Looking over the details county by county over the two gubernatorial elections yesterday, one thing is perfectly clear.  The Tea Party and the Republicans are two different parties.  One destined to lose. The other if nothing changes, also destined to lose. 

I don’t mean that in a deprecating manner. 

A forced split between the two is required or else all seats other than those gerrymandered only towards the Republican party will be blue.

District by district, precinct by precinct, the evidence is startlingly clear.  In some areas RINO’s can win.  In some areas the Tea Party can win. But Republicans when challenged by the Tea Party, and later against a Democrat…. can never win. 

The Tea Party has said, that not challenging RINO’s is impossible.  They will fight every RINO just as they would fight every Democrat.  Hell, they’d even shut down the government if it didn’t do exactly what they demanded, and comply to their extremist views..

It is time for Republicans to cut them loose, let them form their own party, let them do what they do best: cater to their constituents, Instead, Republicans should focus on winning back Democrats and Independents by not behaving like assholes over their politics.

It’s time to divorce the two.  Period.

America needs a three party system of full of Republicans, Democrats, and the Tea Party.  Only then, will America be well represented and we can return to getting things done.