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Now go search for something praising the Smarter Balanced and it’s benefits…. Try to find a link extolling the good of the Smarter Balanced Assessment that does not begin with the link:  http://smarterbalanced.org…. All the internet reviews are negative… Hear that?  ALL THE INTERNET REVIEWS ARE NEGATIVE!

if you vote against HB 50, you live in a bubble… “la dee da… oh look at the pretty changing colors….”

Like man-made global warming there is so much overwhelming evidence that Common Core and its protégée, the Smarter Balanced Assessment are dangerous and need to have corrective actions in places as soon as possible….  HB 50 is a neutral bill that does nothing to stop this process but recognizes that parents are the first line of responsibility for their children.. The state cannot supersede a parent’s will on testing, and most certainly it cannot force a parent to harm their own child….. The Smarter Balanced Assessment will harm your child….  100% of  child psychologists say so….