Ok, who da man?

Who cut more taxes their first term…. George W Bush?  or  President Obama…..

Obviously the one who ran on cutting taxes… That would be George W. Bush…..


President Obama’s tax cuts dwarf those of George W. Bush…..


Of course, there are several differences between the two.  The Bush tax cuts were heavily skewed toward the wealthy with more than half of the entire benefit going only to the richest 20 percent. President Obama’s tax cuts, on the other hand, are distributed more evenly. Eighty-five percent of the benefits of the Making Work Pay tax credit, for example, went to the bottom 80 percent of households, and because the very wealthy don’t pay payroll taxes on all of their income, the payroll tax cut, too, benefits the middle class much more than the Bush tax cuts did. 

Second, the Obama tax cuts are temporary. All of them, from those in the Recovery Act to the newly proposed ones in the American Jobs Act, either already expired or will expire in the next year.

1)  While President Bush’s tax cuts primarily benefited the wealthy, President Obama’s tax cuts focus on the middle class.

2)  While President Bush believed tax cuts were the cure-all elixir for whatever ailed the economy—a belief that was far-fetched even at the time—President Obama uses targeted breaks to businesses and consumers in a time of profound economic weakness designed to spark job creation.

3) And while President Bush was entirely unconcerned about the long-term costs of tax cuts and the resulting debt pile-up, President Obama has consistently made the case for more revenue, especially from those who can most afford it, to help close the budget gap.

By 2012, bills signed into law by President Obama will have reduced tax revenues by about $900 billion, or 1.5 percent of GDP. And if he gets his way, and Congress passes another $250 billion in cuts, the total of all Obama tax cuts will rise to about 2 percent of GDP. That’s close to twice as big as the tax cut tally at the close of President Bush’s first term. 

What this means, is that we can ill afford to let any republican touch the wheel that steers our government……

What this means, is that every republican who as run so far this year, is lying.

What this means, is that America has really stupid people working at CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC. and NBC.  The only ones making sense are Rush Limbaugh and Fox News….  The media should be crowing about this so voters can make rational choices in November, instead of desperately trying to hide and cover up the truth….