On September 21st the Federal Government takes over Special Education... Prior to that, states could create independent tests for special ed students and modify their curriculum as well for those special students.

1. All learning-disabled students can become grade level scholars with no differentiated learning– they just need great teaching and great supports.

2. The new testing (Common Core/SAGE) is valid for ALL students with ALL learning disabilities.

3. These new tests are so good that we don’t need alternative or modified tests.

4. The ONLY thing reading and math disabled students need, to become grade level scholars, are good teachers.

5. These new tests are so perfect that they were designed specifically to perfectly measure academic achievement in ALL learning-disabled children.

6. States and ground-level teachers have denied proper instruction for divergent-learning students; therefore, we no longer need individual states to make special tests, because now special education students will be saved by the new Common Core Standards.

This was done by decree by the Secretary of Education.. No Congress. No discussion. No parental involvement.  In fact this took place a the same time the Secretary was placating Congress with how states would reign supreme, not the Federal government, in order to get ESEA passed.

To support the Department’s decree, that special education students don’t need special education, it cited a 2010 research journal article: “Do Special Education Interventions Improve Learning of Secondary Content? A MetaAnalysis.”

Here is what the researchers have found about that report……

In other words, another faked study.

To support the Department of Education’s decree that special education students will benefit from taking Common Core/SAGE tests,  it claimed that “new assessments have been designed to facilitate the valid, reliable, and fair assessment of most students, including students with disabilities who previously took an alternate assessment”.

Other studies, that were also used as references by the USDOE, openly urgedcaution in interpretation of our findings given the small number of participants,” and warned: “no instructional method, even those validated using randomized control studies, works for all students” — serious cautions that the USDOE clearly did not heed….

Imagine that a parent takes a very sick child to the doctor’s office and the doctor prescribes eating “Fruit Loops” three times each day while watching SouthPark episodes.  The doctor cites research to support this course of action, taken from the journal of gynecology, and expects the parent to comply.

They only get away with it because you let them…….

Every parent and teacher knows that if you teach special education students in regular classrooms, they miss what’s important because it is taught faster than they can grasp, and the rest of the class never advances past his level.. You can only go as fast as the slowest student.