I could talk all I want. So could you. Let’s not waste that time but look at how the voters spoke instead….

The Right wing which calls those who speak to the other side “Republican in name only”, lost very big.

Americans blame them for the shut down. Rightly so because it was all caused by them. That hatred towards authority, manifested in a loss for Tea Party candidates across the nation.

A Democrat won Virginia, a republican state. Looking at Virginia’s House of Delagate races which almost all went Republican, shows Virginia was not anti Republican. but anti-extremist….

One might expect Republicans to loose all the way around. Not Christie. Though hated by extremists for hugging Obama after Hurricane Sandy, it apparently did well for him. As a Republican he has an overwhelming majority in a Democratic state….

Because he is not an extremist, voters rewarded him with another term.

Some may try false spin. but if anyone gets outside their bubble, they will quickly know that Americans don’t want extremists. They want people who like after a championship game, shake hands, and drop all animosity….

People who act like Ted Cruz are a joke. The tribe has spoken.