Maybe one has to live through both to see the similarities.  Going to Vietnam was wrong. We killed a lot of Americans for nothing, then gave the country over to the North Vietnamese.  Spying on American citizens, and storing every piece of electronic data, is wrong as well. Not doing so is one of the founding principles of our government. Two wrongs don’t make it right.

Lyndon Baines Johnson escalated the war, then quit, leaving others to finish it.  The winner created a tag “peace with honor” and with that we tucked our tails and bugged out.  There were a lot of protests. Four died in Ohio during one.

Back then, those defending the military machine, all had hidden agendas.  Back then, a big effort was to turn those protesting into thugs who had to be killed to be eliminated.  So intent was the defense of the war, that bugging the hotel room of the Democratic conventioineers was deemed proper and approrpiate.  They were, after all against the war, and therefore traitors to the nation.

But in our history as a world power, sometimes those real traitors to our nation, are those who most fervently support the hard knuckle tactics being done.  The US was blemished over 5 presidencies because of the Vietnam War.  We are currently doing significant damage to our reputation as we speak.  Take Dick Cheney.  Imagine if we had not gone to fight and borrow $1 Trillion in Iraq?  We did it for oil.

The world was so relieved that Dick Cheney was gone, they gave the Nobel Peace Prize to the man who pushed him out of relevancy.

In the end, the Vietnam War and the Iraq War did not create a better world.  In fact, we made it worse.  Likewise, as we are struggling to create jobs, our computer cloud technologies are cutting back because no one trusts them anymore.  The cost is going to be a thousand times more than any benefit.

And what has the benefit been?  Allegedly, … the benefit came not in the terrorist arena. The benefit is that large multinational corporations have benefited from the inside news gleaned by the NSA… For this reason, every call you make, every email sent, every text you type, is buried on a disc somewhere, pulled up at a moments notice.

Just so we will have an unfair advantage…   Time to pull all NSA funding, just like we shut down our involvement in Vietnam.  The problem back then, was we waited too long.  We can shut it down before Utah opens.