When this next bailout goes through, (if our Congressional leaders can pre-count votes correctly) we may still have some semblance of an electorate left, which is still capable of voting on November 4th…

Whoever gets America’s nod, must begin the real process of bailing out America….after the emergency bailout options have taken effect… Since economies thrive on money, the issue over who will do better for America, will of course be decided on who will better manage our money for the creation of growth, jobs, tax base,etc, etc,……You know all the chatter by now…

A government doesn’t create money, unless you consider the paper kind…. It takes money from others, often called taxes, and puts those funds to uses needed by a society that quite frankly, would not, could not happen on their own…  Luckily, in a representative government, voters get a small say in the process…. But nevertheless, a governments role in driving or braking an economy is to either tax more, if that is the correct process needed at that time, or to tax less… if that appears to be the process that events of that time require…

Government plays a big role… like it or not…

And so if you are like me, when each candidate speaks, their proposals both sound good… So the thought occurred to me on how one would determine which of the candidates, would better benefit one’s particular income bracket. What objective tool is out there that can overcome the subjectivity of the moment, that occurs when one is listening to a speaker …. speak?

A graph…. This one showing each strata of our population and how each are benefited by which politician striving to become the next President of the United States of America…..

It Makes A Big Difference In Who You Vote For

Courtesy of The Wall Street Journal

The difference of strategy is clear. Mr. Obama sees taxes as a way to ease inequality, while Mr. McCain sees them as a way to encourage economic growth by helping the top.

Of the two, Obama is more fiscally responsible. At a time when we have deficits of trillions, Obama will create an average growth in income of less than .1%.. McCain on the other hand will create an average income growth of over 2%. One thing to remember about averages… If Bill Gates walks into a bar, the average earnings of that bar’s guest just jumped tens of billions of dollars… By the law of averages one extremely high value can give a good statistic, even though in reality, those other patrons were all destitute….. McCain’s higher income average, is entirely funneled to the top echelon of earners.

The chart shows that McCain will do little for anyone making under $25,000. But Obama will jump that category almost 6%. Under Obama their after-tax on $25,000 will jump almost 6% or $1500. On the other hand, should one be lucky enough to dwell in the top .1% (on tenth of one percent), McCain will grow their already phenomenal wealth by another 4%… However, Obama will probably cost them 10% of their income… So if you earn 60 billion, you keep 54. (Outrageous! No way can I pay my bills and feed my family on 54 billion.)

And of course there are varying degrees which exist between those two extremes… But to simplify to talking points the difference between the two candidate’s strategies,… is that McCain is repackaging and pushing the same tactic as Bush…whereas Obama is returning via quantum leap, to the old tax policy as it previously occurred under President Clinton….

The chart is for you. Use this chart to see how each candidate will affect you. Then,…. vote your income. As you can see from the results, you would be stupid not to…..

It also explains a lot… It explains why Charlie Copeland defends the most unthinkable of Republican actions… It explains why the old Bill Clinton, now rather wealthy, seems not to have the same enthusiasm towards the Democratic party that he did before his wife was knocked out of the running….It explains why it is hard to get a Republican to represent the 1st Senatorial District in Northeast Wilmington, and why it is almost impossible to get a Democrat to emerge victorious from the 4th Senatorial District, representing the Chateau Region….

So if you wish, you can continue to get sidetracked by issues such as “when life begins”, or “your Constitutional Rights”, or whether or not we should live in a “Nanny State”, or whether we should “affirm” one race over another, all important issues….. but if you choose to ignore the impact that each candidate will have upon your income level, then no matter what other people may call you…..you are nevertheless a fool…..