If you’ve followed any progressive blog lately you probably noticed that things are heating up between supporters of Hillary and those of  Bernie Sanders.

This is to be expected because until now, there has been little competition.  The South voted Hillary, and the West  and North voted Bernie.  But now, in case you hadn’t noticed, we are in a Home State for both candidates… Bernie grew up there; Hillary was its Senator for a term…

So like a football rivalry would split a team of co-workers, one should expect the same to occur here.

And to cut to the chase here is what is at stake… Democratic voters had assumed Hillary would be this year’s nominee since Obama won in 2008.  It had an inevitability surrounding it; one you could almost count on.

It’s like two high school lovers making plans since 5th grade to graduate high school and get married… They’ve literally planned their whole lives around it.

But then, in steps a college junior who becomes smitten with one of the two.  They meet, talk, and he inspires the partner that settling is perhaps not the best idea as a plan A.  Settling for Plan B may be advisable if one first fails at getting plan A.

Now friends of this person are divided.  Should she go with her dreams even if they don’t work out, and take the chance for a wonderful life?   Or…… should she settle and keep the loyalty of one who has been there since day one of puberty, knowing full well how it will turn out because it hasn’t changed any over 7 years?

And that is the dilemma in the Democratic Presidential Primaries.  Those who put loyalty first over all else, are actually mad someone might take away what they’ve worked so long to obtain….

Those who care for the person herself, and want her to have a great life where dreams do come true, want her to follow her heart….

It’s a challenge faced by everyone, really… at some point in their life… You will always wonder what might have been if you never give it a try…  But if you settle in a comfort zone, you do so knowing  that you will be comfortable because nothing will change….

With Bernie, there is an amazing opportunity…. Absolutely amazing in its chance to benefit todays adults, their children, and grand children….