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Ken Grant, formerly with the Caesar Rodney Institute, a Koch Brothers’ mouthpiece, is now spokesperson for the TDC (The “Data” Center)…  Granted, one would think also a former employee of AnalTech, would be technically more anal about throwing around facts.  At least one would expect a lot less bluster…

Here is his take in the News Journal…. 

If you should choose to read it, you will find it to be mostly a lambasting of Newarks’ citizens and very little defense of the Data Center…  Very little.  Reminds one of when Caesar Rodney declared global warming was a hoax. It would attack all the scientific knowledge in the world, because it found one glacier out of 400,000 that was growing….   Of course in the readers head would pop this question… But what about the other 399,999?  But the Caesar Rodney Institute was simply too unconcerned with 399,999 other pieces of evidence to even care…

Anyway…  back to what he said….

He said:  there are 4000 CHP’s scattered across the US… Here is the data sheet he pulled up to write his piece….. (pdf)


Here are his 4000 units.   Here is what he doesn’t show…


Any little business that has a generator that also produces heat is included in his file.  Even the original presentation made to the Newark zoning commission, that the data center would need an auxiliary power source like one might find on an IKEA, is included on the map….  I think it would be safe to assume that were such a small power plant going in at the Data Center, there would be no controversy as we speak…

The problem is the size… Ken Grant in his op-ed makes no mention of his size…   The difference in size is like you took the penises of 5 horses, sewed them together and then attached that to a person…  Saying he has a penis, so does every male… is disingenuous and dishonest…  You are technically correct he has a penis… But …. who would want him in an arranged marriage with their daughter?

It may be true there are 8 people in Manhattan with penises.  Bet none of them spew 10 horse testicle’s full of discharge, do they?

The one he touts in Austin is 52-75 MW. The award winning Texas A and M, is a paltry 60MW.  Delaware will host a 248 MW generator.

Size does matter….

Let us talk water…..   At minimum, the Christina River flows 6 cubic feet per second.  The data center will use  ~34.7 gallons per second (~3 million gal/day). There are 7.48 gallons per cubic foot.  Rounding out the conversion, the data center will use 4.64 cubic feet per second of water flow out of the 6 cubic feet per second one usually finds every August.   Obviously 1.36 cubic feet are left to fulfill all the needs downstream…  The flow levels back in 2003 would leave dry river bed.

That is just not right. And Ken Grant (of course) makes no mention of that….

Let us talk air quality.  Currently there is no radon in the air over Newark and Northern Delaware.  There will be a lot. Radon as you know, kills. Currently there are no particles raining down on Newark Proper.  These particles cause cancer… There will be a lot.. So these people that Ken Grant dismisses will be wheezing, coughing, hacking, and spitting up blood.

It is estimated that now after facts have matriculated into the community of Newark proper, that 98% of its residents are against the power plant.  One is certain, that as these health facts get matriculated as well, that would be a guaranteed total…. For who wants to die a needless painful death?

So when Ken Grant calls 98% of Newark’s citizens who are sincerely worried about dying prematurely, ” a small group of very sincere but very wrong people”, perhaps he is correct in his assumption but just needs to turn that designation…  the other way around…..

It is very tiny minority of the the Koch Brothers’ minions who deserve the ridicule and derision, not normal hard working Americans, who loved Newark so much, they bought a home here…..





Senator Lavalle’s legislation forces the test agencies to reveal the questions and answers to parents, teachers, administrators after the test has been taken.  It opens a process for parents who think their child was dissed, to have a human element look over the questions and either disagree or concur….

Parents have a right to know their children are being tested in a fair and accurate way….

The first year the bill becomes law fifty percent of the Common Core questions must be made publicly available 30 days after of testing.  The second year would require full disclosure of the information on the State Department of Education’s website.  Questions asked purely for future use, and not included in the scoring, would be excluded from the measure.

 Senator Lavalle’s bill also requires the reporting by the DOE back to the Governor, these six points.

1) the effectiveness of common core state tests in enhancing student learning and performance; 
2) the fairness and appropriateness of test items for each grade level, including the percentage of test items found to be above grade level; 
3) the correlation between test scores and grade point averages of test subjects taking common core state tests; 
4) a statistical analysis of student performance based on socioeconomic, gender, race and ethnicity and regional factors; 
5) the effectiveness of the test agency as the test development vendor; 
6) factors to be considered in determining whether to continue with the current test agency or other vendor as a test agency or utilize Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) tests in 2015. 

The only problem for us now, is that this Senator is in New York!  Our Senator Lavelle is nowhere to be found on this issue… Why is that no one, not one single Delaware legislator has the balls to take on this administration and the debacle of Common Core?  But New York can?  Indiana can? Tennessee can? Georgia can? Florida can?  Texas can?  Why is our crowd of Delawareans a bunch of wussies?

Greg Lavelle… Since you have almost the same name… Why are you a wussie?  Give Rick Jensen a call and let him (and all of us) know why you are a wussie…



I could talk all I want. So could you. Let’s not waste that time but look at how the voters spoke instead….

The Right wing which calls those who speak to the other side “Republican in name only”, lost very big.

Americans blame them for the shut down. Rightly so because it was all caused by them. That hatred towards authority, manifested in a loss for Tea Party candidates across the nation.

A Democrat won Virginia, a republican state. Looking at Virginia’s House of Delagate races which almost all went Republican, shows Virginia was not anti Republican. but anti-extremist….

One might expect Republicans to loose all the way around. Not Christie. Though hated by extremists for hugging Obama after Hurricane Sandy, it apparently did well for him. As a Republican he has an overwhelming majority in a Democratic state….

Because he is not an extremist, voters rewarded him with another term.

Some may try false spin. but if anyone gets outside their bubble, they will quickly know that Americans don’t want extremists. They want people who like after a championship game, shake hands, and drop all animosity….

People who act like Ted Cruz are a joke. The tribe has spoken.

Courtesy of Dallas Federal Reserve Bank

A very conservative bank, in a very conservative state, came up with a very conservative total on how much damage Republican policies cost the once great United States of America. $14 Trillion.

When even very astute conservatives blame their own policies for RUINING the financial health of this nation, one has no choice but to take notice.

$14 Trillion. How much is $14 Trillion? 7 years of total Government spending, INCLUDING all the entitlements involved with Social Security, Medicare, and Veterans Benefits. How much is $14 Trillion? $14 Trillion would pay off every mortgage existing now in the United States of America. It would pay off the entire student college loan debt fourteen times over! How much is $14 Trillion? it would pay down 7/8ths of the entire National Debt! How much is $14 Trillion? It is 7/8ths of our yearly GDP, seven eights of every single dollar spent per year in the USA by you, me, our rich uncles, our poor aunts, and our government….

That is how much the Bush Era cost America…. $14 Trillion.

So let’s look at this once touted Republican agenda.

Did the tax cuts work? No, they cost us $14 Trillion.
Did deregulating derivatives work? No, they cost us $14 Trillion.
Did less regulation of the financial sector work? No, it cost us $14 Trillion.
Did funding two wars and Medicare Prescription Drug benefits by borrowing money work? No, they cost us $14 Trillion.
Did it work to give banks huge incentives to invest dangerously? No, it cost us $14 Trillion.
Did it work to pass laws forbidding workers to strike? No, it cost us $14 Trillion.
Did de-regulating oil hedge funds work? No, it cost us $14 Trillion.
Did cutting back government spending work? No, it cost us $14 Trillion.
Did removing limits to keep down the scalping of student loan interest rates work? No, they cost us $14 Trillion.
Does keeping minimum wage at low slave levels work? No, it cost us $14 Trillion.
Did re-making our medical care into a for-profit system work? No, it cost us $14 Trillion.
Did subsidizing Halliburton with $39.5 billion work? No, they cost us $14 Trillion.
Did letting the rich get richer; forcing the poor to get poorer, work? No. It cost us $14 Trillion.

Just think. Back in 2001 when Republicans began pushing their tax policies, did you know that doing so would begin to cost us 8 years in our future, $14 Trillion? 7/8ths of our nation’s yearly output? If you read the Congressional Record from back then, the Democrats and the CBO certainly did, though their lowballs of $10 Trillion came in a little under. But it was rather obvious that tinkering with the Clinton dynamo would be risky, that things were working so well, that getting to the destination of having a national debt at zero ought to be achieved before we began going the opposite direction.

But Republicans always when given a choice, choose to respond to lobbyist’s entreaties of support, instead of looking for support from everyday normal American people, so those warnings were all for naught.

And unfortunately still are. Even after a conservative bank, in a conservative state, published their conservative estimate, that the Republican policies cost this nation $14 Trillion Dollars….

In their own words….

“It is crucial to identify the primary causes and implement effective policy to avoid future episodes whose magnitude could exceed even the staggering costs and consequences of the most recent financial crisis.”

That primary cause back then, as well as today, is any policy Conservative! Especially those of the Tea Party!

Today Governor Scott, Florida Tea Party who rode into the statehouse itself upon the promise he was going to abolish the abomination of Obamacare in the state of Florida.

He threw in the towel and now supports it.  His state is joining the Federal exchange.  His reason?  He saw with his mother that it was a really super great plan full or wonderfulness, and that not buying in, would be very bad for Florida.

Go figure.

Republican Governors have thrown in the towels one by one.  It is such a great plan, they can’t refuse…  Without it, balancing a state budget is impossible.   Ironically Republicans who supposedly hate bigger government, are all lining up for the Federal exchange.

It is the best and will be the closest best thing to single payer.

Furthermore, more great Obama care news.

Because of Obamacare, the Medicare expense projected for the rest of this decade, has just in this past year alone, fallen half a trillion dollars.  $511 billion dollars to be exact!  Obamacare is cutting the deficit right in the entitlement belt….

Half a trillion dollars.

This is not new news.  It was out there when the bill first got passed.  It has been out there ever since.  But for some reason the American media chose to focus on those who were against it, long before they understood it…  Once understanding, everybody is coming aboard.

Where was the communication breakdown?  Why wasn’t this positive news rolled out int he beginning?  Just think, it could have save a lot of drama had these facts been picked up and extolled by the media, and had the right wing been excoriated for their stupidity.

Good things win out in the end, and Obamacare, as one can see by the Republican Governors coming aboard one by one, is a good thing.

Just think how horrible it would have been if on day one, Romney had signed a bill to abolish Obamacare?

Fortunately for all of us, America always knows best.

So I heard the aid to our friends in New Jersey and New York was passed and wasn’t really worried. It was supposed to. A meesly 9 Billion dollars and then 51 Billion later. So later, I was thinking, gee, did anyone vote against that… I wasn’t the only one thinking that…

The New York Daily News was at the top of the charts with a front page headline that screams… Remember the 67 Republicans in House of Representatives who turned their backs on Hurricane Sandy victims

The Daily Beast was right behind it….

Yes. All 67 were Republicans… Let’s get what this Republican “NO” vote says… It says, “YOU DO NOT DESERVE EVEN A MEESLY 9.7 BILLION TO BUILD OUT FROM HURRICANE SANDY!!! YOU SUCK YOU EAST COAST LIBERAL FUCKIN’ SCUM.” That is what this vote is saying… It’s not $60 billion. It’s not $100 billion. It’s not a trillion. It’s $9.7 Billion….

The New York Times has a great interactive map showing they yea’s and nay’s…

Some surprises…. or not… Remember, Republicans are the lowest human element here.

Steven Pallazo, Gulf Coast Mississippi… (Remember Hurricane Katrina?) Look what Google pulls up for him…U.S. Rep. Steven Palazzo helps Vietnam vet replace medals lost in Hurricane Katrina Oh, he’ll help his own replace a medal, but won’t help a New Yorker get someplace to live… Typical republican… are you surprised?

Mississippi’s Fourth Congressional District, which Palazzo has represented since 2011, includes the city of Biloxi, one of the most heavily damaged communities in the region by Hurricane Katrina. Congress quickly passed an initial $10.5 billion relief package in the immediate aftermath of Katrina in September of 2005

John Flemming, (R La) Had his own primary and runoff election canceled because of Hurricane Gustav, but voted no on relief for Hurricane Sandy. Flemming was involved in controversy when one of his 33 Subway franchises refused service to two Muslims because of their religion. Perhaps because Muslims live in New York?….

Andy Harris R-MD. EASTERN SHORE including the area of Ocean City, Maryland, which lost it’s pier to Hurricane Sandy…. UNBELIEVINGLY voted no aid to Sandy victims… His response? “This really wasn’t aid for the victims. What this was raising the debt ceiling limit”…. WTF…. Typical republican… are you surprised?

Randy Weber R-TX, took Ron Paul’s district, and just a year ago, was according to his tweeter feed, “Sitting in on a Galveston Erosion Response Plan in Galveston City Hall…” trying to get FEDERAL AID to stem Galveston’s Beach Erosion. But, he won’t support money for ‘dem liberals with no houses up in dat der liberal country.” Typical republican… are you surprised?

This just boggles the mind.

You have Mo Brooks of Alabama, who practically went door-to-door in his state after tornados to explain to them how to best get their federal money

Representative Sam Graves of Missouri…. co sponsored a much greater bill for flooding in his state… His quote…“This bill would take into account the new data points caused by this past year’s flood,” said Rep. Sam Graves. “This will ensure that we are prepared for a new worst-case scenario. As communities, roads and farmland all along the Missouri River begin to dry out, now is the time to start making common sense changes to the way the river is managed. This is a good first-step.” Check out this headline! Graves supporting flood insurance extension, but he won’t fund the exact same bankrupt fund for Hurricane Sandy victims.

But ‘dem Liberals in New York are just panhandlers… they want stuff for free…. typical Republican…. are you surprised?

This is going to be the big story this weekend… It boggles the mind. How can any human being take something for his district, then deny that exact same thing to others?

There is something really sick in America.

Republican States that decide to opt out of Obamacare are allowed to set their own standards for Medicare and Medicaid. That means they can set their own poverty levels at where it kicks in.

By definition, Republican States have a government that favors the wealthy over the 98%.

The level on which one can be insured by Medicare or Medicaid is set artificially low.

Bobby Jindal, sometimes spoken as a presidential hopeful for 2016, has a threshold of 25% of the Federal poverty level before Medicaid kicks in. The Federal Minimum required by Obamacare would be 113$ of the Federal poverty level. (In comparison, Delaware’s minimum is 119% of the Federal poverty level.

Those states opting in, will cover people up to the Federal Minimum. These states which opted out, Texas, Oklahoma, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, South Carolina, South Dakota, Maine and Louisiana, now all get to set their own minimum levels of Medicare.

Instead of providing medical coverage at the federal minimum of $14,856 or less, in Louisiana one must have a yearly income of $1229 or less. Essentially no coverage at all. Anyone making less than $14,856 or more than $1229 is not covered. They have no medical insurance. Their plight if further compounded because in these Republican states, hospitals ARE allowed to turn away those who cannot pay, provided they are not in severe pain.. The flu or sprained ankle injuries are not covered. Prescriptions are not covered.

So, whereas Obamacare is a great stepping stone for achieving affordable healthcare in all those states subscribing to it. …. it returns those Republican states so refused it simply on “Political Principal” (there is no additional cost involved the first three years), to the medical practices available in the Great Depression

Before the ink was dry, Delaware Talk Radio struck up the conversation over making Delaware a Right To Work State. Several callers responded, and here are the pros and cons.

“Right to work” means “right to work” with less money…..

Right to work states have simply come to the conclusion…. ” Hey, if we drop the price of our labor, then businesses will come to our state.”

Texas did, and bragged it grew the most jobs over the past couple of recession years… It did away with benefits, it did away with pension, it did away with high wages, and it allowed cheap cross border labor to work for companies and lower their labor obligations…..

Now, Texas is having to adjust to the new growth. It has to build roads, sewers, parks, schools, and do it on the same income… Because even though Texas has more people working, the net amount of all their earnings, still amounts to what it had earlier, when people made more….

In perspective … paying 10 people at $30 an hours gives up the same amount of tax revenue as paying 100 people $3.00 an hour…. You get 290 people’s worth of extra expenses and no new money to pay for them….

Businesses benefit, but you get none of their profits. You gave those away as no-tax incentives to get the jobs….

Texas is facing hard times.

Simply put… when you go to “Right To Work” as your state policy, all you are simply doing is transferring the fixed cost of social responsibility away from private practices who can afford it, over to government who can’t…

Recently it was brought again to our attention that of the health-care costs upcoming in Obama-care, $2 billion will go to covering Wal*mart employees. One of the largest companies in the world, is going all part time so they will not pay a single penny in employee insurance, and throwing all those workers onto Medicaid, so their costs will be picked up entirely by the Federal government.

They are making money and keeping it, while the Federal government is paying their costs.

Can Delaware afford this?

Michigan is a laboratory experiment. The success or failure will be decided in the next election. There are so many variables in whether this law makes a difference.

Right now, talks are being held to make the port of Wilmington non union. It is part of the deal to bring in a corporate buyer for the port. If we go non-union, then labor costs for the buyer are lower. It helps their decision to come here as opposed to going someplace else where others are paying more…..

But, it lowers the economy of Wilmington. Those lost revenues not being paid to those workers, do not flow into Wilmington and do not circulate from business to business.. Taxes are not collected of each of those transactions. Wilmington loses big.

Now if taxes are increased upon the buyer, to compensate for the lost revenue siphoned off the workers, then for the city and it’s economy, the deal is revenue neutral…. Those taxes balance the lost wages….

Having a bustling port is meaningless if Wilmington is not gaining from it…. It is like selling a billion hamburgers at cost… an awful lot of work for no gain…

I use this example to show why keeping unions around to bargain higher rates, is beneficial to communities. Making an entire state drop its entire state’s personal income level, can only slow down the economy.

If a person makes $35,000 and can just barely make ends meet, wouldn’t it make sense to pay them $70,000, taking that out of corporate costs, thereby giving each person $35,000 a year to spend on goods and services pumping money directly into the economy?

If we doubled every working Delawarean’s income, we’d see a burst of economic activity amounting to $10.8 billion dollars.

The opposite occurs when you cut everyone’s pay in half….

That is what a right to work state does. Just look at Texas….. 😦

of course it’s in Texas… Chalk up another “oops” for their leader….

Tea Bagging Republicans in that state, got all riled up about contraception and eliminated a $73 billion dollar program that gave out free contraception to those who couldn’t afford it…

Now it appears because of their action, 23,760 more babies will now be born as a result of their reduced access to state-subsidized birth control. The additional Medicaid cost to taxpayers is expected to be as much as $273 million…—

Tea bagging Republicans said they were unaware that contraception prevented pregnancies…..

They are struggling to put that funding back in now….

I’m trying to put all your ideas together into one package. So, let me get this right… All you are asking is for, is a country where:

1) There is no universal healthcare.
2) Few entitlement programs.
3) Low Flat Tax System.
4) Faith based Government.
5) A deep reverence for God.
6) Extremely strict rules against abortion.
7) Marriage has already been strictly defined as between man and woman.
8) Homosexuality is a sin, and illegal.
9) Dress Codes are strictly enforced.
10) Tattoos, piercings, baggy pants, are banned.
11) Has the Death Penalty which they aren’t shy about using.
12) Strong private school system with religious focus.
13) Widespread dependency on oil and natural gas drilling.
14) Growing nuclear program
15) Nonexistent environmental nuisances
16) Culture that promotes family and stereotyped roles for men and women.

I’ve endeavored to put all your values on one page. I share your frustration because today, ever since 2008, it seems like America is moving further and further away from these values.

But you don’t have to be frustrated anymore. I have looked far and wide and have discovered a place already in existence that has those values in place, and more. If you sorely long for those values above, it is sincerely a place where you and your family would be very happy.

It is Iran.

You don’t have to pay me. I don’t need any commission. Just glad to help a fellow Delawarean out…. No problem.