If you listened to Al Mascitti on WDEL today with El Som you got the impression that nearly everyone is now scratching their head over how and why Jack Markell and Mark Murphy and Rodel and Senator Dave Sokola,  are completely destroying the public school system across Northern New Castle County’s three districts.

Exceptional Delaware puts it together.

if your motivation is to enrich your pockets, then Mom and Pop charters don’t do it for you… They have no money spread around… But… if you deal with the largest charter school corporations who cover a national scale, for example, then there would be lots of money of which, ummm.. bribes could be hidden.

Going through the charter application process is too tedious and would create a political firestorm so large in Delaware that a charter school organization would not fare well.

But, if one simply hands over a school to a charter management company, says “here are the keys, goodbye,” then those companies become entrenched and the public is shut out completely. No review. No accountability.

  • Hence the insistence of priority school leaders answerable to no one.
  • Hence the insistence of renegotiating priority union contracts to nothing at all
  • Hence the insistence of firing half the priority teachers and allowing subs to do the heavy educational lifting.

This is privatization being done without public’s approval. Like giving away the Port of Wilmington. Or selling I 95 to be hit with $4 toll booths to and from Wilmington….

It is the equivalent of a low-life spouse secretly selling the family house and the car, and surprising his partner,  “Hey, Girl, I’m divorcing you; C U….” and flying off with a suitcase of 100 dollar bills.  Although the house belonged to the family; one member made deals in secret and legally absconded with the money.

That is what is going down.   That puts everything in perspective.  That sensibly explains what otherwise makes no sense.

These 6 schools belong to the public. We paid for them; we own them.  They cannot and should not be simply handed over to a crafty mistress who for a year has secretly been calling the shots…. Someone is getting paid.  We desperately need an…., oh crap, we elected Tom Wagner, didn’t we?  😦