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One thing that is important this election season is to find out who is for charter schools and who is against them… Then vote for someone who is against them….

Recently some regulations were changed deep inside the DOE to allow more money to go to charters and be taken out of public schools… They supposedly were stopped by loud noises from legislators. But such will keep coming again and again as long as Charter School law remains open and charters still remain an option….

Did you ever wonder why they always have to “sneak” charter school changes through? Why do YOU sneak things, like past your wife or husband, like past your boss, like past your children? Is it because you don’t want to get caught?  Exactly… So why are we “sneaking” changes to charter law in the dead of night?

Because it is bad legislation for Delaware’s soon to be one million people, and it benefits probably 5 friends of those players pushing it forward….  The only way to pass something that will piss off one million to make 5 people happy, is to keep it hidden from those million people…

When someone says at any forum that they are FOR charter schools…. if you can, ask them in public this question:…. Since only one in five children go to charter schools in Delaware, and since Charter Schools take money away from those other four…. how do you propose re-compensating those Public Schools who get hurt by having a Charter take their money, so the levels of educations for 4 out of 5 Delaware children, can remain the same??

And that’s the rub… When they say we are going to improve education for one fifth of our children by great charter schools, what isn’t said at all, is that 4/5ths of our children now have to suffer educational losses due to funding cuts!

How can that even make education better?

If you have a +1 and then add a -4 to it, Common Core or not, you still get a -3 compared to zero change if you did nothing at all….

So ask them, in public, out loud, how if they promote a charter, what is their plan to fill the gap of funding in the public schools system caused by those very charters they support….

Then, don’t vote for them.  Vote for their opponent…

Because in all campaigns leading up to this year…. there has been deep silence on that other side of the issue…..

But that other side,  the harm they do to the MAJORITY of students, is exactly why charters in 25 years, have never adequately functioned to improve education across any wide area….

Taking a page from the Republican play book, where one takes an event, finds the worst possible thing in it, and harps on that one thing ad nauseum.

So it is with the Newark Riots.

In an embarrassing glitch of sensational journalism, that could only have one purpose, elevate charters to appear better than public schools, Newark High was portrayed as having a giant riot requiring 4,000,000 policemen to come in from neighboring states to break it up…

Instead. Two gangs. 11 people, were fighting each other… and… no one was hurt.

Caught in the exaggeration of 4,000,000 cops coming in to handle the riot, the News Journal continues to drill down on it today…

You have already seen the NHS student letter written to the News Journal… The newspaper lied; a student calls them on it… Pretty sad when someone too young to vote has infinately more credibility THAN THE ONLY DAILY NEWSPAPER IN THE STATE…

“But it can’t be ignored that officers of the law were prevented from performing their sworn duty – which included protecting the rowdy onlookers. Their parents and guardians should be made aware of their role and some measure of responsibility and punishment needs to be considered”..

Can someone bitch-slap them for me?

It was 7 am… The students have just gotten off their buses and are headed to class… the halls are 15 feet wide. All students must pass the A cafeteria. There are over 1,500 students… No student is going to walk by people fighting in the hall… They stop. 1,500 students stop behind them…. The police who come last have to maneuver through 1500 students to get to the fight…..

Imagine police trying to crash through the waiting line to get inside Space Mountain?

There is nowhere in the original report of any mention where students intentionally were trying to keep police from getting to the fights. In fact, 99.9% of the students were on the police’s side of this. Arrest the bums and get them out! But there was nowhere to move.

Here is how a more responsible news organization reported the event….

“”They found a large crowd, as you can imagine at 7 a.m. in the high school, in the hallways at that location and multiple individuals were fighting,” he said.

And here is exactly how the News Journal reported it on Monday….

“The school staff handled it, but while officers were there several other fights broke out in the C and D hallway where officers found several hundred kids gathered, impeding their access to the ones fighting and [officers] called for assistance,” he said.

“Impeding” as in being stuck in the middle; not interlocking arms in protest to prevent passage of law enforcement!

And here is how the News Journal spins that story, and this comes from the editorial board itself…..

“It’s necessary to reinforce the value of respect for law-enforcement servants, who have sworn to protect the very students who interfered with their obligation to keep them safe. Those interlopers helped extend the brawls, and as a result, should be held equally responsible by school officials and city police.”

This is the textbook definition of “liable”. Falsehoods perpetuated by a commercial media. It is past time for a class action lawsuit against the News Journal over its damage done against every student in our public schools… If one takes the enrollment of last year from across the state… 133,369 and figures that they’ve done $1,000 damage per student (college remedial classes to undo Common Core), the minimum of the class action suit should begin at $133,369,000… This is the amount for what the News Journal should be sued over this defamation; it owes Delaware’s children for its past deceit and for choosing to not report facts going on inside the Delaware Department of Education, as they truly were…..

When it comes to education in Delaware and the News Journal editorial board…. you are always being lied to….. Either they are too lazy to check out a story; too rich to care, or are working solely off an agenda to elevate charters (which all know are worse than public schools) by denigrating public ed

Even the most callous, ignorant, unconcerned citizen can’t ignore this. One can blame all Congress for it’s inaction. This Congress going on vacation now, has worked the least of any Congress in modern history up to this point. Just 142 public bills have become law in this current Congress (2013-2014) – down from the 906 the 80th “Do-Nothing” Congress passed in 1947-48, and the 333 that were enacted during the Newt Gingrich-led 104th Congress of 1995-96.

When a major crises hits our border, and is all over the air waves for two weeks, and every Republican goes before a TV camera and blames the President for causing the crises, and the President gives Congress his plan to solve it and it passes the Senate and the House REFUSES to vote on it, and instead offers their OWN contorted bill, which gets pulled because there are not enough votes in their OWN party to EVEN pass it…

It is obvious where the problem lies. Those people blaming Obama, who are so dysfunctional, they can’t even get THEIR OWN legislation passed in THEIR OWN controlled chamber….

It shows exactly where the dysfunction lies… No one buys a car that won’t run. No one keeps a refrigerator that won’t work. No one put up with a spouse who doesn’t help contribute to the running of the house… The dysfunction lies solely with this ONE party in this ONE house…

It played exactly the way the shut down the government last October. America, you have to stand up and do something about it… You can only blame yourselves…..

The enemy has been building its forces surreptitiously for some time now…  It is moving its forces into position to invade and strike a knockout blow…. Ironically we will be the ones who open the gates of the city, willingly, and let them in….  They are mankind’s oldest enemy.  They are resplendent through out all ancient texts.  They controlled European civilization for a thousand years….

They took a set-back in the Great Depression.  Democracy out-foiled them.  It has since taken 80 years for them to grow back… But they are here….. Camped right outside our gates!

It’s the idea that people exist for wealth’s sake… and not, that wealth exists for people…..

Although phrased differently in different languages through out man’s civilization, today it can be encapsulated in today’s term: …. corporations….

Ha, ha. YOU laughed…. didn’t you?  🙂 That means one simple thing…  You do not know.

In your defense, you aren’t supposed to know… Which is why it is all being done in secret, behind closed doors, among lobbyists, free trade activists, and legislators often put in office by corporate financing.   Financing which under Citizens United is so broad that legislators verily feel threatened to stand up for people anymore…

Of 100 of the world’s largest entities, 44 are corporations… If you stretch that to the top 150, 59% of all are corporations…..

From a historical perspective, corporations have always been powerful…. John Jacob Astor would have owned the world, but unfortunately chose the Titanic to ride home on.  Corporations controlled Caesars during the Late Roman periods. Corporations were a big influence propelling Elizabeth’s England and the Hanseatic League,,,,

But people were cheap back then.  Killed at will. Imprisoned their whole lives as slaves. Used for sex.  Expendable, I think is the proper word we are looking for….

Such consequences are the price of making more money…  And since there were no laws to protect people, money mattered; people didn’t…

Right now, negotiations are being taken across the world by these 59% of the world’s largest entities to insure that no nation-state can go against these corporations… Not to tax them. Not to legislate damages against them. Not even ban them….

What’s up for grabs in the innocuously named “Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership” (TTIP) which is nothing short of handing over the control and ownership of virtually every governmental sector and public service in both Europe and the U.S. over to privatization….

The treaty seeks to (among many other things):
•    “Lock in” the privatisations of services – even in cases where private service delivery has failed – meaning governments can never return water, energy, health, education or other services to public hands.
•    Restrict a government’s right to regulate stronger standards in the public’s interest. For example, it will affect environmental regulations, licensing of health facilities and laboratories, waste disposal centres, power plants, school and university accreditation and broadcast licenses.
•    Specifically limit the ability of governments to regulate the financial services industry at exactly the time when the global economy is still recovering from a crisis caused by financial deregulation..

This is about enforcing the minimization of people’s rights. These documents will give corporations the higher pecking order…. It gives a signed, stamped piece of paper buried in a filing cabinet hidden somewhere in the state of Delaware, a paper signifying a small fee has been paid, far more power than all of us in unison combined….

This leads to very unstable societies. Instead of having our armed service currently fighting for America’s self-interests, they will be perversely fighting for perhaps Wal*mart’s, or BP’s, or Mirage’s, or Gasprom’s interests…. We might even go back to being drafted since who would volunteer for such a service?

It also leads to necessary governmental services being assessed from those most stricken, and not properly paid by those wealthy who are easily able to pay them… The investors get richer, the people get poorer….

As an intellectual example, let us say that a government is duly elected by the people and then attempts to make changes… As one proper example, an African nation wanting zero oil spills, moves to require a higher corporate investment in environmental safety and a higher rate per barrel on oil drawn from its waters…

Each and every one of those U.S. firms will now be able to launch expensive legal battles, potentially for billions of dollars, in the name of foregone profits.

Suing for lost profits?… Have you ever heard of such a thing? What ever happened to …. risk?

No problem you say. Surely a national court will decide for its people over potential profits…. But … you see, it doesn’t go to national court… It goes to arbitration… The case would not be heard in a court of law, under the scrutiny of a judge and jury, but rather in front of arbitration panels made up of three professional arbitrators — one representing the company, one representing the country and the other chosen by the first two to sit as president of the panel.

No citizen of any affected country can demand leverage or accountability over the proceedings.

To put it simply, if a doctor is sponsored by a pharmaceutical company, we might question whether the medicine prescribed is the best for our health; if a public servant receives money from a lobbyist, we might question whether the policies they promote are in the public interest. In the same vein, if an arbitrator’s main source of income and career opportunities depends on the decision of companies to sue, we should wonder how impartial their decisions are.

The intent of these treaties glossed over as “trade deals” is to make Corporations immune from any government meddling. In their marketing, they stress that this frees up business from being toyed with by totalitarian or corrupt governments… But what their marketing never mentions, is that this sword cuts two ways… It also insulates corporations from actions requested by the people in those nations who are also full-fledged democracies. If these documents are ever signed, we will wake one day, and find our wishes simply no longer matter.

We can see it everywhere today… Put in a power plant in downtown Newark. Good for investors; people don’t matter. Put in a corporate Common Core educational program that is bullshit. Good for investors; people don’t matter. Dump sludge from Delaware City’s refinery into the marsh. Good for investors; people don’t matter. Sell the Wilmington Port to Kinder-Morgan. Good for investors; people don’t matter. Get rid of prevailing wage. Good for investors; people don’t matter. Get rid of unions, especially the teacher’s union. Good for investors; people don’t matter. Make corporations hide their owners. Good for investors, people don’t matter. Build a giant shopping center in Barley Mills. Good for investors; people don’t matter. Tear down historic buildings and barns to make into a trailer park. Good for investors; people don’t matter. Don’t give mobile home owners any rights. Good for investors, people don’t matter. Don’t tax the top 1% to rebuild a broken bridge. Good for investors; people don’t matter. Get rid of Obamacare. Good for investors; people don’t matter. Mainstream special-ed students. Good for investors; people don’t matter….

Everywhere you look… it is there… You can’t escape it… The funny thing is that after WWII, when the GI’s came home, we had a nation that KNEW people really mattered. They saw with their own eyes what happens when the top in governments do what they wish, with impunity. They saw with their own eyes both dead and broken people who no longer mattered… They knew that people who by luck had the benefit to still be living, really do matter a lot…

They made a cannon of laws to protect those people still living… Giving us the right to make the final decisions to decide our own fate… Since the election of 2000 that has slowly and consistently eroded. We are losing control over our lives… to something as silly as money. Of that they print more everyday. Forget that a person is one in a trillion. There can never be, nor will ever be, an exact copy made….

So never, never open the gates to them. Nor accept their Trojan Horses. They are conquerors; we are the bounty. It is the same war that has been waged ever since man first discovered the power of money. Mankind has been this conquest’s loser over most of history… Do not let the advantage we won in 1932 now go to waste… It is so close to slipping through our fingers. We will not get it back in our lifetimes nor our children’s… For they have been and will be, waging their war across centuries; we today are stupidly living our lives in fear of pissing them off….

Piss them off and put them back into their box. Get moving now.

Here is where we need to be: … We, the People, will allow you the opportunity to make money, but it must be done to our benefit and our rules... The End.

In case you missed the first episode, the title alludes to how the power brokers are rolling out faux outrages to distract from detailed pieces of legislation which will have grave consequences if allowed to go through unchallenged…..

Last year, the prime tactic was using the “sucker punch.”  That is where without warning someone walks up behind you and slams their hard fist into your head…. Kilroy thoughtfully provides a demonstration…..

Hence SB 51 was passed before practically anyone had time to read it…   HB 165 was similarly passed, (this time everyone stayed up all night to read it, and some opposition was offered)  but the ducks were in a row and so it too passed.   Since the passage of both bills, there has been only criticism (no benefit derived) of the effort…. Both bills hurt children, who unfortunately, due to the speed of passage, were never heard from before it was signed by the governor…..

This year, they can’t do it.  You can only surprise a person once like that, (unless they are retarded) and Delawareans have not yet reached that point…. Therefore they have too distract your attention away from what they are trying to do…

Notice how this bill ….. was floated without being submitted…. yes that is done… but did you realize that this bill isn’t even written yet?  With all the hoopla, it probably won’t…

This is just a statement like…. “Well your mother wears Combat boots…” intended to buy time…. Pay it the attention it deserves which is little….Very little… No unwritten bill has ever been passed by a legislature, with the exception of Common Core…

(There is a lot in that statement…. Read it again carefully…)

But as with SB 51 and HB 165, there are some very bad pieces of legislation regarding the Smarter Balanced Assessment that should be seriously addressed before it gets rammed through both houses with favors attached….

Primarily being that there are very few states out of the 46 who signed on to Common Core, who haven’t had their legislators demand a slower approach, and not inflict these tests upon their children….  Currently only 9 states are going forward with the PARCC and only 17 are still on track to use the Smarter Balanced Assessment…..

It is very bad, but a whole lot of investors have money tied up… It is very much in their interest that you get distracted on a referendum that only determines in what way they steal your money… Not whether the can or can’t get the opportunity to steal it at all…

This distraction is to take your mind off of this test….  Don’t  or it will sucker punch you hard while you are looking the other way…..

(h/t Steve Newton somewhere back in Feb. or Jan.)…



Here is the blog post, and here is the comment still (apparently awaiting moderation on site)… lol.

I am glad this attempt was made to try and defend Common Core because it opens a rare door into the exterior of Common Core’s proprietary wall, and lets us see through that rare opening, the internal framework supporting Common Core.

In other words the only people who get the opportunity to see common core up close, are teachers and parents.  Everyone less is blinded by the corporate wall of secrecy with which Common Core is protected….

But we can now show you something of what goes on inside….  WARNING!!!!! (It will not be pretty).

As a start, it should be publicly acknowledged that this one teacher being solicited in support of Common Core, is of the following, according to the DelExcel website….  From it we can infer. that

  • a) this teacher has no children yet of her own in school.
  • b) this teacher is very young, and not classically trained.
  • c) this teacher has in her class, only the best students Delaware can offer.  all white and wealthy.
  • d) this teacher in is a gasp….  charter school. So is not bound by the imposed dictums piped down from above as are those whose voices are more readily warning us of the graver dangers a full blown Common Core will manifest.

A wise colonel in the American Army onces said, “after age 19, men stopped being good soldiers. They begin to think for themselves.”  Point being that if you take someone very young, pump them up, and send them out, they will have no other way than your way to consider, and will therefore perform better doing what YOU want, than those who might consider other options than the one You tell them….

For example our current Secretary of Education is a classic example of this.  (So were the elitist brigade of Chinese soldiers recruited and secluded leading up to the massacre in Tiananmen Square.)

This teachers post, is something like this:  The hype behind Common Core is over stated.  I teach Common Core and the kids are alright….

Kids are resilient.

We know from history that if one takes children and puts them to work in factories, the kids are alright too.  Civilization continues. The question is whether that is the direction we want to go?  Do we as a civilization want to go backwards to pre 19th Century values, or do we wish to build upon the progress of the 20th Century and continue forward?

Common Core is about filling boxes.  If the kid is to fat shove him in harder… Apply more rigor….

One of the most amazing things I have seen in studying this movement or attempt of a movement is how the divisions upon Common Core funnel into two camps of people, often exactly the same in every other regard, just differing on their vision of humanity….   To some, dehumanization, or destruction of an individual’s individuality, is a trait to be desired. To those in the opposite camp, this is abhorred.  Instead, allowing individuals to be individual,  to meander, matriculate, and grow organically through life’s experiences, is the path to be desired…  Or expressed in a silly old fashioned way:  to find their own happiness.  To this group, one simply lays out the tools, knowing full well that individuals can do more with tools than they can without them….

That is why executive types, all line up behind Common Core.  CEO’s. Governor Markell. President Obama. Governor Christie. Delaware Department of the Chamber of Commerce.  Bill Gates. Eli Broad. Bank of America, The Walmart Foundation. Exxon-Mobile… (btw, does anyone else boycott their gas stations), and yes Hitler; yes, even Hitler who is alleged to have sent Arne Duncun a message from the beyond, wishing Common Core had been in effect in Britain and Russia during the 30’s; he would have won.

That is also why people who love children, … all line up against Common Core.  Students, Parents, Teachers, Grandparents, education professors.  Along with them are those who love America because of it’s record on individualism;  Libertarians, Tea Partiers, Clergy, grass-root Politicians, the US Army.   These just want children to “be what they can be.”

Against this polarization, you have the sycophants, the think tanks, and all those beholden to wealth pee’d down from the above.  If your mother’s milk comes from Eli Broad, you will sing the same song he does.  So basically one can sort out the Common Core controversy as a battle between these two sharks, with two sets of remora attached….

One of those remora wrote a Blogpost on DelExcel.

First, to address the Common Core hype, they don’t address the real hype.  That Common Core hurts children.  Instead they address a remark made in jest, that Common Core was more dangerous than Zombies… (totally missing the point that since Zombies do not really exist, and Common Core does, that any negative impact whatsoever, even the slightest would make Common Core worse for kids than zombies… / Obviously this person is not yet teaching Common Core, or they would have paid closer attention to the text…  And to back that up, they address a remark made by Phyllis Schafly, who most of us consider a little off base anyways….

What we as readers trying to make out what is best for our own children have to really discern, is why, why, why a group whose sole purpose according to Jack Markell, Governor of Delaware, is to promote the benefits of Common Core, can find nothing else across the vast reach of the internet, other than one remark made in jest, and one made by someone who profits off of extremism who incidentally  happens to be a grandparent too?  That is telling in itself….

And so we as the populace are left with the vision of seeing a whole auditorium of parents at a meeting with John King, previous head of NY schools, up on their feet, cheering wildly at a comment stating that Common Core is Child Abuse,  and against that, the defenders of Common Core can only joke at the only two extremists they can find?….

The timing of this is such that I am so reminded of the very recent YouTube episode of Last Week Tonight where, instead of having a civil conversation on global warming versus deniers and scientists, they pack the stage with 2 deniers and 98 scientists, representative of the scientific community at large… It is that way with Common Core.  Anyone arguing in favor of Common Core, is ignoring 98% of the evidence showing how damaging it really is….

The internet is a wonderful thing.

Here are what this teacher’s students think of Common Core….  No doubt after publishing this it will soon be taken over by minions in the DOE, Charter Schools, and Rodel in order to provide balance. (The first 30 were there at this posting.)   But here is what the students who have undergone Common Core think about what they have just been through…  In truth, it brings a tear to my eye that these students are such great judges of reality. They are smarter than we were, and it is not because of Common Core. Probably more due to YouTube and social websites.


As one reads through all of these, and like a train wreak, once started it is hard to turn away, one senses they feel sorry for this teacher having to teach Common Core.  They like her has an individual, or as they say, as a person, but her student evaluations are very negative, and it is all because of Common Core….. The negatives all come from what she has to do to them, in order to implement Common Core…

As you read through these, I would like you to assume you have a child in this class and ask yourselves these questions….

A)  Is this the kind of work environment I want my child to someday matriculate into?

B)  Is this growing my child’s appreciation, love, and wonder of the intricacies of the English language and literature?

C)  Is my child having as much fun or more than I did, while still young?

D)  Is this really helping my child grow and learn, and how will she view the education for her children, as necessary, or a waste of time?


That is why I am glad Rodel in their feeble attempt, shoveled this piece for public consumption…  You get the real feel of Common Core  and you are much better to judge the future implications and detriment if this course is allowed to continue and go unchecked…


Hopefully we won’t get fooled again….. 





Dave Sokola and Darryl Scott are using Mother’s Day weekend to sneak another giant change which will set Delaware education  back into the 18th Century…. An insult to mothers, everywhere.

It is HB 338 sponsored by Sokola and Scott…  It is an attempt to go around the outside of public animosity towards Common Core and cement it’s foundation in concrete….

The best way to explain is to show you what the bill strips away…. and with what it replaces…..

It strips this away…..  in secret, and until now, no one even knowing….

One assessment shall occur within 30 school days of the beginning of the academic year, the second assessment shall occur at a time established by the Department which will allow its results to guide education of students within the current school year. In addition, the Department shall administer end of course assessments in appropriate high school grades….

This is the DCAS plan that is currently working to raise test scores.  This plan was hatched out by teachers, parents, administrators, and  the DOE… All parties were happy with this plan…

In it’s first full year, Delaware scores jumped astronomically.   In its second year, all those not taking Common Core classes rose again.  However those in Common Core classes all did horribly worse, so bad it pulled the states average core downward … last year was not a good year…

Looking at the evidence, those on DCAS do well; those on Common Core really have not idea what’s up.

Here is what is replacing that stricken piece of legislation…..

Notwithstanding any law or regulation to the contrary, matriculation and academic promotion requirements imposed by § 153 of this title shall be based upon the student’s best assessment results received on 1 of the multiple assessments referred to in subsections (b) and (c) of this section.

One test, will determine if your child passes or fails…

The law states that “matriculation and academic promotion ” ( which means if your child passes) shall be based on this one test…. 

Now if this one test was the DCAS test that has been taken these past 3 years, that might be ok… But it isn’t.  It will be the Common Core test.

When Kentucky took the Common Core test, 70% failed.  When New York too the Common Core test, 70% failed.  In Delaware, of all those in Common Core classes… 70% failed…   The high failure rate is to be used to bash public schools in order to get more charters into the system; charters which can’t even fill the seats they have now, because they are no good.

This law states that passing this test is required for promotion… Are we truly going to hold 70% of our students back another year?

Yes, based on this law…

Which is why it cannot pass.  Where are we going to put those 70% of students who didn’t pass?

You ask:  what did Kentucky and New York do?   Basically they waivered all those students and passed them anyway, because their grades were good, their other national assessment tests were good, and they obviously knew the material..

They just couldn’t figure out the puzzle that is the test….

Imagine if someone gave you a Rubik’s Cube and said,  “You got 3 hours; if unsolved at that point, you repeat your grade… ”  What is truly amazing, is that since 99% of adults cannot make the cut on even a 3rd Grade test, we are going to call these children failures….

This bill cannot pass, without destroying the entire public education system in the state of Delaware…..

First of all, you should get mad it is being “sneaked” through without debate… especially on Mother’s Day…

Now get busy….



Originally there were 31 states in the Smarter Balanced Assessment (SBA)consortium.  Today there are 22.  9 or 29% have dropped out…  But it is worse for PARCC… Their drop out rate is… 38.4%  They lost 10 states out of the 26 signed on…..

Why is Delaware so adamant in sticking with their commitment when others are jumping into lifeboats and being lowered off the main deck?  Is it because we want to be the last to play in the ship’s band?

What happens to our costs, when the cost of producing these tests originally spread over 31 states, now has to be shared by only 22? Can we afford to pay that much more when we have a cheaper test, the DCAS, working well for us at the moment?  Why should we pay twice as much, or two thirds more per student, simply because we are the only ones still sitting at the party when the check arrives?

What happens to the quality of the test?  When any business is forced to cut back, it cuts back on the quality of all it sells.  It has to make up the difference in some way?   Just like a really nice phone at roll-out, comes out of the factory cheap and tawdry after a couple of years, so will our tests…

And we have so much riding one them…. Like…. OUR CHILDREN?

That leaves 26% of our states which are neither PARCC or Smarter Balanced…. That is more than one out of four which will not be taking the Common Core tests…   One out of four…   David Coleman has orchestrated the biggest flop since the Edsel……

If these tests are so flawed that everyone is jumping ship…. why does Delaware insist on using these flawed pieces of product to fire teachers and close schools?

One can understand ignorance.  But there is too much evidence to be ignorant anymore.  THESE TESTS ARE BAD…  Grownups who are highly educated, can’t pass 3rd grade tests.  They have been tested on real live children.  We know they do not work.  We know they destroy schools.  We know they interfere with teaching. We know they make children cry… and throw up.  Using garbage to determine quality has never worked.  Instead of a solid piece of evidence to support a personnel decision, with these test results, all we have is capriciousness…. and subjectivity…  All future personnel decision will boil down not to quality… but whether someone likes you or not….

A lot of good teachers are going to be fired over this test… And other states know it… They bailed, and have left Markell standing, holding the bag…. which will soon be filled with requests for money… our money….

And the idea behind Common Core was that all the nation’s students will be tested in the same way… But with the breakdown of every state now creating their own proficiency levels, at what point can we compare one state to another?

All that money….. wasted…. tsk. tsk…..



Senator Lavalle’s legislation forces the test agencies to reveal the questions and answers to parents, teachers, administrators after the test has been taken.  It opens a process for parents who think their child was dissed, to have a human element look over the questions and either disagree or concur….

Parents have a right to know their children are being tested in a fair and accurate way….

The first year the bill becomes law fifty percent of the Common Core questions must be made publicly available 30 days after of testing.  The second year would require full disclosure of the information on the State Department of Education’s website.  Questions asked purely for future use, and not included in the scoring, would be excluded from the measure.

 Senator Lavalle’s bill also requires the reporting by the DOE back to the Governor, these six points.

1) the effectiveness of common core state tests in enhancing student learning and performance; 
2) the fairness and appropriateness of test items for each grade level, including the percentage of test items found to be above grade level; 
3) the correlation between test scores and grade point averages of test subjects taking common core state tests; 
4) a statistical analysis of student performance based on socioeconomic, gender, race and ethnicity and regional factors; 
5) the effectiveness of the test agency as the test development vendor; 
6) factors to be considered in determining whether to continue with the current test agency or other vendor as a test agency or utilize Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) tests in 2015. 

The only problem for us now, is that this Senator is in New York!  Our Senator Lavelle is nowhere to be found on this issue… Why is that no one, not one single Delaware legislator has the balls to take on this administration and the debacle of Common Core?  But New York can?  Indiana can? Tennessee can? Georgia can? Florida can?  Texas can?  Why is our crowd of Delawareans a bunch of wussies?

Greg Lavelle… Since you have almost the same name… Why are you a wussie?  Give Rick Jensen a call and let him (and all of us) know why you are a wussie…