Listen to this amazing group of kids; from inner city Wilmington… This is education at its finest.  Have you seen anything like this in Newark’s charter schools?  What corporation wouldn’t want these future workers… Look at their positivity!  Look at their teamwork!  Look at their animation and expressiveness!  You just simply have to love them. (I was going to take a quick peek but after a minute put in on speaker to hear the whole thing in background while I dashed off this post;.. you must too while you read)….

Look at their faces… This is America at its best…. These kids for this one show have memorized more than I did in grade school, middle school, high school and college, all put together… They’ve acquired the syntax, diction, vocabulary all necessary for direct communication on an adult level…

Yet this school is 96% NOT WHITE!   Yet this school is 95% below 200% of poverty level!  85% of which are BELOW POVERTY LEVEL!!!!!!!

These children go home and if they even have food at all, it averages to $1.40 per person per household per meal….

Can you imagine,  entering a school with only a 500 word vocabulary, and in a few short years, be able to sing like this? Can you imagine, going home to a flat, your bed made of just blankets thrown on a floor, your dinner a peanut butter sandwich, being cloistered in your room to keep you safe from your mom’s necessary boyfriends who help pay the bills? And then, coming to school singing like this?

Let’s compare. Have you ever seen a white people’s kid concert? (Try Newark Charter School.) Most don’t know the words. Most are too scared to open their mouths, Most are pretty pathetic and out of the crowd, just two girls and one highly animated boy will be doing all the lifting.

But this… this is truly amazing… Seriously! This has to be one of the best schools in Delaware… Just look at them… just listen to them…  Wow… I’m so proud of our school districts here…

What?  Are YOU serious?  This school is supposed to be closed down for poor performance??  What?  Has anyone closing this down ever been to a white kid’s concert?  This is … (seriously?) poor performance?  (Only a white person could call it that;  “Oh they’re just singing. What are they all going to be; the next Michael Jackson?  HA HA HA HA HA” – (fat male white-people laugh).

These kids are truly amazing… And we are going to punish them by a) firing all the teachers; b) rehiring only half, and then hiring substitute teachers to do all the rest of the teaching. (TFA is the state-sanctioned substitute teaching outfit).  c) we are going to collect them into assemblies and yell at them that they are stupid and they must score high or else….. d) we are going to hire someone at $160,000 per year to help make these schools fail faster.

How can anyone do that to these kids?

Even if these kids do not progress any further than this point in their development, I’d hire them for future customer service based on this performance alone. Just look at them!  They are better than most adults who file an application. (The are probably better than the adult in the cubicle next to you). These are some awesome kids..

But in September Jack Markell called them failures.   Mark Murphy got all prickly when he got his face rubbed in the fact that independent researchers disagreed with his assessment that these children were dumb and stupid. Penny Schwinn described them (paraphrased) like this:  “what do you expect from thugs and children of murderers…

THERE IS A GIGANTIC DISCONNECT FROM WHAT WE ARE BEING TOLD BY OUR STATE AND ITS SUPPLICANTS… and what we can see with our own eyes, hear with our own ears, and touch with our own hands….

We are told teachers love Common Core…. They don’t; they hate it because it keeps them from teaching.

We are told teachers are failures and need fired, eradicated, replaced… yet 99% were judged to be competent and to be above some of the highest standards for education ever set in America!

We are told these children are failures, stupid, and that the only way they will even be remotely responsible in a future society, is if we imprison them in charter schools, where punishment can be allotted in a far higher degree an more severe than could be allowed in public schools, and where they can again get treated as the slave children would have rightfully been treated today, if that emancipation crap had never taken place 150 years ago….

None of which are true…

But they scored low on one test!

I got 4 out of 10 on this one... Can you do any better?  Please post your score… (Though disappointed,… being who I am, I am certainly not going to let it affect my self worth… But though there was no way in hell I could have done better). I still feel like a schmuck because especially I should have done better than 4 out of 10, though… Ironically a level higher than the percentage of all Delaware children who will pass the Smarter Balanced Assessments this spring….  YET! Because these wonderful kids did about as well as your’s truly on their test, they are deemed failures; and we have to close down their schools, and we have to fire their teachers and principals, and we have to give the “new Leaders” autonomy from all taxpayer and school district oversight… (in other words.,.. create a new Joe Wise) allowing these “leaders” to do whatever they wish with all our money we send them…

And there is a new charter school opening up blocks away that is owned by the most influential of Delawareans…

Take the test... You will see there is a big problem with our schools… and the problem is not the students, teachers, or principals… It is the people administering these ridiculous tests…  We who grew up in another time, were far more fortunate to have someone who directly knew us after teaching us across 7 months of the year, make the decision on whether we passed or failed…  I can’t think of any teacher in public school that I know of… who failed 70% of his/her class for no other reason than just to be mean.