“The state is not allocating $200,000 per school, per year,” May said in an emailed response. “The state has set aside $6 million for the schools over a three-year period in state money to fund the plans–not necessarily divided evenly by school and year–as well as millions of additional SIG, Title I and other funding.”  WDEL quote:

The state has made it clear to districts that they will be expected to apply for that, or any other, funding…

Asserting that $160,000 would come out of the Priority School funding for each principal is erroneous,” as schools have already received funds for those salaries.

All quotes attributed to Allison Mays.

What she is saying (in her little dance to keep from being subpoenaed when this later shows up in court), was meticulously phrased in order not to lie. Here now in plain language is what she said.

“All we said was that we were giving these schools $5.8 million… We didn’t say it was extra; we didn’t say it was a gift; we didn’t say how it was to be spent.  Since we give schools money all the time, this is nothing new, just part of the yearly slop; its just part of what we give.  We simply take it from somewhere else and if these schools properly apply for it, they then might get it instead of someone else.  All we are doing is pulling $5.8 million from somewhere else to have ready, in case they apply correctly to our liking.

Unmentioned in her reply:

“This is why we insist on our own people loyal only to us, to have complete autonomy and no oversight on how this money is spent.  For one, we plan to shift a lot of money currently invested in DSEA teachers’ salaries over to our friends, the consultants.  Two, we plan to shift a lot of money currently being used to pay vendors, over to a charter organization (also loyal to us) to run these schools. We will transfer ownership of the public school properties over to them as well.”

“Our plan to milk and close these schools simply will not work if these two districts still have oversight, still have leaders who report to them, and still can be legally allowed to continue to waste money on these “poor kids”. Everyone knows government money is too precious to be wasted on the poor… ”

It is obviously this will come down to a court case.  This language shows their side is planning for it already.