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There is a reason the opponents of Obama care are racing the clock to defund it before October 1st. They know how popular it will become to the American people.

I just looked and Delaware does not have their worksheets up yet, but in the state offices, things are looking rather rosy for the citizens of Delaware… Most of you will save thousands per year on medical bills.  Not all, but most..  Looking at the voting trends,  those who vote often, will all save money with insurance.

Other states do have their insurance options up and I have been looking through them.  The general trend is thusly.  If you are young, you are going to incur an expense you have not had to yet pay. Sorry.  That will come with sticker shock, as does a new car, as does your first house.  However, it should allow you the confidence to get checked out sooner, and therefore live healthier in your golden years than you otherwise would today if you had to pay full expense for care.

Hopefully, since you have to pay for it anyway, you will take advantage of it.

But you! Oh you! Who are old?  Who have pre-existing conditions?  Who have suffered with poor coverage for so long?  You are going to love what this does.  You will be able to figure out medical costs to the penny across your future years with your financial planning advisor, no matter what happens to your body.  The costs will be fixed, and a lot cheaper than you paying through the nose upon each occurrence.

One can describe it as buying a warranty.  What, the initial questioners ask?  You want me to pay money to this shop each month even  when nothing happens?  Yes and if something happens you get your car fixed for free.   Some gripe about losing $150 a month, until they see their first bill at a hospital would have cost them $5,000…. Then … they finally understand.

And you with families?  Especially you who have not taken your kids to a doctor because you couldn’t afford it?   You’re kids can now go…

So yes, those with money to lose will spend it all on ads telling you horror stories and capitalizing on one or two exceptions they make up as to who will pay more…

but just wait till October 1st, when you see that you start saving thousands…  EVERY SINGLE YEAR!

Then remember the Republican party tried to run the economy over a cliff, twice, to stop these savings from coming to you…..

October 1st, it is almost here.  About time for the pirated version to be leaked,  don’t you think?

Its been half a year, and we’ve seen, even after an overwhelming mandate from the people in the past election, our executives running opposite the trend, and becoming more conservative.

In Delaware, we saw the port almost privatized.  Public education sold out to Wall Street’s highest bidders,  the Delaware refinery almost voided the Coastal Protection Act,  We saw a minimum wage raise first watered down, then killed by committee. We saw only the wealthy get a tax break.  We saw draconian wage freezes on public employees.  We saw a medical board replaced, so it could then approve a sweetheart deal for an cutthroat Alabama (allegedly) medical firm.  We saw private corporate education plans being imprinted over the current fine teaching policies of Delaware’s institutions.

On the Federal Side, we saw bargaining superiority on higher taxes, pared away for nothing. We saw the continued allowance  of Republicans to veto very necessary appointments by use of a filibuster. We saw drone use increase, even as we discussed it’s ramifications.  We had the final admission of what most of us already had known, that the NSA was collecting everyone’s data to be stored and used for blackmail later if ever needed.  We are undergoing a sequester now, and it is simply accepted and all are silent, therefore complicit.   We keep getting abortion legislation even 40 some years after Roe versus Wade… We were supposed to improve the voting lines of last November, not make them harder.  We were going to get rid of guns, and couldn’t, so we’ve stopped talking about it..

None of these were the direction the majority of voters sought.  What they clamored for, was more power be given to the people, and taken away from giant firms with money…   The promise of freedom has morphed from a land where people can achieve their wildest dreams (they can’t do that now) to a land, where any corporation can instead achieve it’s wildest dream.   If you are part of that lucky corporation, you may be doing well;  if you are not, too bad.

The overall trends are unmistakable.  America wants it’s dream back. The dream that corporate America has stolen in the form of giving us lower wages and higher living costs.

No one has to get hurt.  We just need to pay people more.

It’s as if you were doing a  yearly corporate budget.  One classification has an overage every year and another is always running short by the same amount as that previous overage,   Let’s move that line here, so more falls where it is most needed…….

Those two classifications in our economy are our corporate profits and labor costs… Moving the money from profits to labor solves a lot of problems…

One, it increases demand for goods and services.   Buying things creates demand.  It is obvious that 300 million buyers can do more purchasing than the richest 1000 people.  And they will buy different things; things that help grow the economy.  Here is one example that works well to illustrate how this is.  Since the recession very few people have yet to change their toothbrush (have you?)  One is instructed to change it every 6 months.   Having 300 million people rush out to buy a new toothbrush does a lot more oomph for the economy, than a corporate tycoon flush to his gills with excess dollars, buying out toothbrush factories left and right just so he can set the price…

Using a car as an analogy, we are filling up our gas tank, then keeping it full by crimping the line that feeds the engine.  The engine sputters and fluts, barely pulling us forward, but we are happy our gas tank is full….

America knows this and voted anti-corporate in 2012.  Romney was corporate.  He could have (and maybe did) star in the movie Great Gatsby.  The refutation of Romney was America’s refutation of all Wall Street stands for….

Egyptians have no qualms with not succumbing to bad masters.  Americans should learn from them and begin do the same.

Courtesy of the Treasury Blog.

Originally published on the Office of Management and Budget blog and picked up here off the Treasury Blog… the magic number of deficit reduced is $737 billion.

Put into perspective.

That total is for the entire span ranging from 2013 to 2022, covering this presidential term and the next two.

This is compared to the $4 Trillion Grand deal that was agreed to by everyone back in August 2011, then scuttled by Paul Ryan (Romney’s VP pick), who walked out of the agreement taking the Tea Party Republicans with him… The agreement was there, it was right there on the table; Obama had signed on. Democrats in the Senate had signed on. Republicans in the Senate had signed on. Democrats in the House had signed on. And the Republicans in the House had signed on… But then, to everyone’s surprise! Paul Ryan, said no, it raised taxes, so he and his Tea Party couldn’t vote on it… The deal was scuttled. And we got sequestration, a new debt ceiling, and the expiration of the Bush Tax Cuts all at once… . .

Last Monday, Paul Ryan voted to raise taxes. So what was the Big Deal?

This table shows the relief from last years policy. This year, we will cut the proposed deficit by 4 billion. That is in jeopardy, because the Hurricane Sandy relief which has been promised to be passed by the new House of Representatives sworn in yesterday, is already 60 billion over what was previously budgeted…. Next year we may get some of that back; this bill drops our deficit $42 billion.

The point I’m making is that this bill although a victory, actually saves very little…. Obama originally said we’d go with $1.6 Trillion in new revenue. $2.4 Trillion of cuts would be on top of that. Now, including both revenue and cuts, we have not even half of that. Over 12 years, we save $737 billion with $329 billion coming from the last three years of the second term of whomever gets elected after President Obama!

What we got …. was a deal. That says something. America should be grateful for small wonders. America also got time to debate the cuts. They would have happened immediately without debate had we done nothing. SURPRISE!!! 500,000 ARE UNEMPLOYED AS OF TODAY!! America got unemployment insurance extended. America got the wind credit tax extended, very necessary right now. America got higher taxes on the top half of the 1%.… As they scramble to bury their money into our economy, we could see job growth come out of it… And that is really what was important. That the 2$ Trillion sitting outside the economy, get taxed so it becomes now cheaper to invest in our nation’s infrastructure and not in the stock market…. That was the whole idea for high taxes. Force investment into the economy…. Those 400 people who own the top 1/10th of the top one percent of the wealth, now… have to do something with it.. or lose it…

But as for affecting the deficit, it could actually help if the economy takes off and 12 million new jobs open up as anticipated. Those new jobs will pay tax money too, more than making up what the incomes between $250,000 and $400,000 got to keep.

But Delaware’s Senator Tom Carper is correct here. This bill he voted no for, simply kicks the can down the road, where had it not been passed at all, the laws on the books would have begun to eat up the deficit like bacteria in a sewage tank… Like taking an antibiotic, which makes you initially get sick the first day, then you begin getting better almost immediately, this deal against which Carper voted “no” would have caused a recessionary blip, then pulled us into prosperity.

This flashing, daring, last minute grand compromise, as Carper rightfully states, is the equivalent to opting NOT TO TAKE THE ANTIBIOTIC BECAUSE IT MAKES YOU A LITTLE SICK THE FIRST DAY…..

Map Of House Votes Per Fiscal Cliff
Courtesy of NY Times. Right Click For Full Image

This color designates the nineteen Republicans who retired immediately after this vote; five of which were placed by Democrats….. 

This color designates the 2010 Freshman Class… 


Don Young (R-Alaska)


Steve Womack (R-Ark.)


Brian Bilbray (R-Calif.)

Mary Bono Mack (R-Calif.)

Kevin Calvert (R-Calif.)

Jeff Denham (R-Calif.)

David Dreier (R-Calif.),

Eton Gallegly (R-Calif.)

Wally Herger (R-Calif.)

 Dan Lungren (R-Calif.)

Buck McKeon (R-Calif.)

Gary Miller (R-Calif.)

Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Calif.)

Ed Royce (R-Calif.)


Vern Buchanan (R-Fla.)

Anders Crenshaw (R-Fla.)

Lincoln Diaz-Balart (R-Fla.)

Bill Young (R-Fla.)


Mac Thornberry (R-Ga.)


Mike Simpson (R-Idaho)


Judy Biggert (R-Ill.)

Bob Dold (R-Ill.)

 Tim Johnson (R-Ill.)

Aaron Schock (R-Ill.)

John Shimkus (R-Ill.)

Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.)

 Don Manzullo (R-Ill.)


Hal Rogers (R-Ky.)


Rodney Alexander (R-La.)


Dan Benishek (R-Mich.)

Dave Camp (R-Mich.)

Candice Miller (R-Mich.)

Mike Rogers (R-Mich.)

Fred Upton (R-Mich.)


Jon Kline (R-Minn.)


Jo Ann Emerson (R-Mo.)

Blaine Luetkemeyer (R-Mo)


Jeff Fortenberry (R-Neb.)


Joe Heck (R-Nev.)


John Runyan (R-N.J.)

Rodney Frelinghuysen (R-N.J.)

Leonard Lance (R-N.J.)

Frank LoBiondo (R-N.J.)

Chris Smith (R-N.J.)


Chris Gibson (R-N.Y.)

Michael Grimm (R-N.Y.)

Richard Hanna (R-N.Y.)

Nan Hayworth (R-N.Y.)

Peter King (R-N.Y.)

Tom Reed (R-N.Y.)

 Bob Turner (R-N.Y.)


Howard Coble (R-N.C.)


John Boehner (R-Ohio)

Bill Johnson (R-Ohio)

Steve LaTourette (R-Ohio)

Bob Latta (R-Ohio)

Steve Stivers (R-Ohio)

Pat Tiberi (R-Ohio)


Tom Cole (R-Okla.)

John Sullivan (R-Okla.)

Frank Lucas (R-Okla)


Greg Walden (R-Ore.)


Lou Barletta (R-Pa.)

Charlie Dent (R-Pa.)

Mike Fitzpatrick (R-Pa.)

Jim Gerlach (R-Pa.)

Tom Marino (R-Pa.)

Tom Meehan (R-Pa.)

Tim Murphy (R-Pa.)

Joe Pitts (R-Pa.)

Todd Platts (R-Pa.)

Bud Schuster (R-Pa.)

Glenn Thompson (R-Pa.)


Kristi Noem (R-S.D.)


Kevin Brady (R-Texas)

Lamar Smith (R-Texas)


Jamie Herrera Beutler (R-Wash.)

Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-Wash.)

Dave Reichert (R-Wash.)


Paul Ryan (R-Wis.)

Reid Ribble (R-Wis.)

From CNN

Without displaying the capacity for strong leadership, political parties can’t succeed. Voters want parties that can get the nation out of trouble, not push them deeper into a hole. The GOP primaries were filled with aged political actors and oddballs who had trouble convincing Republican voters that they could really handle the any job.

In the House of Representatives, Speaker John Boehner has had almost no success keeping his troops in line. He has led a Republican Caucus that continues to drag down the image of Congress and create the impression that Republicans can’t handle the responsibilities of power. The past two years of his leadership have revolved around the constant collapse of budgetary negotiations.

The Republican Presidential Primary field was left to kooks, brain dead governors, sexual predators, and a thrice divorced womanizer whose first wife’s children had to defend the third wife from the accusations of his second one. Republicans finally settled on the candidate, “who really didn’t want to be president after all”…..

Now, when we really need something done. … …. …..

Republicans simply can’t govern.

During the nineties there was discussion of rogue waves the sometimes show up in the Southern reaches of the Indian Ocean. As one who has studied physics knows when a wave is put upon another wave, it absorbs that wave’s energy and creates one wave the size of both. Sometimes three or four waves randomly fall in the path of each other and a giant wave, capable of swamping a tanker comes out of nowhere….

This week we have something similar….

The fiscal cliff… pressure on the economy.

The Longshoreman’s strike…. pressure on the economy.

Open war in Israel/Palestine over the new settlements announced today….

We may have dodged one end-of-the-world, to be capsized by the wave of another….

A. National Presidential Campaign run on the premise that 47% of the people “do not matter’.

B. The answer to curing mass killings of innocents, is even more guns. (Like let’s cure Cancer with more cancer.)

C. After disastrous losses because of their tax pledges, Republicans refuse to let tax cuts expire even on those making over $1 million.

D. Republicans don’t understand how sperm impregnates a female egg.

E.. Their national candidate was liberal, before he became conservative, before he became liberal again.

F. Republicans want to do away with access to birth control.

G. Republicans don’t want any single regulations on guns, not even background checks for mental illness.

H. Republican budgets lie just like their creators.. Paul Ryan.

I. Republicans have made no movement towards compromise. Democrats made up the plan, sold the plan, adjusted the plan, tweaked the plan, put the plan forward, sold the plan to the American people. Republican have done not one single thing….

J. Republicans can’t see it is their fault. Blame election results on people wanting “free stuff” when in fact, they just want competence in their leadership.

K. Even after suffering such a one sided loss like any team playing against the Crimson Tide, Republican 2016’ers are still positioning themselves by saying evolution is a false science….

Add your own… But have these guy seriously jumped the shark? I mean it’s funny, but except for the fact that this is our nation sitting in the parking lot after the race has been started, it’s not funny. It is why we have problems in America…. These guys won’t do anything….

When Gorbachev was out-couped in the Soviet Union, the Politburo and ruling junta of generals physically locked themselves in a room in the Kremlin with hundreds of cases of Russian vodka and drank themselves silly, and absolutely nothing got done…. except sex, and a lot of pissing. Eventually the new Russian Army under Yeltsin broke in and herded the drunks to the execution squad…. They were probably laughing at how silly they all looked with blindfolds being put on….

That is where today’s Republican Party is today. John Boehner’s responsible gestures to try and get things done responsibly fall on deaf ears… At the last caucus he was all but ignored amid chatter of “whose house we staying in tonight,” “here’s my $100”, “who’s bringing the girls this time?” “hey, don’t we need another pipe, didn’t someone smash the old one?” “Oh, and if we see a member of the press, just say ‘it’s Obama’s fault.”

As long as there is one elected Republican left standing, we as a nation are still sitting in the parking lot. Republicans forgot to bring the keys……

I dare any Republican to come to these pages and defend their inaction and irresponsibility…. You will see none taking up the challenge because they know, that lies don’t float here. They sink and drag down their originator with them….

Just saw the right wing group that used half a billion dollars to put Romney into the oval office, just mentioned that Obama was pushing us off the fiscal cliff.

Just like Hitler was under attack and lashed out against Poland.
Just like Tojo was defending himself when he ordered the attack on Pearl Harbor.
Just like Mayor Guiliani was threatening Osama Bin Laden and had 9/11 coming to him.
Just like the teachers and students are to blame for Adam Lanza’s behavior…..
Just like Nazis never did incarcerate and kill any Jews.
Just like Humas never did fire any rockets into Israel.
Just like “Officer, I wasn’t speeding.. You radar must be wrong.”

Anyone can say anything… But since that is true, it means we can certainly make fun of Karl Rove and Americans for Properity, for saying something as absurd as it being the Democrats who pushed us off the cliff…

The Democrats opened the negotiations. The Republicans put up nothing. The Democrats made the first move. The Republicans made no movement at all. The Republicans are solely, unequivocally, and absolutely are the cause of the stalemate right now. There is a bill in the House, pre-approved by the Senate, supported by 201 House Democrats, that just needs 17 Republican votes to sign on and pass it with a majority vote, and instantly dissolve this crises.

Just 17 Republican are:

a) holding up payrolls for every company in America
b) holding up spending plans and budgets for January in every company in America
c) holding up long term unemployment insurance for 40 million Americans who can’t spend anything now.
d) forcing every payroll business, like Jim Paoli’s here in Delaware, to wait-and-see before making adjustments on every client’s payroll for the first week of January.
e) holding up every billionaire who if he guesses wrong right now pays a gigantic price in 2013.

Everyone knows Hitler lies. Everyone know Karl Rove is not synonymous with truth….

So, if you see a Republican, let him know how you really feel, for his party screwing with your life and livelihood…..

When I was young, and thought I ruled the world, I went car shopping. it was about time for a new car, I wasn’t really in the market, but repairs were due and perhaps I could leap into a new car, and let the dealer fix up the old one on his dime…. I walked into the Honda dealer on Cleveland Avenue 15 minutes before closing , way back when Honda Accords were listed for $12,000….

I test drove then sat down with the salesman/manager (he negotiated back and forth with himself), and I said, it’s a nice car, but I can’t go over $8000. He got all exasperated, and flustered about, and said, .. “if you sign it tonight, I can give it to you for $8500…. Right here. Right now…” That scared me. I began to wonder what on earth was wrong with the car; still, I could have sold it the next day for $9000. But, it was too fast for me, and I said so. “I can’t sign tonight, I have to look at all the options including finances.”

I spent all night trying to find a way I’d lose money on that deal.. I couldn’t find one. So at 10:00 am I drove to Cleveland Ave, … the car was gone! I approached the manager I’d had the conversation the night before, and thinking they were prepping it up for me, I said … I decided to take that offer now…”

“Sorry, kid. That was for last night. It is gone. Would you like another vehicle?” I didn’t want to pay more than $8500. so i said “no:….

As a caveat 7 years later I saw that same model, same year, on the used car lot with a price tag for a used car, of $14,800…. My left shin was black from all the kicks I gave it…

To this day, I’ve always wondered why he went so low that one night? It has definitely been the best deal ever on a vehicle I’ve seen, and I haven’t figured out any rational reason why he would do such a thing…. Being the sales manager, the man in charge, it obviously had some import….

This relates to the fiscal cliff in this way. Just because an offer was made… doesn’t mean it has to stand. It was made for a limited time only.. That time frame is at the discretion of the seller.

Did you ever try to use a coupon that has expired? What happens? It doesn’t work.

If Republicans do not act on this in a timely way, the price goes back up… That way, they will have more respect, as did that young car buyer, of in the future, acting in a timely fashion…

If they don’t accept now and firm a deal, it is time to pull the offer. Later on, we can settle for keeping the tax cuts on those under $250,000 and Republicans will sit out in the cold…..

We wanted to sell it today, we gave them an offer they couldn’t refuse, they refused and the offer got pulled…

It was for a limited time … only.