Its been half a year, and we’ve seen, even after an overwhelming mandate from the people in the past election, our executives running opposite the trend, and becoming more conservative.

In Delaware, we saw the port almost privatized.  Public education sold out to Wall Street’s highest bidders,  the Delaware refinery almost voided the Coastal Protection Act,  We saw a minimum wage raise first watered down, then killed by committee. We saw only the wealthy get a tax break.  We saw draconian wage freezes on public employees.  We saw a medical board replaced, so it could then approve a sweetheart deal for an cutthroat Alabama (allegedly) medical firm.  We saw private corporate education plans being imprinted over the current fine teaching policies of Delaware’s institutions.

On the Federal Side, we saw bargaining superiority on higher taxes, pared away for nothing. We saw the continued allowance  of Republicans to veto very necessary appointments by use of a filibuster. We saw drone use increase, even as we discussed it’s ramifications.  We had the final admission of what most of us already had known, that the NSA was collecting everyone’s data to be stored and used for blackmail later if ever needed.  We are undergoing a sequester now, and it is simply accepted and all are silent, therefore complicit.   We keep getting abortion legislation even 40 some years after Roe versus Wade… We were supposed to improve the voting lines of last November, not make them harder.  We were going to get rid of guns, and couldn’t, so we’ve stopped talking about it..

None of these were the direction the majority of voters sought.  What they clamored for, was more power be given to the people, and taken away from giant firms with money…   The promise of freedom has morphed from a land where people can achieve their wildest dreams (they can’t do that now) to a land, where any corporation can instead achieve it’s wildest dream.   If you are part of that lucky corporation, you may be doing well;  if you are not, too bad.

The overall trends are unmistakable.  America wants it’s dream back. The dream that corporate America has stolen in the form of giving us lower wages and higher living costs.

No one has to get hurt.  We just need to pay people more.

It’s as if you were doing a  yearly corporate budget.  One classification has an overage every year and another is always running short by the same amount as that previous overage,   Let’s move that line here, so more falls where it is most needed…….

Those two classifications in our economy are our corporate profits and labor costs… Moving the money from profits to labor solves a lot of problems…

One, it increases demand for goods and services.   Buying things creates demand.  It is obvious that 300 million buyers can do more purchasing than the richest 1000 people.  And they will buy different things; things that help grow the economy.  Here is one example that works well to illustrate how this is.  Since the recession very few people have yet to change their toothbrush (have you?)  One is instructed to change it every 6 months.   Having 300 million people rush out to buy a new toothbrush does a lot more oomph for the economy, than a corporate tycoon flush to his gills with excess dollars, buying out toothbrush factories left and right just so he can set the price…

Using a car as an analogy, we are filling up our gas tank, then keeping it full by crimping the line that feeds the engine.  The engine sputters and fluts, barely pulling us forward, but we are happy our gas tank is full….

America knows this and voted anti-corporate in 2012.  Romney was corporate.  He could have (and maybe did) star in the movie Great Gatsby.  The refutation of Romney was America’s refutation of all Wall Street stands for….

Egyptians have no qualms with not succumbing to bad masters.  Americans should learn from them and begin do the same.