Hearing the Sea Stars were disappearing in the Pacific, reminded me they were disappearing in the Atlantic as well.  This die off reminded me I’d seen zero monarchs this year, and Allan Loudell of WDEL, an expert on winged insects, had seen very few this year as well…  As of now, they were not showing up in their wintering grounds…

I wonder,  how many other die offs do you think have occurred?  I found someone who keeps track across the globe of these die offs primarily for religious purposes.  I knew it would take someone with an intense interest to put a list like this together, and this was the most extensive one I found on the web.

Every day he searches the Internet for mass die offs. They could be small; they could be large, but he records them…  It is his passion…   In just 2013, he has collected 733 so far, and he provides links for each one….  I did a random check of 5 and they were all linked to the actual news story.  Some have to go through Google translator.

But the list is here, and be prepared to be deeply affected as the immensity begins to dawn upon you….

Here are ones that jumped at me….

1st November 2013 – 20 MILLION+ bees have died off this year (37 million last year) in Ontario and Quebec, Canada. Link (Watch the Video!)

31st October 2013 – NOTE: 769 Manatees wash up dead this year (most ever recorded), in Florida, America. Link

23rd October 2013 – UPDATE: Over 700 Dolphins washed ashore dead since July along east coast of America. Link

What is troubling is the number of die offs that seem to happen very rapidly.  Food is still in the mouths of the dead animals…

Either we are much better at reporting, or something very scary is out there…   Just looking at the bee die-offs makes one wonder where in the future, pollination is going to come from…..