A poll can be slanted to get any result one wants… Taking polls is so old fashioned and is only still used by idiots, or by smart people who need idiots to decide something for them, so they can move forward.

Nancy posted a poll from somewhere where 260 people rated Delaware’s education… The idea was to show that Delawareans don’t have confidence in our educational process…  The poll was so obtuse in its slant I had to reiterate with one of our own…..

Please forgive what some people still proclaim is a profanity, even though facebook and twitter both cite it as the number 2 word used in our nation’s vocabulary today…. (Isn’t it time we all drop the charade?)

Please, Please take this poll….

Which of the following describes your feeling of the educational process now being undertaken by this Delawarean administration:


A:  Jack Markell is full of shit.

B:  Jack Markell and Mark Murphy are both full of shit.

C: Jack Markell, Mark Murphy, Penny Schwinn, Rodel, the DOE, Dave Sokola, and Common Core are full of shit.

D: My kid came home from school covered in shit.


We really don’t need a total. but feel free to express yourself in a comment section below….