Let me make a case for you… First, what are you voting for?  No matter how you respond to that question, here is the factual real answer!
You are voting for the human being who can best lead our nation in the direction you want for the next 4 years…

If too many of us fuck it up, we live that fuck up every minute of every day for four years… (that’s 2,103,840 minutes)… There are no do-overs.

So how do you decide? What is important to you?  Professional Competence?  Personal Characteristics? Specific Policies?  You have clear choices in all….

Professional Competence.  Like Forrest Gump, anywhere history was made, Hillary was there. She worked on the campaigns of Goldwater, Mondale, McGovern, Carter, and her husband.  She’s lived in the White House 8 years already and has served as Secretary of State. Across her tenure she has unequivocally stood up for women, children, families, and minorities. She worked the Watergate hearings.  She pushed through the CHIP program providing Health Insurance for children of parents who could not afford it.  As Secretary of State, she got the world to unify and apply sanctions on Iran, she met with and started the global unity towards affecting Climate Change, she unified Pacific nations around us instead of China.

Donald Trump has never run for office or served in office.  We can only judge his competence by how he runs the Trump organization which profits off selling space and off casinos. He has several unsuccessful business that have gone belly up, often with his name attached. Trump Steaks, Trump University, Trump the Game, Trump’s Taj Majal, Trump Airways are just five of his failed enterprises. He has undergone 6 restructuring bankruptcies and has cost his investors millions. He does not honor his obligations, once promising to pay a contracted amount, then only paying 30% with a take it or leave it clause at the end. Although such is no crime, he is the first presidential candidate to not release his tax forms. America is struggling with:… why?  Although untried in public so as not to have political baggage, his personal baggage includes a list of threatened lawsuits he has filed, all later dropped for having no validity, and an upcoming court case for the rape of a 13 year old at one of his previously convicted child sex offender friends apartments… As of this moment, Hillary has never hand a rape charge filed against her, either by an adult or minor.

Personal Characteristics

Hillary comes across as kind, loving, heartful, sympathetic, and a person who will listen. Just what one would expect from a grandmother, wife, and mother…  Sometimes demeaned by some for standing with her husband during his infidelity, her decision to most Americans has been an inspiration in their lives when faced with the same alternative as she. In the long game her decision played our rather well.  She is going to be president.  She makes good decisions. As governor’s wife, instead of making cookies and greeting guests in the governor’s mansion, she took a different route and worked as chairman of the Legal Services Corporation, the Arkansas Educational Standards Committee, co-founded the Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families, served on the boards of the Arkansas Children’s Hospital, Arkansas Legal Services.Children’s Defense Fund, as well as the Boards of TCBY and Walmart. While governor’s wife, The National Law Journal — named one of the most powerful lawyers in America… Even Donald Trump praised her doggedness. saying she never quits; she keeps on task, dogging it until she gets what she’s after…

Donald is transitioning from the world of commercial-investment-marketing full of hype, to the slow grind of real politics. Often in his own words, casting himself as a brazen playboy, as a debonair celebrity, as a tough reality television host, all to promote his brand, … much of that baggage has now weighted down his first venture into Presidential campaigning. Hence we have the candidate promoting the “party of family values” caught on tape saying he’s a unregistered sex offender, grabbing pussy without consent.  12 alleged groping stories have since emerged after that revelation.  In comparison, the other presidential rogue to which Donald mostly compares himself, at this point in his first campaign had zero allegations.. All of Bill’s came dubiously after his election, sought out and fanned by a wealthy right wing conspiracy, all which failed when put in court.Donald has fathered children by three different women and appears to have little fidelity towards any of those three, based on the stories now circulating, which can be corroborated just by watching his interactions with his family on TV.

Specific Policies

Hillary Clinton will fight to stop climate change. Hillary Clinton will fight to keep the peace. Hillary Clinton will not kowtow to Russia.  Hillary Clinton will tax the wealthy. Hillary Clinton will reduce the deficit. Hillary Clinton will continue the policies that have grown private sector jobs. Hillary Clinton will continue the policies that just gave us 2.9% GDP growth. Hillary Clinton will save Social Security. Hillary Clinton will save Medicare. Hillary Clinton will improve Obamacare. Hillary Clinton will improve the lives of Appalachians. Hillary Clinton will overturn Citizens United. Hillary Clinton will provide free college tuition. Hillary Clinton will refinance existing college loans to better terms. Hillary Clinton will enforce Dodd Frank and impose Glass-Steigle regulations on banking again. Hillary Clinton will be tough on North Korea.  Hillary Clinton will not ruin Texas’s economy by building a wall. Hillary Clinton will not export all Mexicans. Hillary Clinton will impose restrictions on gunning down blacks in our streets by the police. Hillary Clinton will make it harder for terrorists to buy a gun here in the US.

Trump will do the exact opposites of all of the above.

Don’t be undecided, man.