A. She has reality TV experience.

B. She tweets.

C. She is opinionated.

D  She is recognized

Presto.  She has all the exact same qualifications of Donald Trump.  And she is nicer. And she uses slightly bigger words, the best words.  And she is great. So great… and she can win. and keep on winning till you tell her to stop winning all the time, and she can win again, and again.

But bottom line, is that even at four years out from the next election, she is already equally as qualified for office as is Donald Trump. Since your party always chooses the “best” candidates, think how great she will be after 4 years of prepping…  So Republicans,  you will need a new candidate soon. My I present Honey Boo Boo‘s mom…. . Your next candidate to perfectly represent the high ideals of your party…