In the first week of legislature, what is needed is a bill allowing the General Assembly final say over the DOE’s actions on the 6 priority schools.

Are they getting sold to KIPP?  We should need General Assembly approval if so… Are they being closed down?  We need General Assembly approval if so.

Basically it’s a bill stating that for the Department (DOE)  to close public schools, proper debate is required and that debate needs to run through legislature.

Something like this:

This act would require the Delaware Department of Education (DOE) to obtain the approval of a majority of both Houses of the General Assembly and the Governor, through the passage of legislation, before entering into any agreement or transaction whereby the state could transfer, sell, privatize, or lease all or substantially all or part of the 6 district schools designated as a priority status, of Wilmington to a single entity, or to a related group of entities.

Basically its a bill that forces this discussion:  should we do what the DOE wants without talking about it, or should we talk about it to see what we want to do?