It has been 7 days now that the Delaware Department has sat on the results of the Smarter Balanced Assessments. Day one was the release by other states of their preliminary data alerting all that the state now had the results…

One must ask why in the “most open and transparent administration in Delaware’s history” (Markell’s state of the state claim) we are still waiting for the preliminary data to be released.

As everyone knows, the DOE right now is in deep lockdown, All hands working feverishly… Yet it is the middle of summer?  Never has happened before.

Putting two and two together one can not help but wonder if the test results are being doctored to achieve a certain slant? Are data banks being scrubbed so no one can check the validity of the scores?  Are numbers being manipulated because the results were what we in the field predicted and not those aligning with the predictions of the governor or his DOE?

We may one day know…but as for now…..

All we can be sure of … is: this is day 7…. Something in the DOE is not right…..