it is very easy when everything begins to unravel to express frustration on those closest to you.  It is so natural. It is so human.  We see it every Sunday in teams that begin to lose it.  Fights. Bad mouthing teammates to reporters. and coaches not stepping in to control it, more or less letting the team just fall apart.

And some of it is to be expected.. When you are tired.  When you’ve tried so hard. When a whole season was on the line and now is no more….  you expect that…  At least we’d expect that within ourselves..  I know I’m guilty, and I know everyone else I know, is also guilty… Because we are human…


There are some teams out there that never unravel.  They usually win. They sometimes lose. They never pick fights. They control their frustration. They remain professional.. And for the most part, that is not human.  That is something higher and above humanity. But many teams, and people, excel at that….

Two of Delawares largest blogs have already reported on the infighting alleged to have gone on. And on both pages, commentators have weighed in as well to send their characteristic blows towards their favorite targets. And like a fight on the sidelines that spills out into the playing area, to spectators it may not have looked the nicest and they have commented as such, that it makes the entire team look unprofessional and bad.

I have looked into the cause of the infighting and as usual when things get tense, have found it was really over nothing. When stressed, any insult is debilitating to a football player.. But when the game is going his way, he just smiles at it.. Meaning the triggers of any confrontations are not worth an explosion on their own. Only when bent to a breaking point, can a proper flip of the finger, snap the twig in two.

It is important here to see this.. When someone rubs you the wrong way, smile and understand they are just speaking their point. You will have your turn and you will rub them the wrong way and they too, smile and understand you are just speaking your point.

This board has been through a lot. Now with the failed referendum, they have the odious job of cutting payroll. This means putting people out of work.  Good people.  Family people. People better than you or I. On top of Common Core, Smarter Balanced Insanity, a DOE ruled by idiocy, schools being closed to become charters, and redrawing district lines, this is a tough time to have to fire people; especially very good people.  That is the hardest thing one could possibly do.

But they have to do it.  So whereas a team can hold together as long as one touchdown can put them over.. when the other teams field go goes through, and negates that possibility before the buzzer sounds.  they give up hope.

And that is what cannot happen on Christina’s board.  For some inexplicable reason, these six have been chosen to be here in this spot right now.  It could have been others, but it wasn’t.  Out of all candidates across various elections, these are the ones chosen for this hour.  The task that fall on them, is not more than they can handle; that is if they stick together.  And effective boards do not always get along. Au Contraire.  Often there is very strong opinions expressed on both sides of an issue.

But that is how it is suppose to be.  When both sides argue with all stops pulled out, if their arguments have merit one side wins out as the more applicable.  Choosing a plan of action after it has been vetted out in the open, is far superior than choosing a plan based on intuition or a flip of a coin. Which is exactly what happens on a board that rubber stamps, and will not rise or fall in defense of anything….

Like killing meat for the table, if you see politics in action it is ugly. But it is effective.  My caution is that if observers are too quick to criticize, they may find dinner has no meat on the table. And when we are speaking of one of our state’s largest districts, too much is at stake not to have meat at the table…

My advice is to continue to argue but do it all based on facts.  Use facts and shy away from all opinions.  Remember that one is never guaranteed to win everything one tries.. Only champions can do that…

And champions have to discipline themselves.  Knowing that in real tight games, the win or loss could come on a penalty. and they discipline themselves in order NOT to have the penalty fall on them.  That is what the Christina Board needs to do.. Simply say to the world, we are playing our championship level right now so all hands must be disciplined. We will argue. We will vote. We will decide.  We will not attack ourselves or any other member.  We are a team…

Our kids want this team to win.

The real question is where will this team go from here?  Remembering the tragedy of the T.O. and McNabb era coming off an almost SuperBowl Win. I can hope that is not the course Christina will follow.  I’m sure it is the course the DOE and Markell wishes it would follow… But before signing off I should mention that there is another course to take. and that would be represented by the Giants who lost 5 games of 2008 season and suddenly found themselves in the Super Bowl  and were able to out-Belichick Belichick… They finally believed in themselves is what happened.

This board has a lot piling on it. but that also means they have the opportunity to show the entire world, just how great a school board can be if they forget themselves individually and focus on their game, which is our children…

It’s really about the children… and if what you do distracts from that, then you really shouldn’t do it.  If what you do augments that, then you shouldn’t let anything or anyone stop you.

This board was picked just this way for a reason… I hope that reason was so it could rise to the occasion, and not be those ones who sell out the game for a piece of personal pride…..