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That study caused the leading Republican Hispanic in charge of the Florida’s outreach to Spanish speaking American citizens, to switch parties.  He is now a Democrat.  And he was in charge of convincing Hispanics to vote Republican!!!…

What caused the shift?  A Republican study that specifically was aimed at the redneck hillbillies inside the Republican Party, but wound up hitting mainstream.  The undeniable truth is it this what the Republican Party really does think about what it calls behind closed doors, it’s dirty little problem….

“No one knows whether Hispanics will ever reach IQ parity with whites, but the prediction that new Hispanic immigrants will have low-IQ children and grandchildren is difficult to argue against.”  

So says the Republican Party of the United States of America.

Proving once again… that this party is nothing but the harshest racists..(Just watch Rick Jensen try to defend it by saying “he” is not a racist.)  Truth is… he isn’t.  He’s actually a great guy.. But the party he supports (though he does not represent) is undeniably racist…

A fact so driven home that the single most important Republican in charge of Florida’s Hispanics, NOT ONLY FELT COMPELLED TO RESIGN… BUT FELT IT NECESSARY TO ACTUALLY SWITCH PARTIES PUBLICLY….

Is every Republican a racist?  No.  But every racist is a Republican and the Republican Party of the United States of America is beholden to do whatever those racists want!   ABSOLUTELY!!!

Every Hispanic Republican out of self respect, NEEDS RIGHT NOW TO CHANGE THEIR PARTY.... There can be no such thing as a Hispanic Republican from now on.  Just Spanish speaking Uncle Toms… who should appropriately hitherto be called…. La Malinches

  • Why is it every time we’ve had a mass killing, the perpetrator has been someone aligned to Conservative values?
  • Why is it that we have to wait through one week’s vacation to have a Secretary of Defense confirmed?
  • Why is it that no attempt is being made to avoid the cutting of  700,000 jobs?
  • Why is it that Conservatives are holding out from giving their citizens affordable Healthcare, when the benefits are obvious to all?
  • Why is it that the defense for having weapons of mass destruction, is so they will be available to be used upon the United States Government?
  • Why is it that Conservatives have recently come out in support of rape, whether it is to women, boys, or babies?

The reason is because they lost. Just like a divorced husband who trashes his house just before he has to turn it over to his ex; just like Saddam Hussein setting fire to Kuwait’s oil fields as his army retreats, Republicans are saying a big “fuck you” to the United States of America. Instead of realizing they are in the wrong, they have taken the approach that as long as they still have one foot in office, they will do every thing in their power to destroy America, so it is worth nothing to those who we elected to serve us in their place…

In less than 20 months, we can vote these Republicans out completely…. Just 20 months, that is 80 weeks, just 560 days, and we can be rid of them completely….

This must be your goal. America has a hopeful future and has many opportunities just waiting to be grasped. Clean out every Republican, and prosperity will return.

Seriously, would you invest in a country run like Saddam’s Iraq? Neither would I. Let’s get rid of the nuts, and let’s rebuild America.

Optimism, optimism, optimism…….

There is now hope. One third of the House Republicans joined the House speaker and voted FOR the Fiscal Cliff Legislation along with 174 Democrats, creating a new majority in the House. The Tea Party for now has been marginalized. As long as this group continues to vote for their constituency, which is usually urban, sophisticated, sensible, smart, well endowed, friendly, helpful, intelligent, kind, mathematically inclined, and very, very anti-fundamentalist, they will side on the side of Democrats, who have their own divisions to contend with…

There seems to be a possibility that the log jam that for so long has held up the Tea Party Congress, has been undone. This event comes upon the fact that Democrats overwhelmingly had a million more popular votes for Representatives than did Republicans, portending the only reason Republicans ever got elected, is through careful gerrymandering of their districts.

The Republicans starting tomorrow, will have even less of a majority. It will require fewer Republicans to side with Democrats to get things done.

The optimism in the markets comes from the speculation that we may be beyond the Partisan bickering that was caused by 100% of Republican intransigence. It does not bode well for Progressives. It does not bode well for Tea Party Republicans, but it does bode well for all American people who need things to finally get done….

In the new Congress, there are these sectors…. Blue Dog Democrats are now reduced to 12. The New Democrat Coalition will have 52. The Progressive Coalition will have 73…. leaving 64 unaffiliated…
The Republican split of roughly 1/3 (85) siding with the practical contingent and 2/3 remaining with the Tea Party Conservatives (149). So if we have a flux of moderate Republicans shifting to side with Democrats to push legislation based on reality, and Bluedogs shifting to support some Republican policies of principal, we may have enough movement to get things done….

Of course we will have to watch tomorrow’s vote to see if John Boehner can make it past Cantor. If the cliff vote is any indication, 85 shall side with Boehnor, and perhaps 152 side with Cantor. Of course these are rough estimates.

If Cantor wins, expect tomorrows markets to crash; investors knowing full well, stalemate of the protracted fight that will be coming up in two months.

This is horrible. It breaks my heart. How can this happen in America? The land of plenty? The nation of opportunity? All reduced to just pithy sayings because of …. these people…

Representative District Phone Number Office Location
Adams, Sandy FL-24 (202) 225-2706 216 Cannon HOB
Aderholt, Robert AL-04 (202) 225-4876 2264 Rayburn HOB
Akin, Todd MO-02 (202) 225-2561 117 Cannon HOB
Alexander, Rodney LA-05 (202) 225-8490 316 Cannon HOB
Amash, Justin MI-03 (202) 225-3831 114 Cannon HOB
Amodei, Mark NV-02 (202) 225-6155 125 Cannon HOB
Austria, Steve OH-07 (202) 225-4324 439 Cannon HOB
Bachmann, Michele MN-06 (202) 225-2331 103 Cannon HOB
Bachus, Spencer AL-06 (202) 225-4921 2246 Rayburn HOB
Barletta, Louis PA-11 (202) 225-6511 510 Cannon HOB
Bartlett, Roscoe MD-06 (202) 225-2721 2412 Rayburn HOB
Barton, Joe TX-06 (202) 225-2002 2109 Rayburn HOB
Bass, Charlie NH-02 (202) 225-5206 2350 Rayburn HOB
Benishek, Dan MI-01 (202) 225-4735 514 Cannon HOB
Berg, Rick ND (202) 225-2611 323 Cannon HOB
Biggert, Judy IL-13 (202) 225-3515 2113 Rayburn HOB
Bilbray, Brian CA-50 (202) 225-0508 2410 Rayburn HOB
Bilirakis, Gus FL-09 (202) 225-5755 407 Cannon HOB
Bishop, Rob UT-01 (202) 225-0453 123 Cannon HOB
Black, Diane TN-06 (202) 225-4231 1531 Longworth HOB
Blackburn, Marsha TN-07 (202) 225-2811 217 Cannon HOB
Boehner, John OH-08 (202) 225-6205 1011 Longworth HOB
Bonner, Jo AL-01 (202) 225-4931 2236 Rayburn HOB
Bono Mack, Mary CA-45 (202) 225-5330 104 Cannon HOB
Boustany, Charles LA-07 (202) 225-2031 1117 Longworth HOB
Brady, Kevin TX-08 (202) 225-4901 301 Cannon HOB
Brooks, Mo AL-05 (202) 225-4801 1641 Longworth HOB
Broun, Paul GA-10 (202) 225-4101 325 Cannon HOB
Buchanan, Vern FL-13 (202) 225-5015 221 Cannon HOB
Bucshon, Larry IN-08 (202) 225-4636 1123 Longworth HOB
Buerkle, Ann Marie NY-25 (202) 225-3701 1630 Longworth HOB
Burgess, Michael TX-26 (202) 225-7772 2241 Rayburn HOB
Burton, Dan IN-05 (202) 225-2276 2308 Rayburn HOB
Calvert, Ken CA-44 (202) 225-1986 2269 Rayburn HOB
Camp, Dave MI-04 (202) 225-3561 341 Cannon HOB
Campbell, John CA-48 (202) 225-5611 1507 Longworth HOB
Canseco, Quico TX-23 (202) 225-4511 1339 Longworth HOB
Cantor, Eric VA-07 (202) 225-2815 303 Cannon HOB
Carter, John TX-31 (202) 225-3864 409 Cannon HOB
Cassidy, Bill LA-06 (202) 225-3901 1535 Longworth HOB
Chabot, Steve OH-01 (202) 225-2216 2351 Rayburn HOB
Chaffetz, Jason UT-03 (202) 225-7751 1032 Longworth HOB
Coble, Howard NC-06 (202) 225-3065 2188 Rayburn HOB
Coffman, Mike CO-06 (202) 225-7882 1222 Longworth HOB
Cole, Tom OK-04 (202) 225-6165 2458 Rayburn HOB
Conaway, Michael TX-11 (202) 225-3605 2430 Rayburn HOB
Cravaack, Chip MN-08 (202) 225-6211 508 Cannon HOB
Crawford, Rick AR-01 (202) 225-4076 1408 Longworth HOB
Crenshaw, Ander FL-04 (202) 225-2501 440 Cannon HOB
Culberson, John TX-07 (202) 225-2571 2352 Rayburn HOB
Denham, Jeff CA-19 (202) 225-4540 1605 Longworth HOB
Dent, Charlie PA-15 (202) 225-6411 1009 Longworth HOB
DesJarlais, Scott TN-04 (202) 225-6831 413 Cannon HOB
Diaz-Balart, Mario FL-21 (202) 225-4211 436 Cannon HOB
Dold, Robert IL-10 (202) 225-4835 212 Cannon HOB
Dreier, David CA-26 (202) 225-2305 233 Cannon HOB
Duffy, Sean WI-07 (202) 225-3365 1208 Longworth HOB
Duncan, Jeff SC-03 (202) 225-5301 116 Cannon HOB
Duncan, John TN-02 (202) 225-5435 2207 Rayburn HOB
Ellmers, Renee NC-02 (202) 225-4531 1533 Longworth HOB
Emerson, Jo Ann MO-08 (202) 225-4404 2230 Rayburn HOB
Farenthold, Blake TX-27 (202) 225-7742 2110 Rayburn HOB
Fincher, Stephen Lee TN-08 (202) 225-4714 1118 Longworth HOB
Fitzpatrick, Mike PA-08 (202) 225-4276 1224 Longworth HOB
Flake, Jeff AZ-06 (202) 225-2635 240 Cannon HOB
Fleischmann, Chuck TN-03 (202) 225-3271 511 Cannon HOB
Fleming, John LA-04 (202) 225-2777 1023 Longworth HOB
Flores, Bill TX-17 (202) 225-6105 1505 Longworth HOB
Forbes, J. Randy VA-04 (202) 225-6365 2438 Rayburn HOB
Fortenberry, Jeff NE-01 (202) 225-4806 1514 Longworth HOB
Foxx, Virginia NC-05 (202) 225-2071 1230 Longworth HOB
Franks, Trent AZ-02 (202) 225-4576 2435 Rayburn HOB
Frelinghuysen, Rodney NJ-11 (202) 225-5034 2369 Rayburn HOB
Gallegly, Elton CA-24 (202) 225-5811 2309 Rayburn HOB
Gardner, Cory CO-04 (202) 225-4676 213 Cannon HOB
Garrett, Scott NJ-05 (202) 225-4465 2244 Rayburn HOB
Gerlach, Jim PA-06 (202) 225-4315 2442 Rayburn HOB
Gibbs, Bob OH-18 (202) 225-6265 329 Cannon HOB
Gibson, Chris NY-20 (202) 225-5614 502 Cannon HOB
Gingrey, Phil GA-11 (202) 225-2931 442 Cannon HOB
Gohmert, Louie TX-01 (202) 225-3035 2440 Rayburn HOB
Goodlatte, Bob VA-06 (202) 225-5431 2240 Rayburn HOB
Gosar, Paul AZ-01 (202) 225-2315 504 Cannon HOB
Gowdy, Trey SC-04 (202) 225-6030 1237 Longworth HOB
Granger, Kay TX-12 (202) 225-5071 320 Cannon HOB
Graves, Sam MO-06 (202) 225-7041 1415 Longworth HOB
Graves, Tom GA-09 (202) 225-5211 1113 Longworth HOB
Griffin, Tim AR-02 (202) 225-2506 1232 Longworth HOB
Griffith, Morgan VA-09 (202) 225-3861 1108 Longworth HOB
Grimm, Michael NY-13 (202) 225-3371 512 Cannon HOB
Guinta, Frank NH-01 (202) 225-5456 1223 Longworth HOB
Guthrie, Brett KY-02 (202) 225-3501 308 Cannon HOB
Hall, Ralph TX-04 (202) 225-6673 2405 Rayburn HOB
Hanna, Richard NY-24 (202) 225-3665 319 Cannon HOB
Harper, Gregg MS-03 (202) 225-5031 307 Cannon HOB
Harris, Andy MD-01 (202) 225-5311 506 Cannon HOB
Hartzler, Vicky MO-04 (202) 225-2876 1023 Longworth HOB
Hastings, Doc WA-04 (202) 225-5816 1203 Longworth HOB
Hayworth, Nan NY-19 (202) 225-5441 1440 Longworth HOB
Heck, Joe NV-03 (202) 225-3252 132 Cannon HOB
Hensarling, Jeb TX-05 (202) 225-3484 129 Cannon HOB
Herger, Wally CA-02 (202) 225-3076 242 Cannon HOB
Herrera Beutler, Jaime WA-03 (202) 225-3536 1130 Longworth HOB
Huelskamp, Tim KS-01 (202) 225-2715 126 Cannon HOB
Huizenga, Bill MI-02 (202) 225-4401 1217 Longworth HOB
Hultgren, Randy IL-14 (202) 225-2976 427 Cannon HOB
Hunter, Duncan D. CA-52 (202) 225-5672 223 Cannon HOB
Hurt, Robert VA-05 (202) 225-4711 1516 Longworth HOB
Issa, Darrell CA-49 (202) 225-3906 2347 Rayburn HOB
Jenkins, Lynn KS-02 (202) 225-6601 1122 Longworth HOB
Johnson, Bill OH-06 (202) 225-5705 317 Cannon HOB
Johnson, Sam TX-03 (202) 225-4201 1211 Longworth HOB
Johnson, Timothy IL-15 (202) 225-2371 1207 Longworth HOB
Jones, Walter NC-03 (202) 225-3415 2333 Rayburn HOB
Jordan, Jim OH-04 (202) 225-2676 1524 Longworth HOB
Kelly, Mike PA-03 (202) 225-5406 515 Cannon HOB
King, Peter NY-03 (202) 225-7896 339 Cannon HOB
King, Steve IA-05 (202) 225-4426 1131 Longworth HOB
Kingston, Jack GA-01 (202) 225-5831 2372 Rayburn HOB
Kinzinger, Adam IL-11 (202) 225-3635 1218 Longworth HOB
Kline, John MN-02 (202) 225-2271 2439 Rayburn HOB
Labrador, Raul ID-01 (202) 225-6611 1523 Longworth HOB
Lamborn, Doug CO-05 (202) 225-4422 412 Cannon HOB
Lance, Leonard NJ-07 (202) 225-5361 426 Cannon HOB
Landry, Jeff LA-03 (202) 225-4031 206 Cannon HOB
Lankford, James OK-05 (202) 225-2132 509 Cannon HOB
Latham, Tom IA-04 (202) 225-5476 2217 Rayburn HOB
LaTourette, Steven OH-14 (202) 225-5731 2371 Rayburn HOB
Latta, Bob OH-05 (202) 225-6405 1323 Longworth HOB
Lewis, Jerry CA-41 (202) 225-5861 2112 Rayburn HOB
LoBiondo, Frank NJ-02 (202) 225-6572 2427 Rayburn HOB
Long, Billy MO-07 (202) 225-6536 1541 Longworth HOB
Lucas, Frank OK-03 (202) 225-5565 2311 Rayburn HOB
Luetkemeyer, Blaine MO-09 (202) 225-2956 1740 Longworth HOB
Lummis, Cynthia WY (202) 225-2311 113 Cannon HOB
Lungren, Dan CA-03 (202) 225-5716 2313 Rayburn HOB
Mack, Connie FL-14 (202) 225-2536 115 Cannon HOB
Manzullo, Donald IL-16 (202) 225-5676 2228 Rayburn HOB
Marchant, Kenny TX-24 (202) 225-6605 1110 Longworth HOB
Marino, Tom PA-10 (202) 225-3731 410 Cannon HOB
Massie, Thomas KY-04 (202) 225-3465 1119 Longworth HOB
McCarthy, Kevin CA-22 (202) 225-2915 326 Cannon HOB
McCaul, Michael TX-10 (202) 225-2401 131 Cannon HOB
McClintock, Tom CA-04 (202) 225-2511 428 Cannon HOB
McHenry, Patrick NC-10 (202) 225-2576 224 Cannon HOB
McKeon, Buck CA-25 (202) 225-1956 2184 Rayburn HOB
McKinley, David WV-01 (202) 225-4172 313 Cannon HOB
McMorris Rodgers, Cathy WA-05 (202) 225-2006 2421 Rayburn HOB
Meehan, Patrick PA-07 (202) 225-2011 513 Cannon HOB
Mica, John FL-07 (202) 225-4035 2187 Rayburn HOB
Miller, Candice MI-10 (202) 225-2106 1034 Longworth HOB
Miller, Gary CA-42 (202) 225-3201 2349 Rayburn HOB
Miller, Jeff FL-01 (202) 225-4136 2416 Rayburn HOB
Moore Capito, Shelley WV-02 (202) 225-2711 2443 Rayburn HOB
Mulvaney, Mick SC-05 (202) 225-5501 1004 Longworth HOB
Murphy, Tim PA-18 (202) 225-2301 322 Cannon HOB
Myrick, Sue NC-09 (202) 225-1976 230 Cannon HOB
Neugebauer, Randy TX-19 (202) 225-4005 1424 Longworth HOB
Noem, Kristi SD (202) 225-2801 226 Cannon HOB
Nugent, Rich FL-05 (202) 225-1002 1517 Longworth HOB
Nunes, Devin CA-21 (202) 225-2523 1013 Longworth HOB
Nunnelee, Alan MS-01 (202) 225-4306 1432 Longworth HOB
Olson, Pete TX-22 (202) 225-5951 312 Cannon HOB
Palazzo, Steven MS-04 (202) 225-5772 331 Cannon HOB
Paul, Ron TX-14 (202) 225-2831 203 Cannon HOB
Paulsen, Erik MN-03 (202) 225-2871 127 Cannon HOB
Pearce, Steve NM-02 (202) 225-2365 2432 Rayburn HOB
Pence, Mike IN-06 (202) 225-3021 100 Cannon HOB
Petri, Thomas WI-06 (202) 225-2476 2462 Rayburn HOB
Pitts, Joe PA-16 (202) 225-2411 420 Cannon HOB
Platts, Todd PA-19 (202) 225-5836 2455 Rayburn HOB
Poe, Ted TX-02 (202) 225-6565 430 Cannon HOB
Pompeo, Mike KS-04 (202) 225-6216 107 Cannon HOB
Posey, Bill FL-15 (202) 225-3671 120 Cannon HOB
Price, Tom GA-06 (202) 225-4501 403 Cannon HOB
Quayle, Ben AZ-03 (202) 225-3361 1419 Longworth HOB
Reed, Tom NY-29 (202) 225-3161 1208 Longworth HOB
Rehberg, Denny MT (202) 225-3211 2448 Rayburn HOB
Reichert, Dave WA-08 (202) 225-7761 1730 Longworth HOB
Renacci, Jim OH-16 (202) 225-3876 130 Cannon HOB
Ribble, Reid WI-08 (202) 225-5665 1513 Longworth HOB
Rigell, Scott VA-02 (202) 225-4215 327 Cannon HOB
Rivera, David FL-25 (202) 225-2778 417 Cannon HOB
Roby, Martha AL-02 (202) 225-2901 414 Cannon HOB
Roe, Phil TN-01 (202) 225-6356 419 Cannon HOB
Rogers, Hal KY-05 (202) 225-4601 2406 Rayburn HOB
Rogers, Mike AL-03 (202) 225-3261 324 Cannon HOB
Rogers, Mike MI-08 (202) 225-4872 133 Cannon HOB
Rohrabacher, Dana CA-46 (202) 225-2415 2300 Rayburn HOB
Rokita, Todd IN-04 (202) 225-5037 236 Cannon HOB
Rooney, Tom FL-16 (202) 225-5792 1529 Longworth HOB
Roskam, Peter IL-06 (202) 225-4561 227 Cannon HOB
Ros-Lehtinen, Ileana FL-18 (202) 225-3931 2206 Rayburn HOB
Ross, Dennis FL-12 (202) 225-1252 404 Cannon HOB
Royce, Ed CA-40 (202) 225-4111 2185 Rayburn HOB
Runyan, Jon NJ-03 (202) 225-4765 1239 Longworth HOB
Ryan, Paul WI-01 (202) 225-3031 1233 Longworth HOB
Scalise, Steve LA-01 (202) 225-3015 429 Cannon HOB
Schilling, Bobby IL-17 (202) 225-5905 507 Cannon HOB
Schmidt, Jean OH-02 (202) 225-3164 2464 Rayburn HOB
Schock, Aaron IL-18 (202) 225-6201 328 Cannon HOB
Schweikert, David AZ-05 (202) 225-2190 1205 Longworth HOB
Scott, Austin GA-08 (202) 225-6531 516 Cannon HOB
Scott, Tim SC-01 (202) 225-3176 1117 Longworth HOB
Sensenbrenner, F. James WI-05 (202) 225-5101 2449 Rayburn HOB
Sessions, Pete TX-32 (202) 225-2231 2233 Rayburn HOB
Shimkus, John IL-19 (202) 225-5271 2452 Rayburn HOB
Shuster, Bill PA-09 (202) 225-2431 204 Cannon HOB
Simpson, Mike ID-02 (202) 225-5531 2312 Rayburn HOB
Smith, Adrian NE-03 (202) 225-6435 503 Cannon HOB
Smith, Christopher NJ-04 (202) 225-3765 2373 Rayburn HOB
Smith, Lamar TX-21 (202) 225-4236 2409 Rayburn HOB
Southerland, Steve FL-02 (202) 225-5235 1229 Longworth HOB
Stearns, Cliff FL-06 (202) 225-5744 2306 Rayburn HOB
Stivers, Steve OH-15 (202) 225-2015 1007 Longworth HOB
Stutzman, Marlin IN-03 (202) 225-4436 1728 Longworth HOB
Sullivan, John OK-01 (202) 225-2211 434 Cannon HOB
Terry, Lee NE-02 (202) 225-4155 2331 Rayburn HOB
Thompson, Glenn PA-05 (202) 225-5121 124 Cannon HOB
Thornberry, Mac TX-13 (202) 225-3706 2209 Rayburn HOB
Tiberi, Pat OH-12 (202) 225-5355 106 Cannon HOB
Tipton, Scott CO-03 (202) 225-4761 218 Cannon HOB
Turner, Bob NY-09 (202) 225-6616 2104 Rayburn HOB
Turner, Michael OH-03 (202) 225-6465 2454 Rayburn HOB
Upton, Fred MI-06 (202) 225-3761 2183 Rayburn HOB
Walberg, Tim MI-07 (202) 225-6276 418 Cannon HOB
Walden, Greg OR-02 (202) 225-6730 2182 Rayburn HOB
Walsh, Joe IL-08 (202) 225-3711 432 Cannon HOB
Webster, Daniel FL-08 (202) 225-2176 1039 Longworth HOB
West, Allen FL-22 (202) 225-3026 1708 Longworth HOB
Westmoreland, Lynn GA-03 (202) 225-5901 2433 Rayburn HOB
Whitfield, Ed KY-01 (202) 225-3115 2368 Rayburn HOB
Wilson, Joe SC-02 (202) 225-2452 2229 Rayburn HOB
Wittman, Rob VA-01 (202) 225-4261 1317 Longworth HOB
Wolf, Frank VA-10 (202) 225-5136 241 Cannon HOB
Womack, Steve AR-03 (202) 225-4301 1508 Longworth HOB
Woodall, Rob GA-07 (202) 225-4272 1725 Longworth HOB
Yoder, Kevin KS-03 (202) 225-2865 214 Cannon HOB
Young, C.W. “Bill” FL-10 (202) 225-5961 2407 Rayburn HOB
Young, Donald AK (202) 225-5765 2314 Rayburn HOB
Young, Todd IN-09 (202) 225-5315 1721 Longworth HOB

When our grandchildren ask their parents…. “Tell me again, Dad. How did America fall from once being the greatest country in the world to live in?”

“Dear, Child, …. once there were cowards…. who when the time came to stand up for what was needed…. To choose between what was so obviously “right” from “wrong”,…. failed their test of character, and gave into fear, darkness, despair. Responsible for opening the gates to evil itself, these men and women could not bring it upon themselves, to fight against it. They allowed Evil to enter inside their hearts, to rule their thoughts… and darkness turned them away from all America once stood for, casting us deep under this dark evil’s spell from which we’ve never recovered.

Just a handful, who when all hope was laid upon them, and victory seemed to raise its hand, turned their frightened backs upon the battle, and in shame …… ran….

At first such a headline sounds trite and unthoughtful. Oh, it’s the simple linking of two words to forge a relationship. The proper name for that inside the English Language, is zeugma, a term borrowed from the Greeks.

But there appears to be something there. From a woman’s point of view, rape has been in the news a lot lately. And I don’t mean the physical reporting of actual rapes, they seem to be less than in the past. But the philosophical discussion about rape, has almost dominated the political discussions across this political season.

We have offensive laws proposed requiring wands inserted by strangers up into ones vagina.
We have the Akins physical slip of legitimizing rape in some circumstances.
We have the Bodenweiser situation here in Delaware. As if by being extremely religious, he was beyond reproach.
We have the Murdoch debate from last night. Rape is protected by God.

They show a crack in the Republican armor.

When confronted, the wiggle and try to hide what they meant, which was that rape is a “so what” type of crime.

Here are some of the responses Republicans bring up when confronted by this acceptance of rape as a normal human attribute.

Rapes happen.
She asked for it.
She should have kept herself locked up.
It’s just sex.
She’s lying. She wanted it too.

And if she gets pregnant.

It’s god’s child, not hers.
It’s life; we have to preserve life; the mother is unimportant.
It’s ok to rape if a man wants sex and a woman doesn’t.
The woman is required to be submissive to the man.
She must keep the child, because God is punishing her, and the child is her cross to bear.

I don’t know how many of you sit in cross examinations. But most of you have seen fake ones on television dramas. They are not alike, trust me, but there is one things that reigns true over both. If someone is trying to hide something from you, they don’t come right out and tell you.

Instead you have to look at the peripheral, and use questioning tactics to force them to explain anomalies from their story. What is buried internally, invariably slips out. Then, forcing them to explain those things eventually uncovers that which they are working so hard to hide.

It is safe to say, that the Republican Party has no concern for women. They will use women, but they do not have any concern. It is a man’s world in the Republican Party. And as long as a woman supports the notion that woman must be submissive to man, and she wins votes, she can be a part of that party…..

Is it ok to rape?

Look at the bigger picture.

Rape of the Budget Surplus put in place by Clinton.
Rape of people’s property rights under eminent domain.
Rape of animals rights encouraging wanton killing.
Rape of the earth’s resources, putting profits ahead of cleaning up after themselves.
Rape of Earth’s Climate; encouraging Global Warning.

There is a tendency for Republicans to rape everything they get their hands on.
Look at the rape of Republican Chris Christie’s New Jersey Budget.
Look at the rape of Tea Party’s Rick Scott of Florida’s budget.
Look at the rape of Koch’s Scott Walker, of Wisconsin’s ones prosperous financial health.
Look at the rape of Ronald Reagan’s use of borrowed money to fund his bounce back economic times.

And then contrast that, to the healthy building of mutual sustaining policies that benefit everyone whenever Democrats have full power…..

If Republicans = Rape, then Democrats = Long, lasting, happy marriages…….

Don’t take my word for it. Skim any newspaper.

I remember choosing between Bill Clinton and George Herbert Walker Bush.   It was tough.  I like competence and usually support it when I find it.  George HW Bush, was one of the best when it came to the Foreign Service.   His four year reign will be mostly remembered as being one where nothing really happened here, even though cataclysmic changes were erupting all across the world stage.   (The real hero of these four years should be Brent Scowcroft.)

But the Soviet Union collapsed, and threw Europe in a turmoil.  Nuclear warheads had no one watching them. Tienanmen Square changed China forever as it abandoned the Maoism of old and opened itself to Western Development.  Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait.   Noreiga thumbed the USA.

But at home, it was all like in a newspaper story, far away.   Most people didn’t even notice.   That is competence.  Of course he  is probably the most experienced president we’d ever put into the Oval Office.  He intimately knew the halls of the House of Representatives from the inside.  The knew all the quiet meeting places in the Senate; he knew what being Senator was like.  He knew the ins and outs as the head of the nations entire party apparatus.  He had the skills on how to deal with China, having been America’s envoy there before.  He knew the accumulated intelligence required and the requirements necessary to obtain it.  He knew the Oval Office from the inside, having been second in command for 8 years straight.  There never was anyone more prepared to run America.

He was stabbed in the back by his own party.  The very one that is running against America now.  For you see,  Bush had inherited  Ronald Reagan’s nemisis:  his deficit, which is something todays Republicans conveniently forget when they glowingly praise Ronald Reagan for growing wealth and prosperity.  He put it all on the nations credit card.

This Bush was determined to use his bipartisanship and people skills to steer Congress to pay down the debt.  But, as it always happens.  Republicans back then, wanted no new taxes and to cut out necessary programs.  Democrats wanted to raise taxes and keep necessary programs.  There was an impasse.

George Bush decided to take the exact middle.  He would cut, and raise taxes too.  If you are really old, you may remember he had run for the Republican Nomination, on “read my lips; no new taxes..”  He was going back on his Norquist pledge.  Democrats then in the majority,  forced the tax rates to rise.   The Republicans then said “Fuck you President,” and Republicans tanked the President’s proposal that did both, and would have reduced the deficit by half a trillion dollars!

This petty Republican move, forced Bush to scramble and the only option without Republicans, was to accept the Democratic plan of increased taxes and increased spending.   The deficit didn’t shrink.  And Republicans, once again ran this nation into the ground, to try to get another Republican elected.

Clinton won instead.  He passed a tax increase that Bush didn’t.  And unbelievably, the deficit began to shrink, and shrink, and shrink.   No one had ever expected to see that in their lifetime, but there is was.  Smaller, smaller, and smaller….  The secret is raising taxes.  Oh, and by the way, the very day after the tax bill was passed by Congress, with Al Gore casting the tie breaking vote, the stock market took off and never looked back, rising over 300% until it began to appear possible that a Republican, George W  Bush might actually beat Al Gore and at that exact point,  the market collapsed, only coming out of its decline  as America began borrowing to fund the munitions making required after the Iraqi War.

It was just like what Republicans did with the Debt Crises last  August.  Every time they act irresponsibly, the US begins its slide towards a recession.

The parallelism of these two event in history, teaches us that we can’t have hope and change until we have zero Republicans.

Don’t believe me?  Look at the stock market.  When Romney looks like he could win, or at least the threat of him winning even appears it could be possible, America takes it’s money out of the stock market.  Bain Capital does too,  Stocks fall in price as  the selling goes off the charts.   But just this summer, during that period where  Romney seemed to do nothing right, and everything forward hinged on the first debate,  and it was obvious that we were going to have a Great Democratic Spring, the money poured into the market and prices gained.

Then the debate.  Since Romney won, and Obama lost that debate,  that very morning, everyone tried to get out again; the price slid 300 points.  All because it was apparent that Romney did so well that he might actually pull it off.

You see, no one trusts Republicans with their money.  Certainly not the America people.

Look at the campaigns of Obama versus Romney.  Obama has 4 million people who said this race is life or death, and have contributed to his campaign.  That is a record number btw.   Romney counts  $100 million coming in from just 5 people.  That’s 40% of all the money he’d risen as of  September 1st.  As an aside, if elected, who do you think Romney is going to listen to?   You?   Ha, ha, ha… 🙂

So, the real problem we have, is that anyone will say or promise anything until after the wedding.  Then, once the deed is done,  the truth comes out.  It’s that way with elections.   You cannot take gifts from somebody and then totally ignore them.   I’ve seen it done by girls in high school, but that is about it.  Later in years, they pay the price for their heartlessness of their late teen years.  But mature people know that quid pro quo is a requirement of adulthood.  It just is.  Whether from your mother, your spouse, you children, your friends, your boss, your subordinates, your buddies, if they give you something, you are supposed to give them something back….

That said, one must look at who Obama, supported by 4 million middle class people,  and Romney, supported by 5 upper class billionaires, are owing this presidential run….

If you are a billionaire, then Romney will be good for you.  If you aren’t and policies that benefit billionaires stick You with the bill, than a Romney victory is something you had better fight against.

Same with Obama.  If you are middle class, and policies that benefit the Middle Class also benefit you, then Obama is the only choice you can make.  Sorry,  the other candidates all copped out.

Most experts agree that if the Republicans had been a non player these past four years, the economy would now be roaring.  But when you have one team tearing apart the motor of economic recovery, and the other team trying to build it, progress is going to be slow.

If you just take a second to look over these charts, you can see that as soon as it appears that a Republican might win, the stock market slides downward for three years, until a massive spending program is created off of borrowed money.  Pay attention to Reagan’s impact his first year, and George W. Bush’s.  As soon as each  Republican became the front runner, both killed investment.   Only one Republican bucked the trend.  George HW. Bush.  And the Republican Party ground him up and threw him out as a result.

If you want a better life, you cannot get it from Republicans.  It never has happened.  It always gets better under a Democrat.  If you want a surprise, check out Jimmy Carter? 

And money always trumps people, doesn’t it?  If someone pisses you off, but they are your money, money usually decides the outcome.  When we have to choose between people and money, money always wins. …  Simply because we are human.

There is so much money just waiting for the green light that says… Republicans are gone forever….  Once that moment even appears to be imminent,  watch out!  This economy is roaring back…..   Because, it always does under Democrats.  Always.  It always fails under Republicans …. well not always.  George HW Bush, well, I guess it is still true.  He was sunk by the same Republican Party that is currently intent upon sinking the Obama administration, and you too, if you let them.

If you love America.  Wipe them out.  If you have service men and women in your family.  Support them and what they were fighting for;  wipe out Republicans.  If you have a grandfather or grandmother who fought in World War II.  Honor them.  Wipe out Republicans.  If you truly love America, you will not only vote Democratic, but you will make it your life mission these next twenty four days, to persuade every Republican to do the same.   Otherwise your expressions of  love,… are just hollow words……

America! America!
God mend thine ev’ry flaw,
Confirm thy soul in self-control,
Thy liberty in law.
O beautiful for heroes prov’d
In liberating strife,
Who more than self their country lov’d,
And mercy more than life.

“For more than self their country loved”…….  It is time our generation answers the call.   Releasing the locked up economic power is the most important thing we can do right now for our country.    We have to make Republicans go away…  As long as they hang around, gumming up the works, at it’s best… America can and will only reach mediocre levels.

Make them go away.   Tell your friends, you neighbors, your countrymen.  America is a great nation.  It can be that way again, if we only do one single thing…

You already know what that is.

Issa’s hearing just got the lowdown on what happen that night Stevens died.

It is a very gripping tale of what went down. They were attacked. There was no warning. It was a 9/11 surprise that took everyone by surprise.

From the account of the attack, everything went according to plan. There were no glitches. There were no acts of cowardice. There were no mistakes made. Adequate and proper procedures were in place especially knowing the anniversary of 9/11 was intact. I was most impressed how the counsel of Turkey was walked out to the front gate by Stevens and they noticed the calmness of the city in the desert night. One hour later, Stevens would be dead.

Blaming the State Department for this incident is similar to blaming Rudy Giuliani for the 9/11 attack on New York, his city. It is stupid, arrogant, idiotic, and could only come from a Republican thug like Issa. He deserves to be deported.

There is something horribly sick in this Republican’s brain. Imagine blaming Giuliani for the loss of the twin towers. This Republican thug Issa deserves punched in the face, a thousand times. This Republican thug deserves to be outcast from the country he stole all his money from. America is too good for this thug Issa.

These guys who died were heroes. Stevens is a hero. Not some scum like Issa implies, who deserved to die for his cowardice. Just like if Giuliani had been a Democrat, this same thug Issa would have probably said it is a damn shame Rudy Giuliani didn’t die to rid ourselves of his disgusting caricature.

If someone had brought up that Giuliani was a hero, thug Issa would have dismissed that as poppycock. “He’s only acting that way to disguise his role in the tower’s collapse. He’s the mayor, he needs to die.”

Issa represents the soul of the Republican party at its darkest. That soul in hell would have no shame standing next to souls from parties such as the Nazis. Brown Shirts, or Red Communists, or the Spanish Inquisition. They would all be compatriots. Issa is simply in it for Issa. He is replaying Joe McCarthy’s role,… not of cleaning out communists from America, but making Joe McCarthy famous and important, and a household word. Issa is disgusting.

This attack and the real drama that ensued makes the State Department’s actions commendable. In offense and defense, truth is not a player. Obfuscation and distraction and fooling the other side, are as rightfully at home here, as they are on a football field. If the State department had announced the truth of the matter on the day Romney stepped forth and castigated in an embarrassing example of how he would lead in foreign affairs, then every Arab would see that every Embassy, every consulate was undermanned and an easy target.

All it took was forty men. You think you can’t find 40 disgruntled men in every country in which we have diplomatic relations? Hell, you can find 40 disgruntled men in Issa’s own district. Is he suggesting he now needs a bodyguard of 100 soldiers to now protect him?

The level of security to prevent this kind of surprise attack is unprecedented. In all honesty, we probably had sufficient security to repel such an attack in Baghdad. Other than that, every embassy, every consulate across the world was vulnerable to similar attacks.

It makes obvious sense that to protect American lives across this planet, especially those in areas where 40 disgruntled men having access to RPG’s can easily be found, one would not give out details that showed how easily every embassy, every consulate could now be attacked.

Obama should be commended. His state department acted very professionally in this crises. One can assume now that this has become public knowledge, sufficient security at a very large expense, including A10’s are now stationed to be at any hotspot within 5 minutes.

If you are going to castigate the Commander in Chief for Libya, you had better throw Rudy Giuliani in jail right now too. This Republican sham is easily seen. Republicans are the true enemy of Mohamed. Not the America Public.

Issa should be zip stripped and gagged, and kicked out of a car in Freedom Square in Cairo, with a sign, Ugly American, pinned to his back.

I’m joking, but they are not. It is time all Republican scum be humiliated, and exposed for the ugly frauds they are in public. Romney, Ryan, Issa, Boulton, Dan Senor, Cofer Black, Christopher Burnham, Michael Chertoff, Eliot Cohen, Norm Coleman, John Danilovich, Paula J. Dobriansky, Eric Edelman, Michael Hayden, Kerry Healey, Kim Holmes, Robert Joseph, Robert Kagan, John Lehman, Andrew Natsios, Meghan O’Sullivan, Walid Phares, Pierre Prosper, Mitchell Reiss, Jim Talent, Vin Weber, Richard Williamson, Dov Zakheim.

Romney/Ryan excluded, these people are the ones responsible for $1.5 trillion dollars of the national debt categorized under Iraq and Afghanistan. $1.5 trillion that future generations of American children will have to pay, out of which we simply got nothing, nothing at all. Not respect, not financial gain, not even a simple “thank you.” We’ve have exited Iraq, (Romney says we need to go back in) We are exiting Afghanistan in 2014 (Romney says we need to stay there indefinitely)

This new truth that came to light, really shows that President Obama was willing to take political heat just before an election which he could still lose, in order that American lives could be protected and made safe, before the truth came out. An America that can still elect a thug like Republican Issa, really doesn’t deserve as great of a self-sacrificing man as we currently have as Commander in Chief of the United States of America, a man who would put American lives above his own career. This nation is truly blessed to count such a man among its citizens.

Reading a recent critique of the debates, it focused on a fact. Millions of Americans are not enjoying the benefits of this economy. Romney had the lucky position to point out all that was wrong, without the responsibility of finding any solution to fix it.

His line, “bring down the rates, broaden the base.” simply has not worked. It didn’t work in Reagan’s time. It didn’t work for Bush HW. It didn’t work for Bush W. It is called: “trickle down”.

Clinton, who practiced kavipsian Economics, raised the rates, causing profits to revert back into the economy stimulating even more growth; that growth grew people’s incomes. That is the key. People will take lower wages if they know they will grow out of them. But ever since Republican Tax Rates went into effect, wage growth immediately stopped. 99% of Americans are earning exactly what they did in 2000. It’s been twelve years since wages for the 99%, increased. Higher taxes takes away all incentive for any employer to pay his people more.

Here is the funny part. To actually do something about the economy, President Obama has to eradicate the Republicans. Get rid of them. Make them a non player. Republicans and republicans alone, are the reason the economy is in such a slump.

Let’s review.

Republicans fought the stimulus.
Republicans fought the car buying incentive.
Republicans fought infrastructure development.
Republicans fought giving Veterans jobs upon returning to USA after fighting for years.
Republicans fought lowering insurance rates.
Republicans fought lowering gas price legislation.
Republicans fought regulating big banks from literally stealing your money.
Republicans fought against balancing the budget.
Republicans fought against payroll increases for all Americans.
Republicans fought against lowering medical costs.
Republicans fought against a better economy.
Republicans fought against hiring more policemen.
Republicans fought against hiring more fireman.
Republicans fought against hiring more school teachers.
Republicans fought against building roads and bridges that were sorely needed.
Republicans fought against not defaulting on the US Dollar.
Republicans fought against strengthening America Abroad.
Republicans fought against stopping corporate corruption.
Republicans fought against fighting wealthy tax cheats.
Republicans fought against closing the loopholes Romney used to get rich.
Republicans fought against raising wages for all Americans.
Republicans fought against legislation that allowed workers to ask for more money without being fired.

yeah. There is a reason the economy is bad. It is called the Republican Party.

Having “No Republicans” equals massive investment back into our economy. The formula for a successful America is…..


So Obama, you are at fault according to Mitt Romney and the Conservative Cheer-leading squad… Because you didn’t get rid of Republicans… Shame on you!!!!

I guess it is up to us, to do so if we EVER want our economy back.

If not… I guess every vote for a Republican is a vote in support of Communist China…..

One year ago, September 8th, 2011, the greatest President in our lifetime (you may not agree now, but you will, you will) laid out the American’s Jobs Act.

The plan included stimulus spending in the form of immediate infrastructure investments, tax credits for working Americans and employers to encourage consumer spending and job growth, and efforts to shore up state and local budgets to prevent further layoffs of teachers, firefighters, police officers, and other public safety officials…..


One month later, the GOP blocked the bill in the Senate, preventing the creation of more than a million jobs and the added growth that multiple economists predicted would occur if the bill passed…..

1 million jobs, Republicans like Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, Eric Cantor, Mitch McConnell, and every single person running this election under the banner of Republicanism… cost you..

1 million jobs. One million jobs.

Jobs bills are seeds that usually sprout and give fruit in other jobs. If ten people in your community suddenly get jobs, they will spend some of that in your community. It could be groceries. It could be gasoline, It could be the Indian liquor store. It could be Radio Shack. But they get it. When the government creates jobs, we get the benefit.

Republicans killed 1 million jobs. Why? So Obama would not get re-elected.

Where would unemployment be now?

12.5 million unemployed minus 1 million employed equals= 11.5 million unemployed. Today our rate would be with no additional growth in the private sector, 7.4% (11.5/154.6= 7.4%)

Republicans are the reason our economy sucks. They didn’t want Obama to do his thing…. and grow those jobs…..

Here is what others said the Jobs Bill, killed by Republicans so Obama wouldn’t get elected, ……

Moody’s Analytics estimated the American Jobs Act would create 1.9 million jobs and add two percent to gross domestic product.

–The Economic Policy Institute estimated it would create 2.6 million jobs and protect an addition 1.6 million existing jobs.

Macroeconomic Advisers predicted it would create 2.1 million jobs and boost GDP by 1.5 percent.

Goldman Sachs estimated it would add 1.5 percent to GDP.

Republican Tea Partiers have also cut 700,000 jobs since 2010. Public-sector job cuts also cause job loss in the private sector, for a couple of reasons. First, public-sector workers need to use inputs into their work that are sourced by the private sector. Firefighters need trucks and hoses, police officers need cars and radios, and teachers need books and desks. When public-sector jobs are lost, it stands to reason that the inputs into these jobs will fall as well, and indeed research shows that for every public-sector job lost, roughly 0.43 supplier jobs are lost.

And they blame Obama? Gee, what a great president we have who has to work with garbage and still, does what is right for the American people. 96,000 brand new, never before, created jobs in July…. Surely we live in the times of the “Best President Ever”

If America can just wipe out every single Republican on the ballot, whose party is solely responsible for the crash in 2008, the fall in 2009, the crises in 2011… today’s sluggish growth… we would get roaring.
Republicans can do no right. At least when it comes to your money…

Their money? Oh, no problem.. “I’ll bet you $10,000 dollars, right here….”

The headlines should read:


Now that, is a proper headline.

Lifted from the panel of Conservative Experts pulled together into Washington DC.

Speaking is Ronald Reagan’s Economic Advisor: Bruce Bartlett:

“Basically we’re still stuck in the situation we were three years ago and we haven’t made any progress at all except that our problems are much worse because of political reasons, because we now have a crazy party in charge of the House and they won’t allow anything to happen because it’s in their vested interest to make things worse,” Bartlett explained in his typically exasperated way. “Plus they have a theory that is completely nuts…. I’m very depressed. I’d love to see some program like this [paper] enacted. I see zero chance of it happening. The most we can hope for is that a complete crazy person like Newt Gingrich gets the Republican nomination, the Republicans lose so badly that they lose control of the House and don’t get control of the Senate and then maybe in a year we can finally talk about doing something rational such as what is discussed in this paper.”