that cracked and chipped a couple of ice cubes.

The details like all minutiae are trifling and will not matter years from now… just little “he said”, “she said” stuff…

Most reading this have already heard the details…

So I (as usual) will address the big issue….

They’ve run out of steam…. When started, the Progressive Democrats under it’s previous leader harbored some closet Republicans who considered themselves far-thinking. You can’t really call them Republicans since “far thinking” and Republicans can never be grouped in the same category. ( Those Republicans are now Democrats, btw.) But that was just the kind of organization it was… They were the modern equivalent of the Grangers.

The problem with progressives… they were too successful…

For heavens sakes. They guy we’ve all shaken hands with, IS VICE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.

And to top it off: THE PRESIDENT IS PART BLACK! I thought it’d be another hundred years, based on Jesse Jackson’s performance of yesteryear…. but no… it’s happening now. How progressive is that?

The US Senate is 59 to 41 for the good of America.. The House is 257 to 158 for the good of America. This is not a dream. The American people spoke and it is happening now.

The Delaware Senate is stacked 15 to 6 for the good of Delawareans no matter what their financial income.. The Delaware House is stacked 24 to 17 for the betterment of all Delawareans… This is not make believe; this is reality folks…

There is only one Republican holding statewide office… only one… and he barely held on against a name that no one can remember, despite the fact that no one seriously challenged him….

Progressives… You rocked… Rebecca.. With results like that: you’re a legend. Howard Dean would be proud….


What Progressives are suffering from is championship fever… We gave everything, took out every Republican we set our sites on, and got the prize… We’ve been in a daze ever since… Starting next Thursday, games begin for real.. No more preseason fluff… The only thing that matters is the final score…

Will Progressives return to the fight like last seasons Steelers? That is the fate of almost every champion…. Rare, are the ones who achieve a second year… The Giants, the Patriots are two that come to mind… Every person caring for the continued improvement of America, must get the lethargy out of their system if they want to me more than a one hit wonder…

We need fired up…

It would be nice if we showed America that WE REMEMBER! We remember what Republicans did to destroy this once great nation. We remember the greatness of the Clinton years, when every income strata benefited and grew richer financially. THAT is real progress… not taking from one strata and giving to another… but using the tool progressives have in better supply than anyone else… brainpower… and creating livable solutions that benefit the whole of society; not just the family of a refrigerated trucking firm.

It would be nice if we showed them how much Delaware resents Republicans… that no matter how nice of a guy they put up… whether his name is Castle, Bonini, or Wagner, they can’t win BECAUSE THEY ARE A REPUBLICAN…. Yes, that is a legacy worth fighting for… That is a worthy going-away-thank-you gift for Rebecca…

So let’s do this.