When Jesus was brought before Pilate, Pilate had compassion on him.  This man had done not wrong. This man was bright, resourceful, brave, and amazing on all fronts.


But the leaders of the country which he oversaw, had brought this man on a trumped up charges and asked him to execute him.  Pilate saw through their charade and came up with a way to maneuver out from under it…


He open his doors to the crowd outside,   “It is your custom that on this day I release a prisoner… Do you want this person who has done no wrong, or do you want me to release (he thought for a second)  Barabbas”… (Barabbas was his most hated public criminal in his prisons. )



The crowd shouts back…. “Give us Barrabbas”….   “Are you sure”, asks Pilate.  “This man has done no wrong. He is innocent.  Just days before 50,000 of you line the streets with palms as he rode into this city.  Surely you want this man and not for me to release Barrabbas, now do you?”


 The priests had stirred up the crowd….  “Give us Barabbas” they shouted…

“Give us Barabbas……. “