As of 1:45 today the House of Representatives failed the American people… By a vote of 228 to 205 (official talley for those watching live), the House resolution to shore up Main Street failed…

Once again, reality took a back seat to moral ambiguity.

Almost serendipitous in its timing, the moment the vote was solidified, the stock market dropped below where it was when Bush was sworn in…

If you are one of those people who determine their self respect by how much they are financially worth, you have some personal accounting to do…..

The American Dream of what could have been… is over.

As someone who watched the events proceed, to my chagrin, I believe history will eventually look at the numbers, and say that when Democrats had the option to save America, they chose to run the other way instead…. It could be because of pressure coming from sources like this……….

But right now, billions are pouring into the US Market to stem the flow… Will it be enough?