A. National Presidential Campaign run on the premise that 47% of the people “do not matter’.

B. The answer to curing mass killings of innocents, is even more guns. (Like let’s cure Cancer with more cancer.)

C. After disastrous losses because of their tax pledges, Republicans refuse to let tax cuts expire even on those making over $1 million.

D. Republicans don’t understand how sperm impregnates a female egg.

E.. Their national candidate was liberal, before he became conservative, before he became liberal again.

F. Republicans want to do away with access to birth control.

G. Republicans don’t want any single regulations on guns, not even background checks for mental illness.

H. Republican budgets lie just like their creators.. Paul Ryan.

I. Republicans have made no movement towards compromise. Democrats made up the plan, sold the plan, adjusted the plan, tweaked the plan, put the plan forward, sold the plan to the American people. Republican have done not one single thing….

J. Republicans can’t see it is their fault. Blame election results on people wanting “free stuff” when in fact, they just want competence in their leadership.

K. Even after suffering such a one sided loss like any team playing against the Crimson Tide, Republican 2016’ers are still positioning themselves by saying evolution is a false science….

Add your own… But have these guy seriously jumped the shark? I mean it’s funny, but except for the fact that this is our nation sitting in the parking lot after the race has been started, it’s not funny. It is why we have problems in America…. These guys won’t do anything….

When Gorbachev was out-couped in the Soviet Union, the Politburo and ruling junta of generals physically locked themselves in a room in the Kremlin with hundreds of cases of Russian vodka and drank themselves silly, and absolutely nothing got done…. except sex, and a lot of pissing. Eventually the new Russian Army under Yeltsin broke in and herded the drunks to the execution squad…. They were probably laughing at how silly they all looked with blindfolds being put on….

That is where today’s Republican Party is today. John Boehner’s responsible gestures to try and get things done responsibly fall on deaf ears… At the last caucus he was all but ignored amid chatter of “whose house we staying in tonight,” “here’s my $100”, “who’s bringing the girls this time?” “hey, don’t we need another pipe, didn’t someone smash the old one?” “Oh, and if we see a member of the press, just say ‘it’s Obama’s fault.”

As long as there is one elected Republican left standing, we as a nation are still sitting in the parking lot. Republicans forgot to bring the keys……

I dare any Republican to come to these pages and defend their inaction and irresponsibility…. You will see none taking up the challenge because they know, that lies don’t float here. They sink and drag down their originator with them….