The NRA came out swinging.

Wayne LaPierre, executive vice president of the N.R.A., at the group’s annual gathering came out with fist flailing.  His is the first official comment from the NRA after the Travyon shooting in February.

 “By the time I finish this speech, 2 Americans will be slain, 6 women will be raped, 27 of us will be robbed, and 50 more will be beaten,” he said at a N.R.A. members meeting on Saturday morning. “That’s the harsh reality we face, all of us, every single day. But the media, they don’t care. Everyday victims aren’t celebrities. They don’t draw ratings, don’t draw sponsors. But sensational reporting from Florida does.”

First of all he is right. Across our nation there are other crimes being committed besides this one.

However he errs in his defense.  His attack of the media is simply wrong; he misses the entire point of the controversy…

It is not about guns.  It is about shooting a black kid and then not even being arrested simply because the kid was black, and the crime occurred in a Southern town.

Yes, people are going to want to read about that.  Yes, people are going to skim over another shooting death in Philadelphia between members of two opposing gangs, simply because by now that is way too common place…..

But gunning down a little kid eating skittles, simply because of the color of his skin, IS NEWS… And … having the Republican Sheriff and Republican deputies, whitewashing the entire event, because they(Republicans) agree with the scumbag that shot him, who think that all black people are better dead than alive, IS going to keep the focus of everyone’s attention.

Dude… no one cares about your guns.  We do care when guns are used to perpetuate racial discrimination that was supposedly to have ended almost 150 years ago…..

Crawl back into your hole, back to Wayne’s World.  You are simply doing yourself, what you blame the media is trying to do to you……