Recently another gaffe was in the news. On the surface,like everyone else I thought here we go again……


But when I heard the details of the so called gaffe, I became outraged at the media. In essence, this incident portrays the core of what is wrong with today’s campaigns.


These comments were overheard by a super sensitive C-span microphone. Not only that, but the supposed villain, actually put arm around the voter and sort of whispered in his ear, so that a private remark, between two people, has now become common knowledge to millions.


Thank heavens it did. I think we are overdue for such honesty.


Most other candidates dance around issues to explain themselves. Remember Kerry’s “I voted for, against, for statement.” The media focuses and rates how well they dance, not on where their policies will lead this country.


I remember one old Tarzan television episode, where the lions are about to pounce on Jane and Cheetah. Tarzan picks up a large bone from a fresh kill and throws it with all his might. The lions chase after the bone. Our press corps is just as stupid. Swift Boat controversy deciding our next president? Indeed!. In all the uproar who was holding Cheney accountable for his plan to get us out of Iraq?


Once again they pounce on this Biden tidbit. But do they analyze what he said? I think it was that our Bradley vehicles were flimsy and did not protect our troops, and that this war funding bill needed to be shoved down Bushes throat.


Although it is late now, it is about time someone says what needs to be said.


Each time these gaffes are mainstreamed, it becomes obvious that at least Biden gets it.

Cheney will never let Bush quit this war. If the will of the American majority is ever to get respected, then it will only be when Congress forces Bush to sign the Iraqi withdrawal papers.


I tell you what I like about Biden. Not since Senator Wellstone, has there been a Senator who seems less worried about his political aspirations, and more concerned that American citizens are getting a raw deal.


When Hillary talks, it’s sweet but you know it is for her aspirations. When Obama talks, it’s clean but you know it is done to extend his rock star status. When Romney talks, it’s sensible, but you know it is to ingratiate himself with mainstreamed Republicans. Against these all of these shadowy backdrops, Biden just says what needs said: the truth.


It is the press that needs to taken to task. Not for reporting the incident, it fell into their lap, but for their soft and under aggressive pressure they place on politicians who continue to support the failed agenda this administration insists on continuing to promote. If the press were doing their job and “shoving it down the throat’” of these Republicans, it wouldn’t be left for Biden to say what the world is waiting to hear.