I’m trying to get the gist of the problem.. I comprehend the emotion, but the reason for it, seems at best to be a mis-perception on the part of Catholics over what this bill will do.

It appears that “someone” started the ball rolling, with the catch phrase:  “our religion is under attack.”

It is actually a good thing, I think, that in America at least, this does get people excited as opposed to say,….  a European’s big yawn…  After all, that constant friction between one’s Belief and one’s necessity of surviving daily life, is one of the true aspects of Americanism that makes this nation rather different from most others.

I’m not sure as of yet, exactly “why” Catholic institutions, such as hospitals and universities and schools, were included in the birth control mandate.  My guess it is budgetary, that in doing so, it would cheapen the insurance cost for everyone as opposing to raising the rates on everyone else, to allow such an exemption….

That is the only thing that makes sense… Unfortunately at this point I don’t have any financial statistics to see if this is really true…

If so, then the option exists that the exemption will be honored to Catholic institutions just as it is to churches, IF, and only IF, they agree to pay a little more for the privilege of opting out.

There is precedent for this.

Corporate America, has charged the Amish more for their buggy insurance than if they drove a car… Reason is although property damage would be far less (a couple of pieces of plywood),  in an accident between the technology of two different centuries, without the safety equipment currently surrounding the occupants of today’s motor vehicles, there is a far higher probability of death in a rear ended buggy and a exponentially higher payout,  from the insurer.

The Amish may have complained at one point, but the economic reality shut them up.

So if that is the case with the anticipated mandate for birth control, that it will cost others more by NOT providing Catholic Institutions a religious exception, then… that word needs to get out there,…..

They have a right to their beliefs…. but only if it doesn’t come out of MY pocket….

With that said, …..  so far all the talk as been false outrage based on no evidence….  Let the evidence come forward first, and then, let us discuss all options….