According to data released by the New York state education department today Aug. 12,…. 20 percent of students in grades 3-8 eligible to take the statewide tests in reading and math for the 2014-15 school year did not do so. 

It’s the third year that New York state students have taken tests aligned to the Common Core State Standards. And scores didn’t change dramatically from last year to this year.

Overall statewide proficiency rates in 2014-15 were 31.3 percent on the reading exam and 38.1 percent in math. The math proficiency rate rose by just under 2 percentage points from the 2013-14 rate, but in reading, the proficiency rate rose by less than a percentage point.

According to demographic information from the department, those who did not have a “recognized, valid reason” for not taking the exams were:

• More likely to be white;

• More likely not to have achieved proficiency on last year’s exams;

• Less likely to be economically disadvantaged;

• Less likely to come from an economically needy district, and;

• Less likely to be an English-language learner.

In other words, all our top students… (you have taken the test, right?)

In plain words, the masses have spoken up.. Stop the test. Stop Common Core. Stop Charter Schools.  Stop ALEC and start funding public schools all the hundreds of billions of dollars you will have to take from the top 1%…

Interesting. (The opt-out rates in New York City, at 1.8 percent for the math test and 1.4 percent for the reading test, roughly tripled from last year’s rates, but were still far below the statewide opt-out average, according to Chalkbeat New York.)