if I felt that blacks had become too uppity and needed to be shown their place (as slaves or the closest we can put them there) how would I go about it?

I would do what any corporation does…  i would set them up to fail.  Then draw everyone’s attention that they are failing.  I would pretend to try and help.  And then, would say, look, it is pointless, see, even with help they are inferior and we should just recognize that, lock them down, and move forward…..

I would design a test that blacks could not pass. I would mandate that all schools must give it.  It would be about farming, something blacks would have no knowledge about.  We would  even use a dialect, rural midwestern twang, and all answers done in southern diction we would mark wrong.

I would then hold those students back a grade, and fire their teachers, saying they are embarrassments to society and heap shame and ridicule upon them.  We would use these tests to close schools, and put in our own, which would be guaranteed to fail over time….

We would do nothing about poverty these blacks live in.. In fact, we’d reduce their caloric intake 40% by cutting back on SNAP… making them eat less while raising their minimal standards.   We’d make them ineligible for medical care by raising prices to where they could never afford it.

We would also fight every minimum wage increase.

But we would focus primarily upon making a test where only those able to pass, get to taste the good life, and all others toil in squalor in the purgatory we set up for them.

Since we would use this test to cull the blacks out from whites, we would have to be very careful not to fail whites who were less smart than those blacks…  We would have to keep the test secret; we’d have to keep the answers secret, and we would have to keep the grading scale secret…  In this bubble of total secrecy, we disseminate scores completely impossible for independent corroboration.  Therefore a black scoring over 1550 could be called a failure and a white scoring 550 could be deemed passing… We just put PASS next to the white, and FAIL next to the black.

Then we’d make sure that only those who scored high, went forward.  We’d make those failing have to take remedial classes until they gave up in disgust.  Then we utter, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink….

We would then take over schools that failed and put in our policies.  We would teach second class citizenship. We would teach they were too dumb for anything else. We would browbeat little kids with threats of horror to instill fear of their white overlords.

We would close all competition which was trying to improve the lot of black students; particular those assisting at-need kids. There would only be one option, our schools of indoctrination….

We would make passing this one test, the only way one could go forward… To college.  For a trade job.  For clerical work. For teaching.  Those who never pass, get shunted to the sub class of the cities…  In this way we could control access to good jobs and make sure blacks never get them.

Most of all, since discrimination is illegal, we must pretend we would be doing it “for the children”… We’d say  it is such a shame inner city children are being left behind because of “the soft bigotry of low expectations.”  We say we must rigorously instill demanding regimens and tasks to jolt “these people” out of their slumber.  But really, we just want to make them all fail so we can give the good job money to the whites, and blacks can all hang out to protest at the next riot site.

That is how I would make blacks the new Jews of the Fourth Reich… That is how I would  go about to change the benefits once instilled by Dr. Martin Luther King, so they look less and less promising to Afro-Americans in school.