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This is amazing. Two videos released on the last weekend before the big vote…. Both summing up their campaign in under two minutes.. As is usual the tone is what one perceives and in this case there is a huge difference.

One uplifting and inspiring. The other dark and foreboding One full of color, bright and active. The other shot like a crime scene drama, dark, dramatic, and dangerous.

I actually like both of them. They are both pretty good summations and the darker one is polished rather well almost enough to be convincing… Only it is too little too late. It fails to address that the solution it proposes to all the problems it illustrates, is more of a problem than the problems are. To be fair, both videos are rather vague on policy…

One says we need to celebrate life. The other implies we can never celebrate life because there are always big scary problems out there which will attack and eat us… Be afraid, be very afraid…

So I guess it depends on what type of nation you want for your children really… One that is great to live in, or one that sort of sucks to live in but if you just elect Donald Trump, even though it sucks, you will be safe. Why? Because he’s been on the Apprentice… (as the closing pose strikes so similar) lol.

And now… the greatest contrast of two videos you will ever see… (unless you watch Comcast’s Channel 29 and porn back to back)..

What did you think? Isn’t the difference as stark as that between Kennedy and Nixon? Between Johnson and Goldwater? Between Nixon and McGovern? Between Reagan and Mondale? Got any more? It has been a while we’ve had a more comparative bright and dark contrast…

Now it is up to you… What spirit do you want to lead America? The good one? Or Bad?