I really do appreciate Donald Trump…  Historians will look back and mark his presidential run as the necessary step required to get America moving again… As all know, things have been stale ever since the last Clinton left the White House…

But Donald has stripped all cloaking off the Republican Party and unmasked it for what it always has been… If you are a bigot, it IS the party for you… Relax! Feel at home there…

And basically that has been his entire appeal though he is not at all a bigot himself. He actually invited the Clintons to his wedding. But he chose to be direct in his hostility to others and that truth and honesty has rendered all the former Republican cloaking devices inoperable…

If you are a bigot…. the Republican party is for you.  Now donate, advocate, and GOTV your fellow bigots to get out and vote…..

Not sure if you’re a bigot? Need an example of bigotry?…. “Gosh, I hate Spongebob.. I want someone to just shred him into a 1000 pieces… Gosh, he makes me vomiting sick…That stupid giggle..’Heh, heh, heh”. I wish I could pull that little bent nose right off his face…”

If you feel that way about any class of beings,  the Republican Party is YOUR HOME. All the people left there now, are JUST LIKE YOU….

And that is refreshing.  It calls a spade a spade. It actually cuts through the polite discourse of having to use euphemisms to explain the secret racism endemic in the Republican Party while using bent-over-backwards political correctness… Now you can flat out say, in public, right out loud, “I’m a proud Republican and I ‘effin’ HATE everyone with brown skin!!!….”

What that means is that if an unfortunate majority of people also feel that way, then that is what America will become… That is not likely.

Almost giddily, many of us are interested in seeing how the numbers actually do stack up in order to better gauge the psyche of the American people. Marketers are especially foaming at the mouth to see the county by county breakdowns of poll results in order to understand each locality’s psychology. ..

Trump is doing America a great service…..(provided he doesn’t win, of course)…..

Here’s the problem….. He’s the elephant in the room so no one can talk about anything else… As one personal example, I was just thinking back over the past two weeks and asked myself, what do I know about Clinton after the convention?  Answer? Her race speech… That was it… To that I could tell you 30 things about Donald Trump these past 3 weeks.

But the real dilemma here is in its local impact… Recently a power grab took place by deputies in the Delaware Department of Education, to take money from public schools and give it to charters.  The Secretary of Education himself was kept in the dark until Exceptional Kevin at Exceptional Delaware broke it into the open…  A few people got irate, and if Delaware Liberal is any indication, the few standard commenters all went “tsk, tsk”, and returned to talking about Trump….

This should have been huge… Like the coup in Turkey… (btw, what’s happening over there, anyway, haven’t heard anything lately)…… See?

And it is hard to get excited over a direct theft of taxpayers’ money (supposedly earmarked to the teaching of America’s children) by some personal friends of the Governor, when you have an orgy of pot-bellied old men flagellating each other on your front lawn… You kinda have to talk about the deviant behavior first and then work your way backwards…

What’s happening is that their is SO MUCH DEVIANT BEHAVIOR you never reach what is truly important….

Which means…..

Now is the time to commit crime because

  • a) no one is watching.
  • b) no one will listen if someone actually does see and tells,

So…. as you can guess, that is a problem… because sooner or later those naked old men will be gone, and the grass will grow over the stains of their sins, but the reality of our lives, will be forever changed for the worst…..

In real life, there comes a time when that person in your life who is always cutting up for attention becomes a nuisance…

WE are there, now….