Surprisingly many still do not understand the hoopla behind Common Core. Some still think it is a bunch of standards, that states created so that all children would be college and career ready by the time they are 18.  

Common Core really is an attempt to disillusion the public about the quality of their own neighborhood schools, so that they throw up their hands and let private enterprise in on the $0.8 trillion we spend on education every year. Their idea is that making a majority of children fail the tests, will make the schools look bad. If that takes place, only then are businesses able to market services that can supposedly elevate your child’s test taking skills, so his/her scores improve….  It’s all about money.

The question of who should run the schools may be academic to some.  What difference does it matter if they are run by private or public, as long as education is enhanced?  That argument can only be made with one large piece missing:  the children.  How does Common Core affect children, when suddenly you elevate the standards too high, that no one can reach them?

Kentucky failed 70% of this students on the first trial run. New York failed 70% of its students on the 2nd trial run. It is important to note that these tests do not measure smartness or stupidity.  Simply put, they raised the complexity up three grade levels.  If your 5th grade child took a 5th grade test last year and got excellent, this year he takes an 9th Grade test and fails.  That is the entire premise behind Common Core.

He/she is not dumber. He/she is actually smarter by one grade. But the level of the test has been fast forwarded 3 grades to make him look bad. Parents and teachers question this effect on children.  Many of us as adults have been subjected to a new boss coming in who suddenly raises standards to outlandish levels.  Most employees quit. Those that can’t afford to jump to new companies, get fired. And then every replacement incoming new hire eventually gets fired, because no one can meet unrealistic standards. Eventually that new boss is also given an exit, because the company cannot afford the losses he turns in, primarily because no one will work for him.  But what about all those employees whose lives this person ruined? 

This is of concern to parents and teachers of children. What happens to the one, two, three years that common core steals away from them?  And that, in one single point, is why Common Core is very bad for children. It is also important to note that most adults cannot pass theses tests. Even professionals (doctors, lawyers, and engineers) struggle to interpret what the 3rd Grade questions seem to be  asking?  It gets worse as they progress up the line through the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th grade levels.  

Sadly, currently with the DCAS system previously in place we had a rather good measurement of student growth and good data to use to find what students missed, and for each student a teacher could look at a spread sheet and see exactly with what each student had trouble, and zero in to fix those flaws…  In the past whereas we suspected that a student might have problems with fractions, we can now zero in and see he has trouble figuring out common denominators and that if fixed, they can do addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division with ease.  Prior, we just wrote that student off as “not being able to do fractions.”  That was the DCAS, which was recently scrapped, thanks to Greg Lavelle, the crony senator from Delaware’s 4th District…. 

Which brings up what you can do.  Hold your representative accountable!…. In many instances here in Delaware, the primary determines the final candidate. So, we have put together a guide based on votes, statements, and the vast resources available to many of us, to educate you, the reader, on who is best to put into office in order to slow or stop the amoebic forward momentum thrust on us by Common Core..  Without Further ado…. 

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The colors below will designate approval  … The losers, will be pasted in ORANGE to represent…. “ora’nge you gonna change you mind?” and the winners will be pasted in GREEN, as in a stop light…. “Go now.”  Without further ado….

Delaware Electables and Common Core (or shortened to D’electables) 

US SENATOR REPUBLICAN   CARL SMINK   versus  KEVIN WADE (smooth like suede)

STATE TREASURER DEMOCRATIC   CHIP FLOWERS versus  SEAN BARNEY (left Chip up for protest write in vote)

















My recommendations are that you print these off, circle the races in your neighborhood, and walk door to door and hand these out.  If you receive any questions about Common Core you can’t answer, please type them below in the comments… 

Now,   …. Do something! 


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Support for Common Core is fading.  In a survey of 5000 people, the results show a drop in acceptance from last year to this… 

  • Public support dropped from 65% to 53%.
  • Republican support dropped from 57% to 43%.
  • Democrat support stayed statistically the same.  64% to 63%. However of those with no opinion, 7% shifted over to against.
  • Teachers support fell from 76% to 46%….  All from 2013 to 2014……. 

Here is how the pollsters teased out the effect of the words “common core.” Half the respondents were asked the full question, below, including the phrases in brackets. The other half were asked the question without the bracketed text.

“As you may know, in the last few years states have been deciding whether or not to use [the common core, which are] standards for reading and math that are the same across the states. In the states that have these standards, they will be used to hold public schools accountable for their performance. Do you support or oppose the use of these [the common core] standards in your state?”

Sixty-eight percent of the respondents expressed support for the idea of nameless, shared math and reading standards, but only 53 percent did so when asked about “the common core” standards.

As the study shows, most adults (53 percent) are still in favor of common standards, but that support has declined in the past year. In last year’s poll by Education Next, 65 percent were in favor.

Obviously that distinction has to be asked of every proponent who issues results of a survey to back up Common Core….  Questions phrased with…”Are you for standards” score higher than those saying are you for “holding people accountable” to Common Core. After all, who isn’t for standards? While nearly everyone is against being judged by something you have no idea over.

Teachers were more supportive of the common core in 2013 than was the general public, but now that pattern has flipped, the poll found. That is due to their experience across this past year. Expect the public to do the same when the Smarter Balanced Assessments and PARCC tests show their “white suburban kids aren’t as smart as their moms think they are”….. 

Please Riot Here

When riots happen in Wilmington, which i’m sure they will, I hope they will learn from Ferguson Missouri’s mistake.

That mistake is to riot in your own neighborhood… That is just plain silly. Did we attack ourselves when the Japs bombed Pearl Harbor? Or did we wage war with Japan?

Why people would loot and burn in their own neighborhood, is beyond me. I write this now, so when the opportunity to riot does occur, those with above average intelligence will have a plan to move the crowd out of their impoverished neighborhood, and instead riot in neighborhoods where the a) the loot is much better, and b) those responsible for the policy that has kept you down since Clinton left office, are directly affected. If you are going to riot, you should do in on the enemies home turf. Republican Country.

A riot has a purpose. It is to change things. To make things better by creating a situation that is worse than doing nothing, therefore something has to be done. Blacks didn’t protest on the back seat of the bus. They sat in the white section. Black students didn’t do their sit-in at the black counter. They did it at the white. Black students didn’t march into Tuskegee Institute with the National Guard. They marched into the all white University of Alabama. Martin Luther King didn’t do his marches within all black neighborhoods. He marched across the bridge into downtown white Selma….

So battling police in your own neighborhood, looting your own corner store, burning out yours and your neighbor’s houses, kind of double hurts you. Not only are you being oppressed by Republican Policies, but you are also setting those who support you, back even more….

So I’m writing this to tell you where to protest so it will do you some good.

It is called Westover Hills. There aren’t many people living there, but those that do are rich and very old and feeble. They couldn’t stop a crowd breaking into their house if they tried. Plus, when you loot, you could actually get something you could sell. Whose going to buy all the banana flavored Laffy Taffy you stole from the corner market? But you could easily swipe a Bose Stereo, or maybe find a safe with a couple of hundred thousand in it.

And instead of hurting mom and pop, or Uncle Joe and Aunt Alice, you would be hurting those whose money is directly responsible for you not having a good job, a good house, a good future. Those in Westover Hills vote Republican and it is Republicans who have allowed all the money to go to the top 1%… and none to you…

If you remember the Clinton Democratic years, it was different. You, or your mom and dad, did get richer every year and if that had only continued, you would have been doing rather well by now. But you got lazy and enough of you didn’t vote for Democrats in 2000 and now, we are stuck with the rich getting richer, and you and your neighbors, getting poorer…

So take the number 20 bus from 10th and Market side of Rodney Square and in 8 minutes and 15 stops later, you will be just north of the riot zone. Do your peaceful protests there, in the middle of the streets, and shout how Republicans have ruined everyone’s lives but those of themselves… When the riot police arrive with their single tank and tear gas, make them fire it at you so all those rich billionaires have to breath it too. Then when all hell breaks loose, break into the houses and rob yourselves silly. Don’t even worry. Unlike those corner stores, everything you take here is fully insured… Destroying their property, will in days, put all Delaware’s construction workers back to work. These guys are rich. They don’t dilly-dally around.

The main point is this? When you riot in your own neighborhoods which these Republicans never venture into, it only serves to reinforce their notion of you as a sub-human race. “Look at those pathetic people”, they will say over their Maker’s Mark and Hennessey, “they’re tearing up their own neighborhood. Maybe we should keep them doing it so they move and haul their sorry asses elsewhere.”

They will not be in any hurry to lift one finger… “make them suffer more” will be their outcry. But … if you do it in THEIR neighborhood, they will at least wonder why? In their asking around, what’s the real cause of these people rioting, they will come to the conclusion that they, with all the money, need to invest more, need to hire more, need to pay more, and that if they had previously invested more in our people, this riot would never have happened. That is your key… Getting them to call their out-of-pocket legislators and say, “raise my taxes; we can’t afford any more riots like these, even if we are insured. It’s the third time this year. I’m too tired for another round of tax free shopping!”…

You can even walk there. So forget the bus. Just send the coordinates out on social media, and anyone with a phone app can get there…. It is pointless for you to have to bear the cost and trauma of what THEY caused. It makes such great sense for them to bear that cost, and after doing so, quickly create the changes you need to pull yourselves out of poverty…

So pastors and neighborhood watch leaders. Start talking your kids to riot in Westover Hills, instead of your own street. Isn’t it about time, the real criminals get to feel the heat?

They are the ones who put you there…. Make THEM pay, not those who are poor like you. And pick up something nice for me while you are there… A nice oriental carpet would be cool… blue and white if you find one.

Florida and Missouri…

When was the last national murder outrage in a Democratic state? I think it was in the Republican enclave of LA, with Rodney King, in the otherwise Democratic state of California….

But I don’t know of any in New York. Vermont… Massachusetts…. Rhode Island…. Minnesota…. It always seems to take place in states that have lots and lots of Republicans…. like Missouri… and Florida…..

I don’t mean to cast disparagement upon all Republicans, but this is a puzzling conundrum… Why is it only Republican states that exist in such a state of dysfunction, that when someone murders a black, they get away with no criminal charges?

I think several generalities apply.

One, Republicans are just plain scared of black people. “Don’t get out of your car till he passes”..

Two, Republican philosophy stresses individuality as well as that a government’s rules and regulations should not apply to people and that everyone already in power should be allowed to do whatever it is they wish, because they are the “true” Americans and have a little flag patch on their upper sleeve to prove it….

Three, Republicans believe that having a gun, means killing something… What’s the point of being a policemen (or self-appointed vigilante) if you can’t kill your fellow human beings the Republican mentality goes. We saw it in Florida’s legislature. They throughly enjoyed and almost could not contain their rapture that their law, allowed for the public elimination of a black person. Almost it seemed that any means available to legally kill black people, especially if it gets around that inconvenient(to them) law that says, black people are equal to whites and deserve the same protections,… is something good….

Four, Republicans honestly feel blacks are not people… “Those darky things, over there..” they say. Republicans unlike Democrats, do not see blacks as their fellow brothers or sisters from a different mother…

Five, Republicans have an inflated sense of their own importance. If they tell you to stop, and you do, it gives them the right to shoot you dead… Sort of as in, “I’m SOOOOOOOOO IMPORTANT… I AM THE OMNIPOTENT AND CAN KILL PEOPLE WITH IMPUNITY. BUT IF I KILL WHITE PEOPLE, SOMEONE WILL BE MAD. HEY! BLACK PEOPLE DON’T MATTER. CAUSE ROMNEY, SAID SO…

I’ll stop there. Now keep in mind, not all Republicans feel that way. Chris Christie, for example, would agree exactly with everything I said, if he was talking about a fringe of his party… Because they are a fringe. Just like those clowns at Bundy’s ranch, those people who were too insane for mental internment so we gave them guns and banished them to a desert…. So I think all (even Republicans) can agree. It is this fringe that keeps biting all good Republicans in the ass… And we have to wonder why?

I think we can see the answer right here in Charlie Copeland, who is in charge of trying to mend a party that was shattered into single atoms, back into a viable political entity… In order to have any numbers promoting his self-respect, he has to cater to the fringe: those outlandish impostors who think they alone are a gift to all under-aged women… In Delaware, the far right fringe eliminated all viable Republicans from power. I believe that in other states, which due to their geography may be less Democratic, one encounters far more fringe elements and therefore, the party must due to their numbers, cater to their episodes of psychological dysfunction….

This allows the fringe to think they can act with impunity, and if they want to shoot a black person… what the heck. no one cares… stupid fool happened to show up while I was here… Oh look, he’s stopped running away and is putting his hands up? Good, let me get closer. Ok, he’s only 5 feet away, I can hit that. Let me empty this clip into his freaking big head… Pow. Pow. Pow. Pow. Pow. Pow. Pow. Pow… Ewww wow, neat “O”.. did you see how his head exploded with each hit and all that blood and meat shot everywhere… Cool… Wonder if there is another one I can still shoot?…

And that is my theory on why, white cops shooting underage black children, can only occur in states run by Republicans… Because there is no consequence. If you only said… the next black child who gets killed by a white police man, will cause all handguns, assault rifles, and miniature cannons to become illegal in the state of Missouri or Florida, then such incidents simply would never happen. For there would be real consequences then…. If in your capacity as a police officer you accidentally shot and killed a black child, the NRA would have you dead before the sun rose the next day.


“Common Core has become a misnomer, the seed of truth has been lost, it’s not a curriculum or textbook, it’s a standard each student is expected to reach to avoid remedial courses in college.  “We owe it to our children to make sure they have what they need to be successful, 84 percent of teachers support Common Core and so do I.”

His quotes… as per Delaware Newszap.

This is exactly what has foisted this horrible program upon Delaware’s children… This exact same attitude of : your children don’t matter to me;  all that matters is campaign contributions by wealthy educational corporations…

Because no, Mr. Lynn. … Children do matter.  How dare you say that children don’t matter and only political contributions in your pocket do?  Everyone knows, including you, that Common Core is not a set of standards. Common Core is a mushpot of crap foisted upon our children that was not tested, that was not reviewed, that is dangerous, that has caused increased suicides among little children, and that leads to early dementia.  Common Core takes “A+” students and makes them “F” students…

Do you even read?

Do you not know that Common Core is a Federal Program being forced on School boards and School districts the nation over?  Do you not know that when Christina School District said they thought the Federal compensation program was foolish, they lost not only that funding, but out of spite, were cut other funding as well?  If that is not Federal coercion, then you need a dictionary.   Do you not know that every single one of Delaware’s superintendents signed a letter saying “stop racing to Common Core?”  How do you now know more than every single school district in Delaware?  Do you not know that of the 45 states that are mandated to do common core this year, only 10 out of 24 who signed up, are still taking the Smarter Balanced Assessments?  Why?  Because it is bad. Very bad for children.

Do you not know that children today, are testing higher than you did, when you were in school?  Why don’t you know this. Do you not read?  Do you know there is no literature on the success of Common Core but there is over 10 thousand personal accounts over the damage it did to 10 thousand parent’s children?

Why do you not know this… It is everywhere… Google:  “Common Core is very bad” and read…

Do you not know that most highly qualified professional adults cannot pass the 3rd grade math test?  Problem is they can’t understand what the test maker is trying to say, the English is so bad?  Why don’t you know this?  Do you live in a cardboard box somewhere on the edge of town?

How can anyone in their right mind say that 81% of teachers support Common Core?  Where is your link?  Are you doing what David Coleman does, just pull numbers out of the air… Because, if you read, you would know, like everyone else in this state, that one third of the teachers say they have never seen any material on Common Core, One half of this nations teachers feel inadequately prepared for Common Core, yet they will be (thanks to Greg Lavelle), required to be evaluated on it this school year… All teachers minus one third leaves 67% All teachers minus half leaves 50%… Not 81%.. So that figure goes against common sense, as well as every teachers opinion…

How can anyone say that 81% of teachers are for Common Core?  Do you not read?  Tell me you are ignorant that Delaware Teachers (DSEA) voted no confidence in the rollout of Common Core!  Tell me you are ignorant that the NEA (National Teachers’ Association) voted no confidence in Arne Duncun and his Common Core!  Tell me you are ignorant that the AFT, (American Federation of Teachers) also voted no confidence in Arne Duncun and his Common Core?  How can you be ignorant of this?  Do you not read?  Yet you state 81% of teachers support Common Core?

How can anyone be for a program that abuses children.  New York educators ruled that Common Core was a form of child abuse… How can you not know this… Do you not read?

Anyone who does not read, is dangerous to the General Assembly… Your job there is to “read bills”  If someone can’t read the newspaper, how can we trust them to “read” bills?   Or will you perform your duties like Valerie Longhurst?  “Oh, what pretty paper that bill is printed on; I’ll vote for it, (since I don’t read)…. “

I’m amazed that someone in 2014 can still support Common Core…especially with all the evidences showing its great harm that emerged in 2013-2014 school year. Do you also believe the world was created in 6 twenty four hour days? And that the start of the universe occurred somewhere around 4000 BC?  And that the sun, moon, and stars all rotate around a flat earth?  You must.  Since you obviously don’t read…..

Mr. Lynn is bad for Dover’s 31st district… But… oh no, .. what about his opponent?……. Quote:

“Education is the new currency, and students shouldn’t be held back from their potential because their teachers have to adhere to the Common Core. We have teachers who are being rated on whether or not they can teach their student to pass a test,” Mr. Taylor said. “I understand that there should be standards, but do you honestly believe that a teacher can teach every child the same things at the same pace?”

These were spoken by his opponent… Mr. Taylor, a sportsman and retired Dover police officer….  Dover would be well served by this person… He at least…. obviously reads…

As large educational organizations have taken larger and larger pieces of control over your child’s education, the math skills seem to have fallen by the wayside. Although behind a paywall, this Wall Street Journal piece, describes what math is like… It isn’t the same as you and I learned…

Draw a picture to divide 2/3 by 3/4?

All mathematicians say: WTF?

Who needs to learn how to draw something that stupid? Have you done it yet? Go ahead, try it.. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Just draw it… Make a circle and cut out a third, and then, divide what is left, into three fourths. Notice, I didn’t say into fourths and shade in three of them. I said divide that 2/3rds by 3/4th….

So … did you get 8/9ths? But wait, isn’t  8/9ths  larger than the original 2/3rds… Why yes, it is. You see what you were thinking of was multiplying two thirds by three fourths… That would have given you 6/12ths or one half, which is indeed, an amount less than two thirds.. But when you divide by whole numbers you are determining how many of those fit into the dividend… Therefore when you are dividing by fractions, which are smaller than whole numbers, you are also trying to determine how many of those fit into a dividend… and since they are smaller than whole numbers, there would have to be more of them, than the amount you are dividing into…

Is your head spinning? Then ask yourself, why this is on a Common Core 5th grade test?  As for drawing a picture of this problem? As a theoretical physicist, I can’t see how.   Working backwards (from using the old trick to figure out the answer in my head), I would draw a circle and divide that circle by nines,  and color in 8 of the them.  Out of those eight, I would then split them into fourths… Knowing each of those fourths would be decimally close to 2.2 sections of the original diagram, and three of them would be close to 6.6, which is decimally close to a row of 6’s stretched to infinity, or the dividend 2/3rds.   There is no practical application of this model that jumps to mind.  So why are we tying up 5th graders time in doing 12 grade math?

Because this problem is easy to do, based on teaching a pattern, something Common Core is loathe to do, such as: when you divide fractions you multiply the numerator of one with the denominator of the other… the exact opposite of fraction multiplication…  As adults, we get paid for finding simple answers out of complex problems… Common Core, takes something ingeniously simple, and makes it incongrously hard and complex.  Won’t this put American students even further behind?  Every corporate executive I know, says: “absolutely”.

But this diagramming is all over Common Core. Here are some from the Wall Street paywalled piece mentioned above.

“the teacher required that students draw pictures of everything: of 6 divided by 8, of 4 divided by 2/7, of 0.8 x 0.4, and so forth. In doing so, the teacher followed the instructions: “Interpret and compute quotients of fractions, and solve word problems involving division of fractions by fractions, e.g., by using visual fraction models and equations to represent the problem. For example, create a story context for 2/3 divided by 3/4 and use a visual fraction model to show the quotient . . .”

“This requirement of visual models and creating stories is all over the Common Core. The students were constantly told to draw models to answer trivial questions, such as finding 20% of 80 or finding the time for a car to drive 10 miles if it drives 4 miles in 10 minutes, or finding the number of benches one can make from 48 feet of wood if each bench requires 6 feet. A student who gives the correct answer right away (as one should) and doesn’t draw anything loses points.”

“Here are some more examples of the Common Core’s convoluted and meaningless manipulations of simple concepts: “draw a series of tape diagrams to represent (12 divided by 3) x 3=12, or: rewrite (30 divided by 5) = 6 as a subtraction expression.”

“This model-drawing mania went on in my grandson’s class for the entire year, leaving no time to cover geometry and other important topics. While model drawing might occasionally be useful, mathematics is not about visual models and “real world” stories. It became clear to me that the Common Core’s “deeper” and “more rigorous” standards mean replacing math with some kind of illustrative counting saturated with pictures, diagrams and elaborate word problems. Simple concepts are made artificially intricate and complex with the pretense of being deeper—while the actual content taught was primitive.”

GonzoEcon points out the double whammy this causes….

  • First, the pictures will probably not help many of the students who are math-challenged.
  • Second,  more importantly, drawing pictures wastes the time of students who are adept at math.

So Common Core is doubly harmful.

“Some Common Core exercises emphasize the use of “friendly numbers.” I have never understood what makes one number friendlier than another. But I have a guess. Numbers that have pointy, sharp corners (7, 5, 4) are unfriendly. Numbers that are nice and round (3, 6, 8, 9, 0) are friendly. I don’t know what to do with 1 and 2. I hope someone who knows Common Core can help me with this classification issue.”

Parents should take heart.  Wall Street just last year was pushing Common Core very hard. For the Wall Street Journal to allow this to be published, a very damning indictment of the Common Core math curriculum, means Wall Street has shifted its bets on Common Core … to selling it short…  If even Wall Street is solidly behind it’s demise, Common Core is going to fail… The fight for parents everywhere is to now educate their individual state’s legislators and their voters, so no one else across the nation, does in children as did Delaware’s own, Greg Lavelle, crony Senator from the 4th District….

Most states are expected to administer assessments based on the common core for the first time this spring. Fewer than one-third of educators say they have ever had access to high-quality textbooks aligned with the new standards. All the materials so far, generally failed to meet the demands of the common core when rated by educational departments at major universities. The questions on the top of every teachers mind, since the Smarter Balanced Assessments are enacted this spring, (thanks solely to Greg Lavelle, a crony senator from District 4), is this: ‘Where do we get these resources, and how do we know they’re good?’ ”

Even at this very late date, in training for the preparation of test reviews, the rating system on how to tell if a question is relevant or not, is still yet to be determined… We are so behind on this… but expected to hold teachers and schools accountable… It’s like running a NASCAR race without checking whether there is water mixed in with the fuel…

The problem with Common Core is this: implementation of the curriculum, state by state, has outpaced the invention of quality first-class materials… Making a mockery of the entire Common Core process. We are rushing into teaching Common Core, demanding that it, and only it can be taught; and yet all we have in materials, is sloppy crap that was rushed into publication without undergoing any type of review… It is like we mandated all students eat healthy so they must all now eat in the cafeteria, but we didn’t build it yet, so we order out pizza and soda every day… We are undercutting our goal by trying to achieve the goal too fast…

The company doing the ratings is Edreports and like everything else, it is funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Ideally they will be analysing the smaller innovative companies and comparing them to the larger “buy them up” educational conglomerates… If so, that could shake up the dominate position the big boys have held for a long time…

Here are the curriculums being tested. They aren’t done yet. Please copy them and when you visit your school for visitation, find out which of these your child happens to have… Then check back on the website to see how it gets rated…

Common Core, Inc. (Developer); Wiley (Publisher)
• Eureka Math K-5
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
• Go Math
• Math Expressions
• Math in Focus K-8
• Saxon Math
Kendall Hunt
• Math Trailblazers K-5*
• Everyday Math
• My Math
Pearson Scott Foresman
• enVision Math
• Investigations in Number, Data & Space
TPS Publishing, Inc.
• Creative Core Curriculum for Mathematics with STEM, Literacy and Arts K-8
Agile Mind
• Common Core Middle School Mathematics*
Big Ideas Learning
• Big Ideas Math
Carnegie Learning
• Carnegie Math*
Common Core, Inc.
• Eureka Math 6-8
Edgenuity Inc.
• Edgenuity 6-12*
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
• Go Math
• Holt McDougal Math
• Connected Math Program
• Digits*
• Prentice Hall Math

*Primarily digital materials

Lynchings still take place. Chip Flowers is stepping down. It is time to consider his legacy, and boy, what a great legacy it was…

Chip Flowers is the first and only treasurer to take on the Cash Management Board, a select group of appointees who can get their position by donating large amounts of cash to the successful Governor candidates, even when one has a record for making investments on the fly without informing the investors trusting you with their money, of your personal conflict of interest against making money for them. Even if you were fined and had to pay over $976,000 for your illegal activity?

David Marvin of the Cash Management Board did just that. Paid $976,980 in a fine to the SEC. Through his generous PAC donation to Jack Markell, he now sits on the Cash Management Board, and who knows what conflict of interests are in play with Delaware’s Treasury’s monies?

Do you know? Don’t you think we should at least find out? Why then is it against the law for the public to even find out what their conflicts of interests are?

Before anyone diminishes Chip Flowers’ achievement, let us remember the legacies left by those former Treasurers, including our current Governor, Jack Markell..

If you remember, the legacy he touted when running for governor, was that he computerized the Treasury Department. Hell, the entire government was computerized during the 2000’s, as well as the entire corporate world. Former Treasure Markell’s legacy was nothing more than being in the Treasurer’s office at the right time when computers came into being…

Prior to that, former treasure Rzewnicki. Her legacy was her attempt to bash Carper with a domestic abuse case. That is her lasting memory.

And before that, Tom Carper. lucklily happened to be in when Pete Dupont rewired Delaware’s laws and investment environment. Delaware was able to increase the rating of its bonds, but it wasn’t done as a result of decisions made in the Treasury. The decisions were made by the General Assembly and put into practice by Pete duPont.

So when it comes to legacies, the Treasury department by the very low level of duties alloted to it, is hard to make a lasting legacy. But that is what has been done by Flowers. We had an engaged treasurer, who actually made many of our sleep-walking members of the Delaware General Assembly aware there even was even a Cash Management board… There must be something very wrong with having a former guilty procedure breaker, handling the monies of the state in ways no one knows, and who is protected against anyone finding out.

That we know this, will be how the future views Chip’s legacy. This is huge.

Reflecting upon today’s news, it is best that he step down. It is unlikely that any second term could do more to add to what he has accomplished. It is best to “get-‘er-done” and move one, and not let the dilution process that naturally happens when one is in office too long, to occur on one’s second shift minimizing ones accomplishments and action.

At least now for the future, when anyone says “Chip Flowers”, we will always have the image of Delaware’s First Black Treasurer, who ran on the platform that it was the “People’s Treasury”, and was the first treasurer to ever do anything to return the Treasury back to the people whose money it handles. He and all of Delaware can be proud of that.

I agree with his decision. It is smart to move on and it is now up to us, “We, The People”, to arrest and hang the lyncher. David Marvin needs to be pulled off the board, even if it takes a bill originating in the General Assembly, and all the state gets to watch the next Speaker of the House twist in the wind between either supporting his “boss”, or all those thousands of citizens who voted him into office. Secondly, we need to know who and how this sickness ever got so close to Delaware’s people’s Treasury….

Ericka in today’s world, is a distraction. The real problem has always been that crook who was fined over $976,000 and now sits, at the discretion of the governor, where he can pass his hands through the state’s money at will… and no one is even allowed to look over his shoulder.

We need to know why he is still there….

It’s this upcoming 2014 one.. It sets the national stage on whether anything will get done for the next four years. The next president will be powerless to exercise the will of the majority, if the majority party of voters do not vote in their full capacity…

Especially for those under 30. Many of you have parents who are facing retirement and wondering how they will survive. Many of you have parents who are still benefiting of the legacy of your grandparents, who may have left their ample resources to them when they died…

The Grandparents benefited from the New Deal. Your parents were victims of the raw deal. The raw deal which said that if we became conservative, everything would be just rosy.. No details on how, it just would…

Your parents big battle was in 1980… Carter versus Reagan which was a battle not between two men, but over which group of men would get to chart the next 30 years… That thirty years corresponds to your parents from their 20’s to their 50’s…

The two groups of men were the same as the two who battled for dominance under George Washington and have been contentious ever since… The investors versus the People…. When you really benefit the people, you hurt the investors. When you benefit investors, you hurt people… We are currently in an investment-favor phase that began with the election of Reagan in 1980. There are times when both groups benefit accordingly, but moderately. But soon someone always battles to push their side into dominance, and due to the frailty of most politicians, it is usually the moneyed interests which attempt it first…

In your parent’s defense, they’d only seen the New Deal. To them, Reagonomics sounded new, bold, daring and inspired. Little did they think to look at the track record leading up to the New Deal to see how it would unfold. There WAS a reason the New Deal was enacted… Investors care little about people’s woes.

So probably right now, you are looking for work in your field. That field which you put your hard work and dreams into pursuing, only now to be employed waiting tables, or sloshing drinks, or calling up deadbeats in late hours hoping someone picks up the phones… What you are experiencing is the woe felt by countless people across history since the powerful first realized that life at the top is great, only if you suppress those underneath. While you suffer, their investments have made over 100% or more over the past 5 years…

This election is yours… This election settles for YOUR 30 years whether the investors get to keep control, or whether they finally can allow those programs to go forward which cost them money but at the benefit to millions of fellow citizens. Ironically, if America gets richer, they do to, but not as fast if if we give everything to them now…

If you don’t vote, or vote to keep the investors to continue blocking progress, you are setting yourself to 30 years of the same. It doesn’t have to be that way. Your grandparents chose Democrats and Franklin Roosevelt based solely on his promise to better their future with government programs, which the investors forced to foot the bill.

There was nothing wrong with that plan. At the time of Carter’s last years in office, the 1% held their least amount of national wealth EVER. Meaning of course it was split among everyone else… Coal Miners who before the formation of the Union, owed their souls to the company store, literally, were now buying RV’s and boats and taking their kids on vacations across the country… It’s all about who gets the money….

If you don’t vote, and investors win, this will never happen to you. But if you vote in force, and all of your generation, in every state, votes your frustration, you dreams, and your hope for the future, and put thier faith into the party that is there for the people, … then you will succeed over the next 30 years as did your grandparents.

Your grandparents who had nothing, are now sitting pretty. Your parents who had the best any generation has ever had, are now struggling… It was all in their choice of choosing who should lead, between the investors and the people..

The Republican party is there at the behest of the investors. The Democratic party is there for the people… Right now, a minority of investors is stymieing all progress for you and your fellow citizens. Only you can change that…

It’s your grandparents choices versus your parent’s choices…. but it is .. your choice.


Reading through it, though it doesn’t dissect and explain by tearing the subject apart in piecemeal, …. it does through its examples provide overwhelming evidence as to why the founding fathers were very emphatic in separating church from state. After all, they had their religious nuts too…as anyone who has read 18th Century early American pamphlets well knows…

Reading this piece makes one understand, if they never did before, the true wisdom of a collection of men, selected by their peers, bestowed upon what at that time was basically a wilderness which became the United States of America…

Religion is personal. Deeply personal. For that reason alone, it needs to be excised from any entity, including government who has to deal with a wide spread of human beings all of which have deep personal freedoms. Both for the Constitution’s Protection, as well as the protection of each and every religion…


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