Outside the Perimeter
Courtesy of Department of Defense

Delaware Liberal ran a virtual caucus on their site over this weekend past, and three people showed up….Delaware’s apathy is especially apparent when compared to our neighbor up north, who is getting ready for prime time on April 22nd, Earth Day. Pennsylvania voters have until March 24th to switch or join parties. In all 187 delegates, including 29 super delegates will convene in Philadelphia for the National convention. The Republican ballot will list McCain, Huckabee, and Ron Paul…..

What will be interesting for Delaware, is that the current Pennsylvania polling shows the state is divided exactly in half, with half of the population supporting Obama, and the other going to Hillary.

The swing area, the area no one know what exactly will happen, is the southeast corner of Pennsylvania, just south of Philadelphia. From Upper Darby to Boothwyn, from Chester to West Chester….all guesses are good. It would be an opportune time for all supporters of a primary candidate to volunteer and work to make a difference. For it looks like the difference may be decided within thirty miles of Wilmington.

In the next 5 and a quarter weeks, that area will have unlimited access to both candidates. It’s do or die for both.

Of course for political junkies, local television becomes the primary news source up until the last votes are counted. For those of you who hate political ads……I would advise you not to watch TV, except of course on April 4th, and every week thereafter, when Battlestar Galactica makes it seasonal debut…….

From the best that I can see, it looks like I scooped Hube on this one…..being the B.S. fan that he is. For those of you who refuse to watch science fiction, many of us have found that the underlying controversies are lifted directly from today’s headlines….well, with the writer’s strike this year, shall we say last summer’s headlines. But if I missed his post announcing it, I am sure he will let me know right about…………………………………now.

But what he did scoop me, as well as the rest of the Delaware blogosphere, was the fact that he wears glasses. His doing so prevented him from the fate of Ralphie (The Christmas Story) in getting his eye poked out…..

The Colossus jumps into the Obama church controversy, with both feet in right sided shoes. Just for the record, Obama answered his critics in a ninety minute interview in Chicago, and won the interviewers grudgingly stingy respect.

Far removed from the Obama controversy, the Delaware Curmudgeon has apparently been a good little kitten…….for she shall have some pie.…..Although from the looks of things, it looks like she wasted no time going back to her “curmudgeous” ways…..

Kilroy joins the ubiquitous team of Delaware bloggers quite unhappy with their state legislature. He pleads, as does Ellen on Tommywonk, to follow through with their commitment to the electorate that put them there…….Is it just me, or does there seem to be a problem here……?

Delaware Watch points out why all children are getting left behind. Bush is giving out tax breaks to the top 1% of the population that are more than the entire Department of Education’s budget…..Not only are we unfunding our “no child left behind, but we are unfunding our entire educational system.
At least I hope the money not going to education is being spent wisely………meanwhile our own Mike Castle, who sits on the Education Subcommittee on Early Childhood, Elementary and Secondary Education as the ranking member, looks at Bush like a deer facing oncoming headlights, and says…….”ok.”

The opposite extreme of the nonjudgmental Mike Castle, occurs in the “instant verdict” court of John Feroce. His attempt to Swift Boat Obama over the choice words spoken by his minister, slams itself solidly upon the sandbar of logic dredged up by Steve Newton at Delaware Libertarian. Based on the program notes provided by the “Libertarian”, I think if I lived in Chicago,…….I would want to go to that church as well. it is active and making a positive difference.

(Anyway, if one were to substitute the word “republicans” everywhere Obama’s minister says “Americans”, his statement would be mainstream, echoing the sentiments of 89% of the population.) Feroce provides two clips, an accumulation of the most evocative points taken out of context. The only thing obvious coming out of this whole controversy, is that Feroce has never been in a black church. The tapes are actually quite mild, compared to what is being said in most black churches across this country. Steve beat me to the punch, but were I Obama, I most certainly would not disassociate myself from my pastor of 20 years, because some kook named O’Reilly cut and pasted video clips together with Window’s Movie Maker upon his show…….If you think Rev. Wright’s words are over the top, try reading the angry words of Jesus and the Apostle Paul sometime; it is obvious O’Reilly hasn’t.

But while my topic is on religion, Joe M. takes us down an interesting road, on one at least I have never been. We are on his odyssey to discover his search for the absence of religion, having spiraled down through Catholicism, to Wicca-ism, and now through the mid-years. Somehow thorough the shallowness of his experiences I can sense why he feels he must pursue that quest…….were my life experiences the same as his, I wonder if logic would have taken me on a similar journey. But my experiences were quite different, and propelled me in a different direction. So to find out what was missed…we await the fourth Canto.

Religion, being a touchy subject, one must always respect others boundaries. Religion is personal. One’s opinion may or may not resonate in those next to him. Therefore to pull me out of this topic we turn to Mike Mahaffie, and his search for boundaries, especially those laid down by Mason and Dixon. We also get insight into his trip into Washington as well, as well as background from where he came…..

Speaking of being on the road, Liberal geek is in Arizona. Not much info yet, let’s hope for pictures, and political insight from the far West.

All in all it was a quiet weekend. As if we were sitting around waiting for the next big engagement. A quiet breeze blowing down upon us from a nearby super-cell, a magnificent cloud which will soon change our lives with a vengeance. It could just be a foreboding… a sixth sense that something big is going to happen, perhaps picked up unconsciously like a soft rumble of thunder many miles away. But the feeling is there. Something is coming. Something …….big………