Oh the killing power of household items
Courtesy of Daily Kos

Our lives are full of dangerous things.  Our environment is full of dangerous things.  Humans respond to dangerous things by adapting.

We are now discussing how to protect ourselves from meteors dropping out of nowhere.

We are also discussing guns.

Meteors don’t have the NMA ( National Meteor Association) interfering with their regulation.  Guns… have the NRA…..

What the NRA does, is violently accost anyone who proposes regulating firearms, (which btw, the Constitution commands us to do.)  Just like the handling of snitches on the streets of Wilmington, they rough up advocates to make an example to anyone else who tells on them.

Across the huge scale of human existence, one doesn’t rough up people when one is right.  One persuades.  One roughs up people only when argument has failed and the situation has deteriorated into  the path of last resort,  when one knows one is on the wrong path, when one knows one has lost the moral argument.

The NRA has been doing so for 40 years.  They lost the Constitutional  argument 40 years ago and now, continue to use bullying force to keep the natural evolution of gun laws at bay.

Below is offered the middle course.  Whether it happens or not depends solely upon the America people.  If they want to be free from being live targets they can coalesce and make sure the NRA is put into the  museum of history as was done the KKK.

They can choose to neuter the NRA like a feral cat.

Because we are America.  We are not Yemen, Somalia, Sudan, or Mali.  We are a true democracy; we are not beholden to whoever comes into our village with a gun on whichever day he chooses to arrive and have to accept his will as law…

We live in a world that is defined by a Constitution that demands we have a “well regulated”  citizenry if we are to allow them to maintain firearms. We owe it to the wishes of the founding fathers to “well regulate”  these deadly items.

First step;  we need to trace all weapons that are used in a crime scene.  To do so, we need the following:

a.  Registering of every single firearm to every single owner. (like we do with every motor vehicle sold).

b. Ban the selling of guns without ownership transfer paperwork. (like we do with cars and titles)

c. Use insurance companies to control who can legally own a weapon and who cannot.  They are private;  they can use monetary  risk to control lethal weapons.  Those with too high of a risk factor, become uninsured and their weapons instantly become illegal and available for confiscation.

d. We can fingerprint every known gun, so any bullet fired can be traced back to a human owner, and we can hold that person  accountable and imprison them for conspiracy to commit murder.  If they are innocent, they can get a lawyer, have a trial, and get out from under the charges.

These four items shall meet our Constitutional obligation to regulate well all firearms.

Second step.  We need to ban assault weapons and high capacity clips.  I know this is a Gordian Knot.  Full of definitions that can shift at a moments notice;  full of items that can be twisted to sound ridiculous, like the banning a Remington 870.  Best offense is to ban all future sales of assault weapons and go with the definition ” I know ’em when I see ’em.”  By leaving the definition open,  we can collect those owned by criminals actually breaking the law, and not worry about those that are totally safe.

Banning assault weapons is like banning  a 56 Chevy.  People love them for what they represent, not what they can do.  Just as we make exceptions for Ford Falcons and 56 Chevy’s to drive public highways without mandatory safety equipment, we can do so with “show” guns as well.

Gun nuts will query:  so why ban assault weapons at all and they will have a plethora of statistics showing that assault weapons are not our problem, hand guns are.

The prime reason for banning assault weapons is that across this great nation of ours,  police forces are everywhere united in their support of a ban on assault weapons.

Police, those friends and neighbors of ours, who willingly put their lives in danger to serve and protect us…   want assault weapons banned.  They are the driver behind this.

To not do so, sets up a paradox.  Why are we paying police to go into situations, and at the same time, we are paying gun manufactures and gun runners to supply those criminals they have to go up against, with weapons which have only one use, to kill policemen?

Would the USA send its men and women into combat against anti- American jihadists, yet be the principal suppliers of  arms and munitions to those very jihadists we were sending them against?

The NRA is solely responsible for this paradox when it comes to our police force.  By fighting and gutting any regulation on any assault weapon, they ensure any criminal can have easy access to any gun, often giving a criminal more firepower than our cheap, scurvy, tightwad Republicans will buy for their own police force protecting them and us.

The NRA is implicit in every gun death in America.  Most especially the death of every police person enforcing public law.

If our soldiers, our sons and daughters, didn’t want us to sell arms to Islamic jihadists, we wouldn’t sell arms to Islamic jihadists.  But in an unanimous show of solidarity, our police beg us to ban assault weapons and high capacity clips, but because of the despicable NRA, we won’t?


To quote a shrugging Wayne LaPierre:

“So what’s a dead policeman.  They are expendable. They are nothing. They are inconsequential.   They are the collateral damage our society must endure to be able to fight tyranny.”

“And  Mr. Wayne LaPierre:  Can you define tyranny?”

“Tyranny is obvious to every man when he sees it.  If he alone thinks it is tyranny, then that it is.”

Adam Lanza thought all society outside his 20 year brain, was promoting tyranny against him.  Therefore,  by Wayne LaPierre’s definition he was justified doing what he did… duh.

And for this, we enrich our pockets by scrambling to supply criminals these  high-kill weapons to murder our police.

Is any hell big enough for the NRA?