Several very interesting facts came out of the first years data off this monstrosity Republicans like to call: Obamacare….

Two Texas public employee programs are among the top 25 beneficiaries of a $5-billion fund to shore up employer coverage for early retirees, despite Texas Gov. Rick Perry‘s vow to repeal what Republicans derisively call “Obamacare.”

The Huntsman family business, where GOP presidential candidate Jon Huntsman was once a top executive, received about $1 million.

“Lots of Texans are already benefiting from health care reform,” said Anne Dunkelberg, a health care expert at the Austin-based Center for Public Policy Priorities. “Other than for political theater, there would not be the kind of opposition there is.”

As candidates, both Perry and Huntsman have sworn to repeal Obama’s signature health care law, which gradually extends coverage to most of the uninsured and makes other changes, including a ban on denying coverage to people in poor health… Spokesmen for the Perry and Huntsman campaigns said they see no contradictions.

Republicans have tried to paint the early retiree program as a political reward to unions, even though both Perry and Huntsman are some of the largest recipients.

AT&T, Verizon, General Electric, General Motors, Qwest, Caterpillar and other private companies all find themselves in the top 25… Not to mention, Texas A&M University — Perry’s alma mater.

I guess the question that needs be asked: if it is so good for you, why is it so baaaaad for us?