It appears no.. Common Core has quietly been debunked by some if its most ardent supporters.  Not even Markell or Murphy believe in Common Core anymore.  In fact there are at current count only two lonesome individuals still officially in support of Common Core.  They are the overly legislative Dave Sokola in the Senate, and nose-led Earl Jacques in the House.

As usual when someone has been so vociferous a proponent for a misplaced cause, when that cause becomes debunked they often through their own hurt pride, continue the motions they started hoping that in their normalcy, no one will notice…

This often works when their causes are small and inconsequential.  However in grave crises, where their actions must be stopped to eliminate and eradicate the massive hurt they’ve caused, one cannot continue to follow their goals out of pity for them who led us down the wrong path.

We have to announce the path is wrong; we have to offer an alternative direction, and we have to cajole enough to win the argument so all follow our directions.

Currently steps one and two have been realized…. Look at the debate; look at the literature; look at the News Journal– no one is talking about Common Core anymore… Instead, we are currently focused on forcing the removal of its most visible tool, to prevent any further damage….

Common Core is wrong… We all get that now (except for the two misfits previously mentioned.)  All teachers; all principals; all district boards, all superintendents, all parents, and even all students, KNOW that Common Core is past the point of being a colossal joke.

But like a formerly parked car set in motion down a hill, the current test is most pressing issue at hand… How it got loose and started its descent can be dealt with later.  Right now, we all need to combine our voices to holler downhill, warning those unfortunate to all jump out of its way long before metal impacts flesh…..

That translates to not letting any kids take the test… That means every pastor (and most particularly those with urban populations dominating their congregations) needs to preach their congregation’s abstinence from this test…. That means every union across this state, must stand in solidarity with the teachers union when they say this test is dangerous for their kids. That means ever progressive, every conservative needs to lean on their legislator to vote to override the Schwartzkopf’s hold on HB-50 and force it on the floor for a vote…. That means every worker, every middle manager, every secretary to the 1%, needs to speak up on how horrible this test is for their children….

Remember: no test is best.  

But this test set for two years ahead of grade level is nothing more than a colossal waste of time… Especially when all experts say it is very damaging to children.