Despite the newest attempt to open the email controversy again, and the bumbling attempt by FBI Director Comey to throw cold water on Hillary’s red hot sizzling run for the gold, this is not the time to panic. It is not even the time to worry. She’s got this…

We know that of the 270 electoral votes required to win, all of those come from states where Hillary’s projections are above 93.7% to win… To lose those states it would have to drop 43.7% points to 50% which could still happen, but so could a meteor materialize and slam into earth.. Don’t laugh, it happened 65 million years ago!

Currently polls show Hillary holding at 333 electoral votes. This is created by averaging all the polls together and using that average for each state, and adding all those Clinton states together. Some of those states are in the high 80%, the 70’s, the 60’s.. and some are around 55%… States lower than 55% are not counted in the totals because they are too close to call….

Now these aggregate numbers are two weeks old because the polls have to come out first, and then they have to all be totaled together. But the candidates themselves all do live polling which means they have real time data. Trumps data confirms to the that of Nate Silver’s 538 according to an insider interview in a Business Insider article. He knows he’s lost.

Today, David Plouffe tweeted all to relax, 300 was rock solid, which means the live polling being done all day Saturday, is showing that people are not changing.. Florida, Texas, North Carolina, Georgia, Arizona can all stay red and Hillary still coasts in without any problem…

But of course we want to run up the score.. So stay cool, don’t panic and work up the score. Being Sunday it is easy to allude to a NFL game in the last minutes of the 4th Quarter. We were up 3 touchdowns and about to put in the 2nd string, when the FBI leakage counted as one for their side. They still have to get 2 more before the clock runs out, and even if they do, they still have to go through overtime…

Now, we have seen great games where that does happen, and it may make us nervous to see them rejuvenated after we thought they were put away.. But, if you remember what always happens in those great comeback scenarios, is that the winning team has a turnover error which results in a touch down for the other side.

Turnovers come about when you panic. There is no need to panic. In fact , a return touchdown on our part, will literally suck ALL the wind out of their sails..

She’s got this.